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2023 Ford Escape Production To Add SiriusXM Removal Options

The refreshed 2023 Ford Escape was just revealed back in October, but as has long been the case with a number of automotive models, the crossover is also facing its fair share of supply chain challenges. As Ford Authority reported in November, the 2023 Escape has already dropped its hands-free liftgate feature, and just last week, that certain 2023 Ford Escape models are also adding a manual key fob option, too. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that 2023 Ford Escape production is adding a pair of SiriusXM removal options in the latest change for the refreshed crossover.

The 2023 Escape lineup will add a total of two different SiriusXM with 360L removal options in the future, which are officially known as the Sirius XM with 360L Removal Credit. Both will fully remove SiriusXM from impacted models, of which there are two different options, one for each Sync 4 system – the 8-inch and 13.2-inch infotainment screens. Since SiriusXM is standard on Active-trimmed Escapes and above, this could impact a wide number of future Escape models.

As of now, this option only becomes mandatory if the chip supply become inadequate. Additionally, the Sirius XM with 360L Removal Credit options are late availability, so production hasn’t likely accommodated either yet. The 2023 Ford Escape isn’t the only model to ditch SiriusXM in recent months either, as the 2022 Ford Explorer introduced a similar option back in October, too. Unfortunately for consumers, these sorts of changes seem likely to continue as supply chain challenges are expected to persist for the foreseeable future, according to Ford CEO Jim Farley.

2023 Ford Escape

In addition to this and a number of other changes as part of its mid-cycle refresh, the 2023 Escape is also getting more expensive, as Ford Authority recently reported. However, with the changes to the crossover’s trim level lineup, it’s difficult to compare it with the 2022 model in that regard, and at best, the price increases are relatively minor.

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  1. Samurai

    I’ll be honest, who actually uses Sirius XM? I fell like it is a rip off with their prices, I either have Apple Carplay or standard local radio to listen too.

    1. Joe

      They are giving me 12 months at $5.00 per month. I guess it is worth that instead of $22.00

    2. SEO


    3. The Retired Viking

      I do. And, a month before renewal I call and with very little haggling, get a far lowe price than retail.

      I also get more to listen to than commercial radio offers in the present day. The old days of local programming are just about over. All that remains is religion, sports, newscasts with no real news, rap, sports, vulgar shock-jocks, talk shows that are no longer listenable, sports, rap, and what passes for rock these days. Oh, and, sports.

      No jazz outside of a few college towns, no classical. No public affairs or commentary at an adult level. And unless you’re way out in the heartland, no LOCAL musicians or programming. That all died out 15 years ago or more.

      So, at least for me, it’s not a “rip-off” when I can haggle a better price. I get my classical, jazz, big band/swing, some listenable news, classic radio, and interesting stuff from Canada.

    4. Jim Peers

      Bought a life time membership back in 2008 which can be changed from one car to the next, won’t buy a new vehicle without it.

  2. Chris Blanchard

    A “Removal Option;” clever marketing right there. Sounds much better than “Delete” or “Discontinued.” Sort of like “Residentially Challenged” for bum.

  3. Potsybear

    My wife wanted a 2023 Escape after reading about it. None to look at at dealers.
    Shes now driving a Hyundai.

  4. Daniel

    It’s odd that no one has mentioned that you can literally put your entire cd music collection on a thumb drive, plug into a USB and listen to anything with voice commands! I don’t miss Sirius!

  5. Anonymous

    All of this decontenting and feature removal is going to create a nightmare on the secondary market for years to come. People thinking they are getting certain features only to find out they did not…and there is no real convenient way to know aside from getting a detailed build sheet…which isn’t an easy task.

  6. John O\'Connell

    Can’t imaging paying a subscription fee for Sirius… but apparently ~30m accounts out there, which is quite large.

  7. Jordan

    Maybe Ford should shutter one of the plants making the $100k+ leviathans long enough to pay more for chipsets so that they can build cars normal people want to buy. Ford needs to get back to the basics of the 04′ turnaround, and build cars people want to buy, not the high margin leviathans that are bound to languish on lots during this recession.

  8. Bruce

    One thing is for sure, don’t let XM keep your credit card on file for renewals! You’ll quickly find out that they are like drunken sailors with your card! All of a sudden random $5-$20 charges appear on your statement and it takes an hour phone call listening to their custom no-service human robots repeat every word you say to them back to you before actually responding to your concern!

    1. justme

      are you serious? Ford droped Sirus XM radio om the 2023 escape st line elite??? this is a cancel for me> can someone confirm the exclusion?


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