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2022 Ford EV Sales Make It Second Largest Automaker For BEVs

Long dominated by Tesla, the all-electric vehicle market is beginning to shift dramatically as legacy automakers and a handful of upstarts continue to roll out new models. That includes Ford, which currently sells three all-electric vehicles in the U.S. – the Ford F-150 Lightning, Ford Mustang Mach-E, and Ford E-Transit, with many more in development. In the meantime, that trio of models helped propel Ford EV sales to the point where the automaker was the second-largest in that regard last year, behind only Tesla, according to The Blue Oval’s latest sales report.

Ford EV sales hit a record of 61,575 units in 2022, which helped the automaker top all of its competitors – save for one, at least, as Tesla delivered a total of 1.31 million vehicles last year. However, it’s clear that Ford is beginning to eat into Tesla’s lead in that regard, as its EV sales were up a whopping 126 percent in 2022, as well as 223 percent in December, while The Blue Oval’s chief competitor enjoyed a 40 percent sales increase, year-over-year.

In terms of individual models, the Ford F-150 Lightning finished the year as the best-selling EV pickup in the U.S. with 15,617 units sold, while the E-Transit recorded 6,500 sales – making it the best-selling EV van in America. The Ford Mustang Mach-E enjoyed a sales increase of 103 percent in December and 45.4 percent for the year as it moved a total of 39,458 units.

Back in August, Ford CEO Jim Farley stated that the EV transition is occurring faster than expected, and in spite of its well-documented production issues, The Blue Oval has reaped the benefits of that trend over the past year. Prior to finishing out the last month of the year in a strong manner, Ford EV sales grew by 211 percent in Q3, while its share of the EV segment increased by two percent year-over-year in November.

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  1. Mark Tilton

    To Tesla just a pimple on their —–. But when compared to Smart EV, Fiat EV, Mullen, Citicar, Lordstown, and many more, including the original Edison EV run, As driven by Mrs Ford, They are doing great !!!

    1. RWFA

      LoL. Tesla will soon be going through some things as all the other OEMs pile into what was its near exclusive domain.

      Tesla will soon have to compete on price and bring more frequent body updates.

      I think it’s safe to say Tesla’s unchallenged halcyon days are over.

  2. Mike says...

    This is a ‘feel good’ story if I ever saw one. Ford needs to ramp up its game, at home and globally if it ever wants to be one of the biggest and best. That won’t happen with a shrinking product assortment, skyrocketing monthly payments and its reliance on incompatible countries to fulfill business objectives. If you don’t know what ‘friend shoring’ is…. look it up. It will be the sustainable business model going forward. China will never be a reliable business partner because they are fundamentally incompatible with our ethos.

    1. RWFA

      LoL still trying sell the bad faith fantasy of Ford downgrading itself to be just a contract assembler?

      How are your Ford stock shorts going give the share appreciation this week?

      1. Mike says...

        As usual…..I think you completely missed my point.

        1. RWFA

          Maybe make an understandable point and folks won’t have to read tea leaves.

          If you’re not coherent, don’t blame the audience.


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