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2023 Ford Bronco Retail Order Banks To Open Up In Late March

As Ford Authority reported last August, 2023 Ford Bronco retail order banks didn’t initially open to new customers – only existing, carryover reservation/order holders. This move was intended to ensure that the automaker could catch up on its large backlog of orders, though as Ford Authority reported earlier this month, The Blue Oval has since informed Wildtrak order holders and those with constrained items such as the Sasquatch Package, molded-in color hardtop, and Lux Package that they can change or cancel their orders and receive $2,500 in retail cash, or risk having their order canceled altogether. As a result, it seems that this move will free up enough production capacity to open 2023 Ford Bronco retail order banks to new customers, according to Bronco Nation.

New customers wishing to place an order for a 2023 Ford Bronco will be able to do so starting March 27th, though it’s unclear what trims and options will be available at that time. Since at least some existing order holders won’t be able to obtain a vehicle with any of the aforementioned constrained items, it seems unlikely that those will be available to new customers, however.

As Ford Authority previously reported, carryover 2023 Bronco order holders that don’t change their orders risk having that order canceled altogether, at which point they would have to reorder a 2024 model with no price protection. Affected customers have already received an email outlining these terms, meaning that at least some 2023 orders will most likely not be filled.

In the meantime, existing reservation and order holders that didn’t convert their orders to the 2023 model year by the November deadline may have recently received another email informing them that their order has been canceled, though it’s worth noting that some of those emails were sent out in error – customers that already have a VIN are safe.

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  1. Harold Banks

    Ford Motor Company led me on for 3 years saying I would get a white top for 2023. They lied my truck came in last week with a ugly gray top. Not paying close to $60,000 for ugly gray top. So the dealer got the Bronco and the price protection. I feel like I got stabbed in the back by Ford with all their lies. I hope you all have better luck on your Broncos.

    1. RWFA

      Something doesn’t make sense here.

    2. Bob

      White top is only available on the Heritage model, which will be essentially impossible to get.

    3. jpb

      Your dealer should of informed you of any and all updates from FORD Motor Co.
      Don’t blame FORD for your dealers lack of communication with you. Your dealer knew very well hardtops for 2023 are gray.

  2. Alan Simmons

    What’s the status of the Bronco Sport 2023 production? Dealers I have spoken to say they haven’t a clue.

  3. Steve Rizek

    Dear Ford, I’m a Senior and I sure would like to get in your 23 Bronco Heritage, but the 2 Door in the light blue color??? I just need a little direction from you folks ??? Thank You SAR

  4. OHNO

    try the ford dealer in palm desert, california, i’m told they have bronco’s in stock…

  5. Bert

    Can’t Ford get a thing right? I bought a Sport for my daughter which she finally will get next week, and they can’t even tell me when I can get my 2023 Outlander Bronco, and that order was 5 months ago – dealer said it’s not even processed yet by Ford!

    1. jpb

      What’s an OUTLANDER? don’t you mean OUTERBANKS model? no wonder nobody can tell you when it will be built. 🙂

  6. Glenn

    Hi, I qualify under the z plan, and would like to order a Bronco, however, I keep getting the runaround from three dealers in my area. Do you have any suggestions?


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