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This Ford Edge Feature Shows Specific Design Forethought And Detailing

When it comes to clever and useful designs, sometimes small and simple is the best. The Ford Edge showcases this point to a ‘T’ with its unique umbrella tray. Located in the small space between the driver’s seat and the door, this tray is strategically placed to collect and drain moisture from an umbrella when entering a vehicle. In addition, this practical platform is directly attached to the exterior part of the seat railing, allowing it to create a useful barrier between fallen items and the abyss under the seat.

Though this design feature enhances the benefits of the Edge, it’s extremely subtle. So much so that you’ll miss it if you’re not looking closely enough – we almost did. As such, we imagine that Ford Edge owners might also overlook it, until they drop something down the side only for it to be miraculously caught by the tray. Although it was made specifically for your damp umbrella, this tray continues to provide secondary benefits for its users, aka saving your stuff from the tight hideaway under the seat. Naturally, we think this secondary benefit is a bigger plus. 

Let’s be real for a second. When it comes down to it, losing items beneath the car seat is one of the most annoying things that can happen – besides the actual digging around and crushing your fingers against everything in an effort to retrieve your lost item. Not only is this dilemma massively aggravating, it’s also extremely relatable. However, the Ford Edge’s catch tray is ready to save the day – and spare you a headache in the process.

Additionally, this umbrella tray will also be a big help when it comes to cleaning the Ford Edge interior. Since it’s a tight squeeze between the seat and the door, the area usually plays host to a fair amount of miscellaneous items, think spare change, dirt, gum wrappers, etc. Now, this little tray helps eliminate the stress, and the mess, around those areas, enabling an easier clean that simply requires you to move bigger items out of the way and vacuum up the debris.

The inclusion of this small and simple feature shows incredible attention to detail as well as design forethought by Ford Motor Company, something that is oftentimes lacking from more modern automobiles. In fact, parent company FoMoCo has seen to include this plucky feature in the Lincoln Nautilus as well – adding an additional benefit to the luxury crossover.

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  1. bob the builder

    great idea, from the photos shown there is still too much room between the trays edge and the doorsill, so the abyss is harder to clean and retrieve dropped items from. Well at least they tried, lets give the design and engineering folks a participation trophy , but no atta boys and well dones. it was almost a homer but turns out its a foul ball.

  2. Linda Robey

    Why mention it since you are going to stop making them. I’m on my 4th and love it!!

  3. Allen

    Always been a GM guy till 18 edge! Great SUV . Ford must think too much of a good thing is a bad thing. No new edge after 23. For north America very disappointing

    1. Sid

      Ford needs to continue with the Edge, it’s a very good vehicle, don’t
      Stop producing them.,

  4. BOB Philippi

    Edge needs to remain in the Ford inventory, they are a great seller and can be hard to find!!!!!

  5. Tom

    Taurus, Thunderbird, Fusion, Zephyr and now Edge. Great vehicles and name plates – RIP. That’s what happens when marketing’s latest graduates get jobs. What Ford needs is better engineers, stop betting in AI and put their butts on the line. Ford thinks marketing sells cars, being the latest, ‘everyone look! We sold out the entire production year’ – 9 months before actual the first planned intro – over the internet. Be a Player at $100.00 deposit. Half backed out after the frenzy. The other 40% waited til available second intro production. Yes, all had recalls of something of another. Then, Farley blames the dealerships. Farley-Antoinette, “‘let them eat cake”.

  6. The Retired Viking

    “unique”? No. My ‘19 Pacifica had the umbrella tray.

  7. Kevin

    Not much use when you love in southwest USA

    1. Bill Ballinger

      We are 63 and we are overjoyed with our 2022 Edge ST with that kick ass 2 nd Gen Nano 2.7 Ecoboost. 335 hp and 380-400 ft lbs of torque. The handling is out of this world. I don’t think the US ones are Chinese. It looks stunning. The start-stop is idiotic on a turbocharged engine, I am sure that someone knows that turbocharger bearings need oil circulation and inter cooling to keep EGTs from melting the valve stems and the guides, springs keeper and 1 piece retainers. Just turn it the hell off. The 2nd gen Nano and the turbos on the 2.7 diesel iron block and the injection is much better with the direct and port injection that cures the valve coking up. And that 7 speed is genius, taking 2 nd gear out. The ST (not the ST-Line) is exhilarating! I have built Ford FEs 390/428 engines since I was 12 and this is a home run, As good as the Ford vs Ferrari 427 , a great hot rod for the modern day, and my wife doesn’t have to fight my raunchy cam 428 anymore!

  8. Jeffrey Woods

    Ford needs to make a HYBRID EDGE, fits right in between the Escape and the Explorer. Many seniors enjoy the 5 passenger Edge and would like to ease into an EV by driving a hybrid Edge. My wife has the Hybrid Escape and we both love it. But for me, the Edge is just that much bigger and fits my physique better and is definetly more comfortable Help us old timers make the jump to all electric vehicles by giving us the HYBRID EDGE as a tool to the future.

  9. Jerry

    My 2011 Chrysler Town and Country has this feature and the new Pacifica has them on both sides in the front. Old news!

  10. Bill Ballinger

    Hybrid? Please keep the ST as it is, take it a step forther even. A 3.3 liter 400 hp 500 ft lb CGI Nano and remove that Stop- Start crap?Turn the Engine fore and aft with the trans and T case so it pulls the rears by default and the intelligent AWD kicks in the front or have a button to kick it in? Just intelligently lock the front hubs and an intelligently lock the rear when you need it. We are not doing off-road, just to the store or maybe if we are in snow in the mountains on a drive. The car weighs 4400 lbs, the WB of a 70 A body GM. Close to a LS 454 Chevy. Cmon Ford! We have the Money but we don’t want to look stupid, we have a nice 90,000 mile 2011 Mustang V6, the last mustang to look like a 65 fastback and not like Ernie Shavers with cauliflower ear and a thrice broken nose. A real old school fighter but battle scarred.


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