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Lincoln Rival Buick Outlines New EV Dealer Guidelines

As Lincoln prepares to launch four new all-electric models by 2026 riding on dedicated platforms, the luxury brand’s dealers that want to sell those EVs will be subjected to what could potentially be large required investments to do so, though it’s currently unclear what this transformation might look like. This is because even though Ford EV dealer guidelines have already been outlined in detail, Lincoln’s requirements haven’t yet been fully revealed, though dealers are expected to have to dole out upwards of $900,000 if they want to sell EVs. Regardless, one of the brand’s cross-town rivals – Buick – has now outlined its EV dealer guidelines, which could involve smaller investments than Lincoln, according to Automotive News.

Buick dealers that choose to retain that particular branding will be required to invest somewhere between $300,000 and $400,000, with that money going toward EV-related equipment, tooling, and training, though the exact amounts required by each dealer will vary. Since Buick intends to transition to a 100 percent all-electric lineup by 2030 and won’t launch any new gas-powered vehicles after 2024, dealers won’t be able to choose to opt out and continue selling only ICE vehicles, which is the case with Ford dealers.

Instead, the brand’s 1,963 U.S.-based dealers that don’t want to opt into this EV program can take a buyout from Buick. Thus far, it’s unclear how many existing dealers have elected to go that route, but Buick spokesman Sean Poppitt said that “any dealer who wants to discuss this program is strongly encouraged to contact the Buick team. We see Buick’s dealer network as a business advantage, and they will remain a critical part of the retail and relationship chain with customers.”

“Buick – with the support of its National Dealer Council – will allow those dealers who do not share Buick’s all-electric vision to exit now on an elective basis before investment in essential training, tools, and special equipment is required,” Poppitt added. “The minimum investment to become an EV-ready Buick dealer will vary by dealer but is estimated to be $300-400K, on average. Acceptance of an offer is voluntary, but all Buick dealers who remain must be adequately prepared to sell and service Buick EVs.”

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  1. George

    Cadillac not Buick is a rival of Lincoln. Get your story act together. Why does the new Buick logo look like 555?

    1. Tabashi Price

      Amen Sir.
      Ford = Chevy
      Troller = Buick / Ford = Buick(Take your pick)
      Lincoln = Cadillac

  2. Mike says...

    The transition to ‘less is more’ is an ongoing adventure. I still believe that at the end of day, many consolidations will result eliminating expensive duplication across all supply chains and builders. Is there a future for all/every manufacturer…. probably not. Ford is well positioned to become a major parts supplier and builder for the eventual winners. The only thing that could change this prediction is though increased market share…. neither of which Ford or Lincoln are achieving. If the product remains profitable.. the way forward will continue, but it is a tall order to meet.

  3. William J.jr. Offutt

    Actually , many of us Ford Flex owners are looking at the 2023 Hyundai Pallisade Special Models at the New high end rather than buy a Lincoln ! The Hyundai 2023 Top line Line offer many new features more than the Lincoln Models ! The Demostration of the New top Line Pallisade is just Great ! Why buy aLincoln when at 52,000 , a person can get AWD, with new Electronic Features of the Callipany Model , with the latest Features , electronically, latest phone features , charging abilitys for only $ 52,000 !

  4. James

    The problem is that Ford will never allow Lincoln to be top tier. That place belongs to Mustang, Bronco and F150.


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