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2022 Ford Maverick Lawsuit Filed Over Side Airbag Recall

Last August, FoMoCo issued a recall for select Ford Maverick pickups over a problem with the side curtain airbags where those particular units weren’t deploying properly. To rectify this issue, Ford instructed dealers to replace those airbags with new ones that feature a revised design, while some owners also received a little present for their troubles – a Yeti tumbler, as Ford Authority reported last week. However, a new class-action lawsuit has now been filed claiming that Ford’s proposed repairs don’t actually fix the Maverick’s side airbag issue, according to Car Complaints.

The lawsuit – John Solak v. Ford Motor Company, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan – pertains to not only the roughly 65,000 Ford Maverick pickups covered by the recall, but also any other Blue Oval vehicle that’s “equipped with the same Safety Canopy side curtain airbags.” The lawsuit claims that Ford’s fix – replacing the airbags with a revised design – doesn’t guarantee that the problem will be rectified, as the automaker hasn’t yet figured out the root cause.

The side curtain airbags present in the Ford Maverick were discovered to be defective during an audit by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in which the agency found that the displacement results for the front lower primary target was 111.9 millimeters, which is beyond the federal regulation limit of 100 mm – as well as Ford’s own initial test results of 82.5-88.4 mm.

The automaker then performed additional tests and found that displacement of the airbags occurred between 102 and 107.3 mm, but isn’t entirely sure what led to this deviation. As for the Maverick owner that filed the lawsuit – New York plaintiff John Solak – he’s not claiming that his airbag failed, while the automaker isn’t aware of any crashes or injuries that have occurred as a result of this particular problem.

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  1. William Hester

    When will my Maverick order be placed for production ? ? 2023 order !

  2. David

    When will I be notified of when my 2023 Ford Maverick order will start. I placed my order September 15th.

    1. Bosko

      Nobody on this forum knows. Did you call Ford?

      1. Larry McElvogue

        Do you have a number for Ford complaint department? I ordered me a Maverick XLT Hybrid on September 6 2021 .

    2. Joseph E Layman

      I got my Vin number just this week, ordered on 9/16/22. You might check your emails for a missed notice. I ordered a Lariat.

  3. Bosko

    Sounds like a frivolous lawsuit. He hasn’t suffered anything.

    1. Judy

      frivolous? he still might be correct about the airbags even though he hasn’t suffered and injury……we will have to “wait ‘n see”.

      1. Larry McElvogue

        Could this be part of the delays Ford is blaming on supply chain issues?


        Got my recall done this week after months of waiting. In the dealer for 3 days, because the “kit” that Ford sends to the dealer had parts missing.

  4. Bob

    Sounds like a nuisance suit more than an issue

  5. Mr. Cecil Freeman

    Very disappointed that Ford is delivering new orders for the 2023 Maverick before roll over orders from 2022. I have a hybrid XLT ordered in October of 2021 with no constraint items. Orders should have been scheduled by order date and constraint items. Or Ford should have only taken orders for the EcoBoost for 2023 so they could complete the rollover orders. This would have satisfied everyone

  6. Bob Biggs

    I have been trying to get my Maverick in since early December for the recall. The dealership said they ordered the parts but have not received them as of mid January. For a recall issued in August 2022 I would think the replacement airbags would not have this kind of supply issue. Frustrated!

  7. Dave Mathers

    Any chance of New York plaintiff John Solak EVER getting anything under the unpublished and secretive Ford Goodwill Adjustment program just went right out the window beside the referenced side airbag!! DUMB.

    1. Stu

      I agree Dave. This gentleman never thought this through. Wouldn’t it be interesting if each time he made a mistake or did not do his job perfectly, someone somewhere registered a lawsuit because they “might” be affected.
      Only the lawyers benefit.

  8. Sean

    Wait! We get a Yeti tumbler? We were also supposed to get free swag with the initial delay in production, never got that. Where’s my tumbler? Maybe we can put that between our head and the airbag to slow it down a bit. I hope the best for Mr. Solak. I just want my hybrid brakes fixed. We should at least get a free yeti neck brace for that, maybe yeti shorts for when I soiled the others trying to stop the other day.

  9. Alan Lewis

    Still waiting for my Maverick Hybrid XLT ordered late September 2021. Yes, you would think they would build them before the ‘23s.

  10. Chad Burson

    Welcome to post covid America where excuses are taking the place of products.
    The conveniences of 21st century living are being replaced with their 19 th century counterparts. I purchased a horse and buggy as feed is no more than fuel, I get free fertilizer for my home grown veggies and my vehicle travels as quick as those on the byway parking lot. I keep my goats where my obsolete lawn mower and weed eater used to be, and when I’m tempted for super speed travels I climb aboard my trusty 3-speed. God Bless Us…………..we need more than answers.


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