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2023 Ford Escape PHEV Retail Order Banks To Close Next Week

The refreshed 2023 Ford Escape debuted back in October, adding an updated exterior appearance and some new tech to the long-running crossover, as well as a revamped trim level lineup. That includes the plug-in hybrid model, which figures to be in high demand for not only its excellent efficiency, but also because the electrified crossover is eligible for the new tax credit that’s part of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 – with an MSRP limit of $55,000. However, those that wish to order a 2023 Ford Escape PHEV will need to do so very soon, as order banks are scheduled to close next week, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority.

2023 Ford Escape PHEV order banks will close at 10pm EST on January 30th, 2023, after which dealers will no longer be able to submit customer retail orders for the electrified crossover. Unlike some other models, however, Ford isn’t guaranteeing that dealers will be able to order this particular model after this cutoff for stock purposes either, depending on current supply chain constraints. Dealers have until February 13th, 2023 at 10pm EST to complete the Customer Order Verification Process as well.

Currently, there is no plan to offer customers whose orders are not filled in the 2023 model year a transition offer for the 2024 model year, and they will instead need to place a new order for a 2024 model, if so desired. However, customers will be able to modify their existing retail orders after order banks have closed.

Supply constraints have impacted 2023 Escape production, as Ford has dropped a handful of options from the lineup already. Those include the hands-free liftgate, which was previously set to be included in the Tech Pack #2 that’s optional on Active, ST-Line Select, and PHEV trims and was also planned to be standard equipment on the ST-Line Elite and Platinum.  Additionally, the 2023 Escape lineup will add a total of two different SiriusXM with 360L removal options, as well as two manual key fob options for Base model customers.

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  1. Alan

    I am spoiled. If I am told my ordered vehicle can’t be made unless I delete options or accept less standard equipment, I would consider those recommendations OR likely buy a vehicle elsewhere!

  2. Bbot

    Deliveries of new 2023 Ford Escapes not expected before May. Why didn,t Ford just skip model year 2023 go with 2024 and not have to explain why they might not be able to deliver?
    Same reasoning for the Ranger , Ford has sold less Rangers than Mavericks . Why do they reconsider just producing the Maverick at the Ranger Assembly Plant?
    The demand is overwhelming for the Maverick but not the Ranger .

    1. Njia

      Moving Maverick to a Ranger plant is not a short-term fix. Different tooling, parts, etc. Moving the production equipment is also expensive and time-consuming.

      I hadn’t heard about 2023 Escape deliveries delayed until at least May. Where did you hear that?

  3. Njia

    Ford already canceled my order (placed in March 2022) for a 2022 Escape Titanium, and has delayed my 2023 order three times already. Expected build date (ha ha!) is now early February. I understand that supply chain constraints exist, but this is a bad joke that keeps getting worse. I told me wife, whose vehicle this will be (she currently drives a 2020 Escape), to expect an order cancelation or notification that she’ll need to remove options from the order. She refuses to get anything except an Escape, which means she is at Ford’s mercy.

    1. Tyler

      Same, ordered the first week order banks opened and have been delayed three time from January to now February. If I missed the PHEV Federal tax credit than I will lose all incentive to keep my order.

  4. Jlo

    Is there an awd phev escape?

    1. C

      No but there is a Lincoln Corsair…

  5. Q Bowie

    I ordered my PHEV on September 21th and still no word about the production… I originally ordered the 2022 Escape PHEV but was told I needed to ordered the newer year because Ford stopped 2022 production. I wish there was a little more information provided for those that have ordered vehicles though Ford. It just seems like you place an order and you hear nothing back. I haven’t even been told that I need to remove options, which is suspicious because I ordered the car fully loaded…

  6. KPresd

    I ordered my PHEV on September 28th. I’ve gotten two emails basically saying nothing. It’s not scheduled for production yet. When I ordered it they said it would at least be 6 months and possibly a year 😕
    I also have not been notified of any option. removals. I don’t care if it does not come with the foot activated hatch. I have that on my 2018 Escape and I never use it and have in fact gotten bopped in the head a couple times ,(by accident) by it. The other options I’ve read about I do want.

  7. Gary Law

    I ordered my escape the first week of October, October 6th. I have received one email from Ford saying that production would start the middle of December. Well it did not start in the middle of December. It still hasn’t started. Ford told me last week that it hasn’t been assigned a VIN number yet. If I don’t hear something soon from Ford I’m going to cancel my order and look for a different vehicle. I love the escape but if you can’t get one, what’s the use of ordering one? Gary law

  8. Dave Emmons

    I want to know if I will get a 2023 Ford escape PHEV that was dealer ordered in January. 2023?
    As stated above if I don’t get it to qualify for the Federal rebate, I am done with Ford.
    Perhaps upper management should visit south Texas and get some more teenagers to build the ford and components. That and that alone are reason enough to never buy a Ford product.

    1. Linda Robinson

      I also ordered my PHEV in January 2023, but didn’t received my email from Ford until April 7th stating they accepted my order. Did it take you that long also to get your confirmation email from Ford?

  9. Martin Jacobs

    I am in the market for a Ford Escape PHEV.
    When will this vehicle be available to order?


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