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2024 Lincoln Aviator Interior Spotted For First Time

The current-generation Lincoln Aviator debuted in 2019 as a 2020 model year vehicle alongside its sibling, the Ford Explorer. While both vehicles have received minor updates since their introduction, the duo is set to receive more substantial updates this year in the form of a refresh for their respective nameplates. So far, 2024 Ford Explorer prototypes have been spotted with heavy camouflage and one 2024 Lincoln Aviator prototype also made its first public appearance recently. However, any details about the luxury crossover’s interior could not be gleaned from previous sightings. Fortunately, our photographers were able to capture some telling shots of its cabin, which clearly show off updates to the center stack, including the touchscreen.

Overall, it appears the 2024 Lincoln Aviator will adopt the same type of updates already introduced on the 2022 Lincoln Navigator and 2023 Lincoln Corsair. Like the latter vehicle, the Aviator seems to ditch a fair amount of physical HVAC controls in favor of dedicated locations on the touchscreen, which in this case is likely Sync 4. With the smaller Lincoln getting a 13.2-inch setup as standard equipment, expect the Aviator to receive a similarly sized screen. Currently, the Lincoln Aviator utilizes an 8-inch Sync 3 infotainment screen on all models.

Based on this image, the storage areas and cupholder compartment appear remain unchanged.

2024 Lincoln Aviator interior

A closer look at the center stack reveals some changes to that region. For starters, it appears the tuning knob has vanished, and although the volume knob seemingly returns, that row has been relocated slightly further away from the push button transmission controls. That said, there is at least one HVAC button on the aforementioned row, a max defrost button, in addition to buttons for the auto start/stop system and what appears to be a button for the lane-keeping system.

2024 Lincoln Aviator center stack

The 2024 Lincoln Aviator also appears to gain a new row of buttons above the returning setup, roughly located where the old row currently resides. The buttons look very similar in style to the transmission controls, although it is also possible that the chrome section is simply a reflection of those buttons and the area will instead be used for a different purpose. This picture also gives us a clear view of the center screen apparently running Android Auto via Sync 4. The look appears similar to the updates Google recently announced for Android Auto. There is also the possibility that the 2024 Lincoln Aviator could introduce the new Google-based infotainment system that’s been talked about previously, but with recent Lincoln products getting Sync 4, that might be a less likely scenario.

2024 Lincoln Aviator digital avatar

Potentially the biggest reveal of these latest shots is also featured on the touchscreen, as a digital representation of what appears to be the 2024 Lincoln Aviator front end is featured on the right side, showing off a substantially altered region. If the digital depiction proves accurate, the 2024 Lincoln Aviator’s headlights and grille will incorporate what is already featured on the Lincoln Zephyr and next-generation Lincoln Nautilus, although the latter vehicle still hasn’t been officially revealed. In any event, the digital depiction shows off sharper, more angular headlights above what appears to be a chrome or illuminated strip that will seemingly span the entire width of the front end. Presumably, the Lincoln Star logo is at the center, meaning the Aviator would lose the floating setup.

2024 Lincoln Aviator rear end

With the latest 2024 Lincoln Aviator prototype featuring a fair bit of camo out back, it remains unclear if the region will receive any substantial tweaks. However, based on what has already been revealed, it now appears that the North American Aviator refresh will be a more extensive revision compared to what was recently introduced in China. That version introduced a new infotainment screen and revised seating but otherwise retained everything else featured on the preexisting vehicle.

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Ed owns a 1986 Ford Taurus LX, and he routinely daydreams about buying another one, a fantasy that may someday become a reality.

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  1. Tim

    Oh look they turned the I pod on its side……big deal. They didn’t mentioned the increase in price.

  2. Shelby32

    Looks like they are going to mess up the best looking SUV in the line up. That over sizes grill is gonna suck like the corsairs. Guess I need to place an order for a 2023. The Chinese get all the big updates we get a half hearted upgrades and I’am sure they will delete the tech when you order one and send them to china. Ford could offer the same level of tech as their Chinese vehicles here.

  3. Drew Ford Retire

    None of these changes matter if the quality still sucks.

    1. William

      I wasnt impressed. Rather ugly. Im waiting for Lincoln to build a decent looking Town car.

  4. Morand

    Needs a consol shifter. Hate the knob.

    1. Carissa

      Ha, totally love the knob. Funny how preferences can differ so much.

  5. Michael K

    That’s an interesting new twist on the Lincoln fascia design. Not quite what I expected, a little more beefy and angular. It might be sharp, but the Corsair update doesn’t fully work out IMO so I’m skeptical about their design intentions.

  6. Russell Thornburg

    Hate SUV-CUVs in general but if I had to pick one my list would be short… Current Aviator on top. 2nd Volvo XC90 before electrification ruins it. That’s it. No others lol. I pray the day FoMoCo brings to market a retro inspired sedan, moniker Town Car or yet another Continental. 1970s styling. That’ll be the day.

    1. RWFA

      Actually, electrification is the only thing that could make a 70’s style boat of a Lincoln a possibility.

      1. Shelby32

        They need too, the Lincoln that is valued the most is the Kennedy Era Lincolns. They messed up when they made the Continental FWD it should have been rear wheel drive with the suicide doors as standard that’s what the market wanted. Instead they came out with a car no one in the Luxury market wanted and it failed image that. Genesis did it wright when they came out with the G90 now that is what Lincoln should have came out with. Lincoln Continental would still be here and on the market. I do not know what
        is wrong with Ford, heritage sells and the best selling Mustang in this era was the 2005 to 2009 proves it. You would think they could learn from Dodge, how long did they keep the same look on the Challenger and now it out sells the Mustang. Could you image the look of the 2005 Mustang with the improvements and refinements of current Mustang now that would sell. Instead now we have a Camaro with a dodge front end in the name of Dark Horse. It is like Ford just wants to kill all there cars on purpose. Ford your past is your future take the best of the past and use it like Porsche does it works.

  7. Chris L

    I’ve had my Lincoln aviator for 7 months now and I wouldn’t change a thing. I absolutely love it drives like a dream and no trouble with any of the components inside. Or out. This is my 7th lincoln. 3 mkt’s, mks, 2 mkx and now the aviator. I haven’t had one bit of trouble with any of them. Keep doing what you’re doing Lincoln. Some people will always find what they don’t like about them no matter what you do.

  8. Frank

    If the China Nautilus is going to have Continental door handles, then why can’t the rest of the lineup? Would look great on Navi, Avi and Corsi


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