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Lincoln Nautilus Production To End In Late 2023: Report

For some time now, more than one report has indicated that the Lincoln Nautilus – along with its platform mate, the Ford Edge – won’t be produced at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada for much longer as it prepares to be converted for the production of the all-electric Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. Previously, production of both models was slated to end following the 2023 model year, but as Ford Authority reported last week, Edge production will now reportedly extend into 2024. However, AutoForecast Solutions is now reporting that Lincoln Nautilus production will end at Oakville in late 2023.

In its latest product roadmap, AutoForecast Solutions notes that Lincoln Nautilus production will end in Canada on October 27th, 2023, while the Edge will continue to be built there until January 31st, 2024. Of course, this pertains to North American production of both models, as each will still be produced in China. The next-generation Nautilus recently leaked via China’s Ministry of Industry and Information site, though it’s unclear if the crossover will be sold in other markets moving forward.

Once Edge and Nautilus production ends at Oakville, the plant will be retooled for EV production. Previously, that facility was expected to build five new all-electric models, but as Ford Authority reported in November, that list has since been whittled down to just the Explorer and Aviator EVs, while the ICE versions of both crossovers will continue to be built at the Chicago Assembly plant.

Next-generation Lincoln Nautilus

As for the next-gen version of the award-winning Nautilus, it bears a strong resemblance to the recently-launched Lincoln Zephyr sedan, which was designed specifically for the Chinese market and its younger customers, as well as the Lincoln Star concept, which will inspire the luxury brand’s styling direction moving forward.

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  1. Lincoln Fan Mark

    A big mistake if Lincoln intends to abandon this market segment in North America. Nautilus is a great vehicle and leaves a gaping hole in an already small product line. Here’s hoping the new one makes it’s way across the Pacific.

  2. Robin Stow

    I have been buying Lincolns for years. I have had a few of the MKX and now a 2023 Nautilus. It looks like if Lincoln drops the Nautilus I will be dropping Lincoln!
    I have NO interest in an EV.

  3. Edward

    I welcome the transition to EVs. We have a 2022 Corsair Grand Touring. Most of our daily driving is in electric mode. We only use the gasoline engine when on road trips. Since we have solar panels and battery, we “fuel up” for free, so work commute and errands are run on sunshine. Most likely our next vehicle (not for several years) will be all electric.

    1. Lincoln Fan Mark

      I’ve been impressed when shopping the Corsair Grand Touring and I’m really more inclined to go hybrid than EV as my next step. Toyota got this right and invested heavily in hybrids two decades ago. EV’s present their own environmental issues and are simply filling a gap until a genuine innovation breakthrough occurs with hydrogen or other alternatives. There was no good reason not to offer a hybrid Nautilus/MKX this past decade.

  4. Gilbert Crowden

    I won’t purchasing another Lincoln.I have waited on a Part for over (5) five months from the dealer.I get updates every two weeks with no results.Purchasing Lincoln Reserve vehicle was a major mistake if the part ever come in will be selling this vehicle.

  5. Fred

    As a Canadian buying Canadian manufactured is a significant part of the decision making process. The 2019 Nautilus Reserve has been the best new vehicle purchase I have made.
    Ford is making a huge mistake bowing out of this segment.
    And a hard pass if Ford decides to import the upcoming Chinese version.

  6. Art Alanen

    Good luck with all electric SUV in Minnesota. It is below zero and gas engine coolant heat is free, electric heater drains battery fast. Your solar panels will see sunshine next spring.

  7. OldEnough

    From what I’m reading elsewhere, the next generation Lincoln Nautilus is come here. AND so what where it’s made, my phone comes from there along with everything else we buy.

  8. Victoria

    This is truly sad its my first time buying a Lincoln Nautilus and I love it, this makes me want to look towards buying a another make and model towards my next purchase, maybe the BMW , or Cadillac model


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