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Decked Debuts Ford Maverick CargoGlide System

Entering just its second model year, the Ford Maverick is already one of the most commonly customized vehicles on sale, and both The Blue Oval and the aftermarket are obliging by launching new products for the compact pickup on a regular basis. Some recent and future additions to the Maverick catalog include a chase rack from Ford Performance, Leitner Designs’ Active Cargo System (ACS), and Leer’s low-profile bed cap. Now, Decked has debuted its new Ford Maverick CargoGlide system, giving owners yet another way to maximize their cargo space.

The new Ford Maverick CargoGlide system from Decked is a heavy-duty sliding bed platform designed to simplify the process of loading, unloading, organizing, and accessing gear, and it offers up 1,000 pounds of payload capacity. The system mounts in the bed of the compact pickup, instantly creating a sliding load floor that’s capable of extending out either 70 or 100 percent, depending on the model selected.

The Decked CargoGlide system is made from powder-coated steel and industrial, marine-grade plywood coated with a thermoplastic top sheet, which makes it extra durable, and features side rails and adjustable tie-down points for securing cargo. The system comes fully assembled and is ready to install in around 30 minutes, with an MSRP of $1,399 for the 70 percent setup and $2,199 for the 100 percent extending system.

“The large number of owners using the Maverick’s bed on a daily basis inspired us to develop our first-ever CargoGlide for a unibody vehicle,” said Decked VP of Marketing, Greg Randolph. “With its 1,000-pound payload, CargoGlide allows Maverick owners to store and easily retrieve heavy and bulky items like welders, compressors, heavy-duty tools, refrigerators, spare tires, rescue gear, boxes, and more without crawling into the back of the truck. This makes it perfect for Mavericks that are used for work and personal duty.”

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  1. Mike TowpathTraveler

    2200 dollars. Phew! I guess the aftermarket industry figured out a while ago that there are enough people in a market segment who will freely part with some big dollars for their product.

    Now in this case, the bed is what? 4 feet long, give or take a few extra inches? One might justify a product like this for an 8 foot long bed, but for a mini-truck like this?

    1. Rick

      Probably good for people under 5 ft tall.

  2. Richard

    I am 75 years old and yes I am shorter and I just can’t get many heavier items past the tailgate.
    Seems like a great idea to me.

  3. Ron

    Excellent Idea!
    I wish this was available when I had my Lariat.

  4. Steve

    Wow keep adding accessories certainly will drive the price up in these little trucks especially in Canada with shipping charges plus 25 /30 percent differences in the money exchange we are up over 40k. May as well buy full size truck

  5. Jeff

    Making all these nice accessories but whenever we ever going to see our trucks

  6. Robert Norton

    I just spent 35 K on a Maverick because of a 5 k mark up from the stealership, this bed extender. and the rack systems look like they add a lot of utility but the last thing I can invest in more marked up accessories!


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