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2001 Lincoln MK 9 Concept At Petersen Museum: Photo Gallery

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is a veritable treasure trove for enthusiasts, chock full of cool, historically significant, and oftentimes obscure vehicles that rotate in and out on a regular basis. Recently, Ford Authority had the chance to visit the Petersen, which is where we spotted a very cool, somewhat forgotten piece of Blue Oval history – the 2001 Lincoln MK 9 Concept, which was famously on display at the 2016 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida, years after it debuted at the 2001 New York Auto Show.

2001 Lincoln MK 9 Concept Front

The 2001 Lincoln MK 9 Concept was designed by an international team with a goal of building upon the aesthetic success of iconic models from the luxury brand’s past, such as the 1940 Continental, 1956 Continental Mark II, and 1961 Continental. Lincoln intended to use this particular concept to test the market and see if consumers were interested in a range-topping halo, “prestige” car of sorts, one that was designed to be “distinctively and unabashedly American.”

While the MK 9 was also intended to preview the future styling direction of Lincoln, the first-gen Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan and Montego featured some very similar styling cues, particularly up front, where it’s nearly a dead ringer for the latter. However, it was quite large – 207.1-inches long – and covered in black paint with plenty of chrome accents, 22-inch 10-spoke wheels, and all the adornments one might expect to see on a proper personal luxury coupe.

The interior continued that theme with two-tone Dark Cherry Red and Marlboro Red leather seats inspired by Eames Lounge Chairs, Dark Cherry saddle leather on the floor, and a white leather headliner with lots of polished metal accents throughout. The MK 9 Concept rides on a stretched version of Ford’s DEW architecture, which also underpinned the Lincoln LS and Ford Thunderbird of this era, with a four-wheel independent suspension, V8 engine, and automatic transmission.

Unlike many concepts, the 2001 Lincoln MK 9 runs and drives as well, and though it was never intended for production, it would have made for a suitable successor to the Lincoln Mark VIII coupe. Unfortunately, that never happened, but at least the concept is still around for us to see and enjoy in a public setting.

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    Don DeLaRossa, please come back, Lincoln needs you, they have no leadership at the moment.

    1. RWFA

      Don is dead baby.

      1. SamL

        Jack Telnak made Lincoln what a luxury vehicle should be then Mays ruined it. A proper Mark9 and LS can still be made off S650.


        Lincoln might be dead too by 2030, unless they replace 100% of the current management.

  2. Michael J Genzale

    The rebirth Continental 2016? ,2017? was well done and ignored in the market place leading to a quick plug pulling by Ford. Seems Lincoln is just going the luxury SUV route.
    Cadillac soldering on with truly world class sedans, better than the overpriced German competitors yet struggling for market exceptance. Sad.

  3. jeff sproul

    I really like this concept especially being a 2 door but by the time this would have been released 2 door luxury cars were not selling in the number to justify its production. A beautiful car.

    1. RWFA

      This is a fact.

      This would have been even rarer than its contemporary donor the M205 T-bird.

      Given that the T-bird was a flash in the pan sales wise, and that personal luxury coupes were on the way to becoming relatively extinct, this car would have been a money burning poof in the wind.

      That’s why it didn’t get built.

  4. Drew Ford Retiree

    The styling of this concept was very, very weak. It could have easily been badged a Mercury. And the interior lacked a luxury feel.

    1. RWFA

      Typical of the J Mays design era.

      So much vanilla glop.

      Everybody: So, about leaning in hard to retro design…”

      J: “For the millionth time, it’s not retro!”

      Everybody: “Just because you deny it doesn’t make it so, or original.”

      1. MarkV

        Didn’t Gerry McGovern design the Mark 9, the Navicross and 2002 Continental Concept? He later moved on to Land Rover I think. Should get him back. He knew what Lincoln design was about. Look at those sketches. Very first class and such talent.

  5. MarkV

    The Mark 9 concept drawing does not look bad with the double wing grille. The whole thing could have worked and complimented the LS which it was based off of. Moter trend Magazine showed a drawing of an LS 4-door convertible update that was to be proposed for 2003 but it never materialized. The body design was more angled and 1960’s continental like. Wish they would have made that body style.


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