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2022 Lincoln Navigator Order Holders Get $5,000 Offer

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator brought forth a mid-cycle refresh for the full-size luxury SUV, with a handful of styling and equipment changes designed to keep it competitive and up to date. Regardless,  2022 Lincoln Navigator production was limited to customer retail orders as FoMoCo continues to battle various supply chain issues. The 2023 model year brought forth few changes – as expected – but now, those with an unfilled 2022 Lincoln Navigator order are getting a financial reward for their patience, according to a dealer bulletin recently seen by Cars Direct.

The incentive – officially known as the “2023-Model Navigator Connect Model Year Transition Private Offer” – is being granted to select customers with unfilled 2022 Lincoln Navigator orders, who will receive $5,000 toward the purchase or lease of a 2023 Navigator between January 12th and April 3rd, 2023. Those customers will receive a certificate that they can then use to obtain this discount, though additional details regarding the private offer are otherwise scant.

Of course, this type of move is nothing new, as Ford has granted similar offers to carryover order holders of a number of in-demand vehicles as its struggles to meet that demand amid numerous supply chain challenges. These offers are intended to serve as a way to retain loyal customers that may have grown frustrated as they face long wait times for in-demand models like the updated Navigator.

As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, carryover Ford Bronco customers were recently informed that they can change their order to remove all supply constrained items and receive $2,500 for their troubles, or potentially risk having that order canceled altogether. Alternatively, those customers can change their order to another Blue Oval model (with certain exceptions) and also receive this particular private offer, too.

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