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New Ford Incentive Offers 3.9 Percent Financing For Orders

The Blue Oval is offering several incentives toward the purchase of a new Ford vehicle this December 2022, including up to $1,000 off plus 3.9 percent financing for the Ford Explorer, as well as low-interest financing for the Ford Maverick. Additionally, the automaker is currently offering 3.9 percent APR financing toward a host of new vehicle retail orders across the board, incentivizing customers to lock in their orders for a new Ford within the next few weeks.

In order to qualify for the aforementioned low-interest financing offer, interested customers must place a new vehicle retail order for a 2023 model year Ford before January 3rd, 2023. Specifically, the offer states that customers can take advantage of 3.9 percent financing for 60 months at $18.73 per month per $1,000 financed through an authorized Ford dealer, regardless of down payment. Additionally, the offer requires Ford Credit financing.

This offer is only applicable toward select 2023 model year Ford vehicles. They are as follows:

However, it’s important to note that there are quite a few new Ford vehicles that are excluded from the 3.9 percent APR financing offer. They are as follows:

2023 Ford F-150

Of course, we recommend that interested customers always check with their preferred dealer to find out what offers are available in their area toward the purchase or lease of a new Ford vehicle.


  • Must place new vehicle retail order by January 3rd, 2023, unless specified otherwise.
  • See dealer for details.
  • Incentive for the United States of America, unless otherwise specified.
  • Some customers may not qualify for this offer.
  • Residency restrictions apply.
  • Offer not available with special finance, lease, and some other offers.

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the vehicles and their incentives in question, but errors and misprints can happen. In addition, the manufacturer can change incentive information at any time and without notice. Always consult with your dealer regarding color availability information before making purchase decisions. Ford Authority will not be held responsible for any misprints, typos or any other errors.

Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Charles Thomas

    Why are there no in encentive’s for the super Duty?

    1. RWFA

      Because there is under supply.

      Econ 101.

  2. Johnny


  3. Tom

    C.Thomas you must be an elf – 5:20AM? Well here’s my Christmas Wish List. Get it ‘Wish List’. Change the center console on every vehicle ie Corsair with HAVC, Radio, Tuner location – simply three tactical knobs (of size) in a triangle position with a dot-light like on the peripheral like my old Marantz Stereo Receiver. Get rid of side view mirrors for in cabin cameras that don’t have to be warmed up, maybe scraped, cleaned, give it a look down angle in reverse, etc. and know that the Reindeer or the local Landscaper didn’t smash it before you got up in the morning. Of course, add heated/cold cup holder, two for each occupant along with a wireless changer, C and USB ports. Every vehicle have ALL the Nanny Features: BLIS with Lane Keeping, Pedestrian/Vehicle Auto Brake front and rear. Plus, Adjustable brake, throttle, pedals and steering wheel. With enough Nanny Feature created out of the unintended result of Crash DOT, NHTSA could bring back Hard Top Sedans. Only kidding, too much $ at play and some Grinch in Washington seeking to be the next Ralph Nader. Put all the Nanny Features on a EcoSport and Ford would have tripled sales. Hell, you could equip a Chery QQ3 TI and sell ‘em like Guotie Dumplings. Know your demographics – it’s your future. Of course, American built is not the future. Nixon and Kissinger must be rolling over in their graves. Bring back Mulally. Farley should be living a van down by the river. And, to all a Merry Christmas…oh oh I just got cancelled. Come on everyone celebrates the Christmas season – even if by Osmosis. Like eating KFC in Japan. Is this their version of The 7 Fishes?

    1. Mike

      Kissinger? Kissinger is rolling on the bed right in his home. He is alive and kicking. Now, how about some incentives for Lincoln. Is it a poor orphan of Ford?

    2. RWFA

      LoL you and your spaced out wall of text are self cancelling.

  4. Tom

    Just realized after post, not EST.

  5. Carl McKain

    Should be an incentive for us poor devils who ordered a Ford Maverick. We ordered one September 23, 2021 and have had no word from Ford. Our dealer says we’re pushed back to a 2023. Hope we live long enough to get one, maybe a 2025.

    1. RWFA

      If you have no word from ford, ask your dealer why they didn’t give Ford your email address. They aren’t doing their job or maybe you need to check your spam folder.

  6. Tim Bartz

    You contradict yourself by saying that the Ford Maverick gets 3.9% for 60 months in the first paragraph and then list it as an excluded model later in the article.

  7. B Sanchez

    We ordered 2023 Ford Explorer Limited Hybrid on November, 2022. Received it on Jan 23,2023. Your APR of 3.99 or 0 % should have been offered to us for 60 months … Is that Correct. ??
    Credit score of 790


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