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2023 Ford Escape Among Best Hybrid SUVs For Less Than $35k

The 2023 Ford Escape is due to arrive at dealers this year, and it appears the upcoming crossover will already be riding a wave of positive coverage before customers can take the crossover home. As Ford Authority previously reported, the Escape was one of only two compact utility vehicles to earn a “Good” rating in the updated Insurance Institute For Highway Safety’s crash test. Additionally, Consumer Reports added the hybrid to its list of recommended vehicles and subsequently included it on its list of most reliable and fuel efficient vehicles. Now, the publication says it’s one of the best hybrid SUVs that money can buy for less that $35,000.

2023 Ford Escape exterior

The new group consists of four vehicles, each selected based on their road-test performance, predicted reliability, safety, and owner satisfaction. The 2023 Ford Escape made the list based on the publication’s ability to get 34 miles per gallon on its tests while providing evaluators with a smoother ride than the regular gasoline variants could. Additionally, Consumer Reports liked its driving dynamics, saying it felt nimble and secure, if a little on the firm side. The publication did not like its braking power however, saying the pedal was overly sensitive. It predicts an average reliability rating for the crossover after rating reliability at below average, average, and above average for the 2020, 2021, and 2022 model years, respectively. The Hyundai Tucson hybrid, Kia Sportage hybrid, and Toyota Rav4 hybrid are also included in the list.

2023 Ford Escape side view

The 2023 Ford Escape introduces a host of updates to the lineup, such as Sync 4, the all-new ST-Line series, and a standalone PHEV trim. Currently, the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line front-wheel drive is the cheapest hybrid offered in the lineup, with a $33,340 MSRP. The ST-Line Select, the next trim up, slots in at $35,040 – just over the threshold. The Escape hybrid was one of the few bright spots for The Blue Oval in the publication’s annual reliability survey, which saw the brand drop four spots from 2021.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Mick1

    The overly sensitive brake pedal is a learning curve as is every new car you drive for the first time.

  2. Chad M

    34 mpg seems low, they must have been mashing the pedal

  3. Mike K

    I’m averaging 41.6 mpg with my 2020 Titanium hybrid Escape with just over 33k miles. As for the brakes yes they are more sensitive but you learn how to use them with time. Except for only getting 30k miles from the OEM Bridgestone 19″ tires I’m very happy with my hybrid Titanium Escape!

    1. SSB

      I have the 2020 as well, a white Titanium. I have 36000 miles on it. I replaced the Bridgestones at 21000 miles. I hated them. Mine is AWD and lifetime MPG is 41.2 other than having more rattles than I like its been a trouble free car. I’ve only ever had one or two mid 30 tanks of gas. I would say Its unbeaten in MPG by any other hybrid’s out there with AWD. It’s also more fun to drive than the CRV or Rav 4.

  4. Sunny G.

    Yeah until the steering control module goes out. Ford Escapes are TRASH!

    1. RWFA

      Can you please give us a bit more info on this?


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