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2018 Ford Fusion Among Best Used Hybrids For Fuel Economy

In spite of being discontinued back in 2020, the Ford Fusion continues to earn its fair share of accolades, making Kelley Blue Book’s list of the best used electrified vehicles available for less than $15,000, iSeeCars’ lists of the best five-year-old used cars and one of the top 20 used vehicles overall, as well as ranking well in multiple Consumer Reports‘ comparisons, including being named one of the best used cars for teens that cost less than $20k and one of the best five-year-old used hybrid sedans and hatchbacks with the best fuel economy. Now, that trend continues, as the 2018 Ford Fusion has been recognized by the same consumer organization as one of the top used hybrids with the best fuel economy.

The beauty of five-year-old vehicles is that they’ve already experienced a solid amount of depreciation, making them a great value, though they’re also new enough that they have plenty of modern tech and safety features to offer as well – not to mention performance and fuel economy are up to modern standards, too.

To make this list, five-year-old hybrids like the 2018 Ford Fusion must have previously been bestowed with recommended status from Consumer Reports, have average or better reliability ratings, as well as a good mix of standard or optional safety features.

In that regard, the 2018 Ford Fusion made the cut for a variety of reasons – most notably, excellent fuel economy – Consumer Reports achieved 39 miles-per-gallon overall during their testing, and up to 41 mph on the highway. With prices hovering in the $15k to $23k range, that makes the 2018 Fusion a pretty enticing offering, particularly since it also received praise for its stylish looks, sports sedan-like handling, comfortable ride quality, and quiet cabin.

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  1. JE

    It´s also much better than any of the boring cookie cutter SUV´s and crossovers Ford produces today.

  2. Stalkbroker94

    I was looking to buy a Fusion hybrid of some vintage or another, but ended up buying a Honda CR-Z. I don’t think I would have regretted the Fusion, but I also don’t regret the Honda. It was just a better price at the time although the Fusion would have gotten better economy.

  3. Robert T Arthur

    Too bad they don’t make it anymore for customers who don’t want a truck or an SUV.

  4. Michael J Genzale

    My 2015 Fusion Energi, plug in hybrid was outstanding in every way. From drive off the lot to turn in at 47,500 miles an icredable 97.5 MPG. On original tires and brakes. Never a repair. If not retiring to a condo community with no way to plug in, I’d still own it.

  5. John

    Ford made a car so good it stopped making it!
    I had two of them and they very good!
    What are you guys thinking?


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