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Next-Gen Ford F-150 Lightning Will Arrive In 2025: Report

While the Ford F-150 Lightning is a fairly new product after debuting for the 2022 model year, big changes are on the horizon for the automaker’s very first all-electric version of its popular pickup. The next-gen Ford F-150 Lightning will ride on a dedicated EV platform with improved technology, moves that come after the first-gen model launched sharing quite a few components with its ICE counterpart in an effort to keep costs down while also getting it to market more quickly. Now, it seems as if we won’t have to wait much longer for the next-generation Ford F-150 Lightning, as AutoForecast Solutions is reporting that it will arrive in 2025.

According to the automotive forecasting company’s latest future product roadmap, the current-gen Ford F-150 Lightning will continue to be produced until December 24th, 2025, after which it will be replaced by the next-gen model, which is scheduled to enter production on August 18th, 2025 at the under-construction BlueOval City complex. That new EV pickup will ride on Ford’s new, dedicated truck and van EV platform, which it will reportedly share with the Ford Bronco EV, Ford Ranger EV, and next-gen E-Transit, too.

This timeline aligns with previous reports that production at BlueOval City is expected to begin in 2025, as well as the fact that it will build more than just an all-electric Ford F-Series model. These changes will also help differentiate future EV models from their ICE counterparts – something that CEO Jim Farley has long pined for.

Such moves will also make Ford’s second-generation all-electric vehicle lineup more profitable than the current offerings, which is key given the automaker’s dedication – and massive investments in – EVs and related technology. In fact, Ford plans on ramping up EV production significantly in future years, aiming to build 600k units in 2023 and two million across the globe by 2026.

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    Oh now here is “Jane” swinging in with the tired old tropes in service of the short-seller Big Oil FUDsters.

    Soon somebody will come in to agree and advance her comment with more scripted talking points.

    Reason Farley hasn’t been fired? Because he’s doing a good job working at fixing a messy situation within poor boundary conditions.

    But these rhetorical questions from the FUDsters aren’t meant to be answered, only to move the market.

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    Not Ready for prime time players EV’S

  3. Tennphil

    Not Ready for prime time players EV’S, give it 20years,and a patient new president please!!


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