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2013 Ford Fiesta Owner Wins Settlement In Powershift Lawsuit

The saga of the much-maligned Ford Powershift transmission has endured for years now, with multiple lawsuits filed over select 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012-2016 Focus owners have faced a number of issues related to that particular gearbox. Last July, a new lawsuit was filed that included newer, 2017-2019 models, which was followed in September by yet another legal action that pertains specifically to the state of California. Regardless, as Ford Authority reported last month, many owners have also been waiting months for their vehicles to be repaired thanks to parts shortages, further compounding this issue. Now, yet another one of those folks has won a legal battle over the Powershift transmission – the owner of a 2013 Ford Fiesta, according to the Detroit Free Press.

A jury in Los Angeles ruled against FoMoCo after the owner of this particular 2013 Ford Fiesta took his vehicle in for six transmission repairs and a total of three clutches in a roughly three year span, a loss that marks the third such defeat in a row for the automaker from owners who opted out of a recent class-action settlement.

The unanimous verdict awards the 2013 Ford Fiesta owner and plaintiff in this case – Rodolfo Mejia – a total of $58k in damages, which is the maximum amount allowable under law. The jury ruled that Ford willfully violated the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act in this case, which is designed to protect consumers by requiring manufacturers to complete repairs within a vehicle’s warranty period.

Meanwhile, dozens of other similar cases are still pending, while more than two million Focus and Fiesta vehicles were equipped with the faulty Powershift transmission over its lifespan. “We thank the jury for their service and respect the court’s ruling,” Ford spokeswoman Catherine Hargett told the Free Press following the verdict.

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  1. Walter Thomas

    I wish that everyone would have filed an individual case and could win to send Ford down hill simply because they deserves it. They did not worked hard at all at failing customers. To design and manufacture faulty products then not support your customers or the business says a lot.

  2. Raymond

    How much longer is it until the ford mass action lawsuit going be dragged ?? It’s about time to unseal the case

  3. Jennifer Davis

    I have a 2014 Ford Focus.
    I have had to have the dual clutch system repaired with new clutches twice.
    I just had to have the transmission failure repair.
    I am at 97000 miles.
    I share the car with my 17 year old, who was 5 mins short of getting on the highway when the transmission failed.
    I am making an appointment to have the dual clutch checked again due to increased grinding, shuddering, and hesitating post the transmission repair.
    I but this car brand new.
    I will have to pay 2-3 K to have the 3rd dual clutch replacement. The other 2 times Ford paid under warranty and extended warranty.
    If I knew that would finally fix all of the transmission issues for the rest of the life of the car I would do it.
    But Ford cannot guarantee this.
    So I have to trade in a car that I purchased planning on handing down to my teenager, that should have been safe for them to drive for several more years.

    When my Focus has been in the shop (so many times) and I have to pay for a rental car, I am so angry about how, from the day I bought it, my car never drove like a normal car. And how, even when Ford reimbursed me for a rental recently, they only reimbursed me less than a 3rd of the cost of the rental (they won’t reimburse for taxes or insurance costs and my transmission failed 2 days prior to me driving 6.5 hours to a conference, so of course I took out the extra insurance).

    I am angry at how many times representatives of the sales staff minimized my car’s issues right after I bought it, and lied to me that the shuddering, hesitating, jerking forward and sounding like the car was going to stall when accelerating or decelerating were all “normal.”

    Why did Ford continue to install this transmission for 8 years?
    Why didn’t they give those of us whose car’s transmissions were obviously faulty from the start a new car?
    My dad retired from Ford.
    After a lifetime of owning Fords, I will never put my trust and safety in their automobiles again.


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