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Ford Among Most Trusted Brands For Crossovers In 2023 Study

Ford’s decision to stop selling sedans in the U.S. years ago was one met with a variety of reactions – surprise, anger, praise, and bewilderment, to name just a few. However, the move has seemingly paid off, as The Blue Oval continues to expand its more profitable crossover, SUV, and pickup truck lineup, while also ranking as one of the most trusted U.S. companies in any sector during the pandemic. Now, Ford has also ranked among the most trusted brands for crossovers as well, according to a new study from market research firm BrandSpark International.

This information comes to us from the latest version of the annual BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards. This year’s winning brands were determined via a national survey of 19,752 American shoppers who expressed which brands they trust the most and why in categories they have recently shopped. The 2023 BrandSpark American Trust Study is the most extensive study of brand trust across consumer categories, examining 215 product and service categories.

In that regard, Ford was part of a three-way tie for the most trusted crossover maker in 2022 – along with Honda and Chevrolet. In arguably the most important new vehicle segment of today, this is a big achievement, and one that is ripe for improvement given the current state of the market – particularly with inflation causing the price of goods to rise signifincatly in recent months.

“Despite being an experience that roughly 84 percent of Americans have daily, many consumers have limited knowledge about automotive issues and needs, leading to low familiarity and weak trust scores for many brands in the space,” said Philip Scrutton, VP of Shopper Insights, BrandSpark. “We saw an opportunity to explore the automotive segment and help consumers identify the brands that other Americans trust.”

“As prices for consumer goods and services have increased substantially over the past number of years due to inflation and supply chain issues, consumers are much more likely to choose brands they trust the most to bring them great quality, service and value even when faced with less expensive alternatives” added Robert Levy, President and CEO of BrandSpark International. “We were very interested to see that major brand names have actually maintained their trust share notwithstanding increased competition from private label brands and other pricing challenges.”

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  1. LEN F

    Nice to see the pictures of the Edge. My 2018 is the best I’ve owned and with 39000 mi still the most reliable and attractive SUV on the road.

  2. Jerry

    It’s NOT a suv. It’s CUV!
    Explorer is SUV
    Escape…CUV, used To be suv. More car to me now.
    got it. Dumb blue oval.

    1. Brett Foote

      Explorer used to be an SUV, now it’s a crossover.

    2. Scott

      … agreed, Jerry!

  3. Scott

    per Wikipedia: Ford Explorer-

    In 2020, CNBC reported the Ford Explorer range as the best selling SUV of all time in America.[4]

    1. Brett Foote

      The 2020+ Explorer does not utilize body-on-frame construction, and as such, is not an SUV by definition.

  4. Tim weyand

    Hope HORIZON FORD in TUKWILLA WASHINGTON STATE Covers Leaky Seals. Did not in case of 2015 Escape all Wheel Drive less 500 Miles party had too pick up over half the Bill of around 3700$. Yes with a Full Warranty. CRAP. Also GM FREIND had 454 Truck had a Bill Front Suspension . The Strut Rotor Brake. A Arm Assembly yeah 2600$ out. Of pocket . Do Like GM FORD DODGE. BUT THEY JUST. GHOSTING CRAP WARRANTY S.? HOPE THIS CHANGES. LIKE A 73. IN SERVICE STATION. ALSO A GMC 1976 4X4 with Saddle tanks dropping off. Hope they warranty these And all vehicles?


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