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2023 Ford Explorer: Here’s What’s New And Different (Updated)

The 2023 Ford Explorer represents the fourth model year of the crossover’s sixth generation, receiving two feature deletions ahead of its 2024 model year midcycle refresh in North America.

2023 Ford Explorer Model Line

There are no changes to the model line for the 2023 Ford Explorer, and it soldiers on with all of its previous trim levels still intact. This includes Base, XLT, ST-Line, Timberline, Limited, Limited Hybrid, ST, King Ranch, Platinum and Platinum Hybrid trims.

2023 Ford Explorer Exterior

The 2023 Ford Explorer receives no changes to its exterior, meaning no paint colors were deleted, and it gained no new ones. As such, there are nine exterior color options available for the retail models, including Star White Metallic Tri-Coat, Atlas Blue Metallic, Stone Blue Metallic, Jewel Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, Iconic Silver Metallic, Forged Green Metallic, Carbonized Gray Metallic and Agate Black Metallic. Meanwhile, Oxford White remains a fleet-only option.

2023 Ford Explorer Mechanical

The 2023 Ford Explorer continues to be offered with a choice of three engine options. The first is the turbocharged 2.3L I4 EcoBoost engine, which produces 300 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque and is standard for Base, XLT, Timberline, and Limited trims. Meanwhile, the 3.3L I4 hybrid powertrain is also available, providing 318 combined horsepower and 322 pound-feet of torque for Limited Hybrid and Platinum Hybrid applications.

The third and final engine, the turbocharged 3.0L EcoBoost V6, is offered in two configurations. The first can be found in Limited, King Ranch, and Platinum trims, good for 365 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. Under the hood of the Explorer ST, that same engine produces 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque.

As previously mentioned, two feature removal options were added to the 2023 Ford Explorer lineup. This includes the SecuriCode entry keypad, which may be deleted from future models due to ongoing supplier constraints. Previously, this feature was standard across all trim levels. The hands-free liftgate is faced with a similar scenario, although it has been completely axed for the 2023 model year. Previously, this feature was part of the Limited, ST, King Ranch and Platinum trims.

2023 Ford Explorer Packages

There were no changes to the 2023 Ford Explorer package lineup. As such, it continues with the same package offerings as in the past.

2023 Ford Explorer Availability

Riding on the Ford CD6 Platform, the 2023 Ford Explorer is assembled at the Chicago Assembly plant. Order banks for the 2023 Explorer opened up in August, with production commencing in early November.

2024 Ford Explorer Timberline prototype

Looking ahead, the Ford Explorer will get a midcycle refresh for the 2024 model year in North America. Ford Authority has kept a close eye on vehicles already undergoing testing. We spotted an Explorer ST prototype back in early October, signifying this trim level’s place in the lineup, along with a refreshed Timberline a short while later. Thus far, details on the impending refresh remain slim, but these prototypes at least give an indication of what trim levels will live on.

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An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the 3.0L EcoBoost V6 was available on the Timberline.

Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Drew Ford Retiree

    No SecuriCode, no hands free liftgate, no sale. These are functional items that enhance quality of life. Delete frivolous stuff like color-selectable ambient lighting.

    1. Wade

      Agree 100%. No SecuriCode is a major turnoff. Its one of my favorite Ford features.

  2. cj

    I like Explorer….but i really wish they give us a option to get non turbocharged engine…3.0 v6..etc..lots of us keep our vechicles a while…and dont need all the problematic issues that turbo engines have.and i own a Escape with a Ecoboost been problem after problem….for me reliablity is more important..

  3. Gary

    Why is Ford using those awful vertical screens. With my 2020 Explorer in service again I had an Edge loaner with the giant stick on screen. They look terrible and when they don’t work which I found out happens a lot you have no control of many features. Also, why are almost all Fords now defective. I have been a Ford customer for many years and it seems they do not want my business anymore as they no longer make a quality vehicle

  4. Marc

    I don’t think the 3.0L V6 EcoBoost is available for the Timberline model. On Ford’s website the only engine option for the Timberline is the 2.3L I4 EcoBoost engine.

    1. Grant Gifford

      That’s a bummer. I actually got excited reading this article thinking the Timberline would get the larger 3.0. I’m only interested in the Timberline if it does have the 3.0.

      1. Scott

        I bought my 2022 Timberline back in May 2022. It has the 2.3L and in sport mode,
        it handles quick and firm. White on black with add-on crossbars and front LED light bars are a great look. With 3 bash plates and rear heated seats, I can’t wait to get outdoors again in ’23. I can’t afford a new F150 XLT, so for now, I have what I need.

  5. RCS

    After having test driven the Explorer – then the Chevy Traverse…I’ll take the Traverse.

  6. Gary . Virginia.

    I have a 2022 explorer and so far only a few personal complaints. Drove the Traverse, I’ll take my explorer!

  7. Johhny

    You’d think a journalist who is doing an article would know the ST, Platinum and KR all have the 400HP tune. It’s been this way for a few years.

  8. David

    Next door neighbor traded their Explorer on a nice new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Another leaves Ford. Not surprised.

  9. Ron greene

    Ford the best vehicle in the world

  10. Andrew Sommers

    I remember when the Explorer was an SUV, the last being 2010 model year. The current CUV may have more bells and whistles but pales in comparison when it comes to overall performance.

  11. Jesse Hodges

    I recently switched out of my lease which was a 2021 Ford Explorer XLT, and I got into a 2023 Explorer ST-Line, less than a month of driving and my hood latch didn’t catch nor did the safety after I had refilled my washer fluid, I got in my vehicle pulled out of l the gas station, heard a beeping sound no sooner did I looked down at my dash and my hood slammed up against my windshield and cracked it. Dental hood, and both fenders and Ford will not cover it, no alert from all the computers or sensors, by the time i did receive an alert, the hood was slamming into my windshield! Surely Ford can cover this under my so-called bumper to bumper warranty but I was told file an insurance claim. We’ll, I’ll be filing two claims now, civil lawsuit and an insurance clsim


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