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Next-Generation ICE Ford Bronco Will Arrive In 2030: Report

Following a 25-year absence, the Ford Bronco finally returned for a sixth generation in 2020 for the 2021 model year, and proved to be a smash hit among consumers, many of whom have been pining for it to come back for years. Now that the new Ford Bronco is entering its third year of production, it’s time to look ahead to future updates for the rugged SUV, and as Ford Authority reported back in October, that process will begin with a refresh expected to take place in 2024. Looking a bit further down the road, AutoForecast Solutions is also reporting that the next-generation ICE version of the Ford Bronco will arrive in 2030 as well.

To be more specific, the next-gen Bronco is expected to enter production at the Michigan Assembly plant in November 2029 for the 2030 model year, which means that the current-gen model will stick around for the better part of this decade – a rather long shelf life, indeed, particularly when compared to vehicles like the Ford F-150, which typically gets a refresh every three years and a redesign every six.

This timeline also means that the ICE-powered Ford Bronco will be sold alongside the all-electric version of the off-road-focused SUV, which is also expected to launch in 2029, entering production on November 1st of that year and running through November 26th, 2036. However, the Bronco EV is slated to be produced at the under-construction BlueOval City complex in Tennessee, not alongside its gas-powered brethren in Michigan.

While the Bronco EV will ride on the new, dedicated all-electric TE1 platform, the ICE version will reportedly continue to utilize the the T6 platform that currently underpins both the current-gen Bronco and Ford Ranger. Otherwise, it’s currently unclear what sort of changes we can expect from the seventh-gen model.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    Oh, good. Just after the 2023 orders are fulfilled.

  2. Mike says...

    This ‘report’ sounds like more of an effort to keep believers, believing. As exciting as Bronco is, it too has a shelf life that will be much shorter than advertised. Floating this type of announcement is aspirational at best… I doubt there is any real substance to their claim at this point in time. They don’t call them ‘trial balloons’ for nothing in the marketing department.

  3. George

    After reading the article, Who Cares! Ford won’t be around in 2030. Lincoln will be sold off prospering much better and offering better model choices than under Ford ownership.

  4. Neal Kellogg

    When can I order a 2023 ford bronco????????????????

  5. Jon B

    If you are worried about the $20 in interest you are losing, and Ford is gaining, on $100 the solution is simple; Don’t leave a deposit.

    1. Kenny Mac

      $20 interest on $100?? Wow, I’m selling my Bronco, dumping the proceeds in your bank, and retiring!


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