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Ford Bronco Orders May Not Get Fulfilled For 2023 Model Year

Earlier this week, Ford Authority reported on some modifications that have been made to 2023 Ford Bronco orders giving customers a few options that essentially boil down to either removing constrained features and options and getting $2,500 back, or potentially risking that their order may not be filled in the 2023 model year. This move comes as the automaker continues to struggle with various supply chain shortages while also working to fill as many orders as possible after it didn’t initially open order banks for new customers. Now, it seems as if some 2023 Ford Bronco order holders who opt to not make those changes risk having their orders canceled altogether, according to an email posted by several members at Bronco Nation.

“Although we are doing everything we can to continue manufacturing Ford Bronco SUVs exactly as ordered, global supply chain shortages and unprecedented demand have impacted our ability to produce your Bronco,” the email reads. “To give your Bronco the best chance at being produced in the 2023 model year, contact your dealer and update your order to a buildable configuration as soon as possible. If you take no action and leave our order as-is, and your Bronco cannot be delivered as a 2023 model year, your order will be canceled. You will then need to place a 2024 model year order at the 2024 model year pricing.”

Ford notes that those that choose not to remove constrained options from their orders – a list that includes the Wildtrak trim, molded-in color hardtop, Sasquatch Package, and Lux Package – have a good chance of having that order canceled. And since private offers are set to end this year, those that face that situation and place a new order in 2024 will do so at 2024 model year pricing.

Alternatively, Wildtrak customers that choose option one and convert their order to a Big Bend, Outer Banks, or Badlands trim or another Ford model will receive $2,500. The same goes for Wildtrak order holders who opt to cancel their order and take delivery of an in-stock model, as well as those with orders for other trim levels that remove all of the aforementioned constrained options.

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  1. craig

    here we go again. i’m not changing my order. i feel like i already settled by not getting the painted hardtop that was pushed off 2+ years. here is my message to ford, fill the order i placed or i’m happy to get a jeep rublicon. if i spend 60-70K on an electric jeep (about the same as my bronco), at least i a can get a $7,500 tax credit. come on ford. get your $hit together.

  2. Mike TowpathTraveler

    I almost wish Toyota and Nissan would have already brought a Bronco sized ute to market for that would put a stake through the heart of our lazy, ridiculous, excuse making US automobile industry. If Suzuki could somehow bring their new Jimny to our shores, it would be lights out for the sub-ute market led by the Bronco Sport and the lame GM Blazer and Trailblazer.

    I really feel for the people who have waited far too long and far too patiently for their vehicles to arrive at the dealer, only to be hammered with these almost daily supply of failures that Ford can’t do this or Ford can’t do that.

    1. RWFA

      Do you often almost root for failure?


    I have a simple solution. I am fed up with Ford’s antics, and canceled both of my 2023 Mavericks. Competent management would have had back up plans for parts , and not been dependent on suppliers in eastern western Slabovia. Henry is rolling over in his grave.

    1. RWFA

      Why didn’t you say you cancelled your order for 20 units?

      I’m sure that would have reanimated old Henry, now gone for 75 years, to grab the tiller from these whippersnappers!

      I do wonder if Kiichiro-San, or Heinrich Nordhoff are also spinning given that their companies are struggling to meet production targets too.

  4. GaryB

    “those with orders for other trim levels that remove all of the aforementioned constrained options.”
    If someone only has one or two of those constraints (sasquatch, lux, hardtop) and they remove it, they do not get the $2500 rebate. They have to have all 3, and have all 3 removed. Unfortunately, the reduction in MSRP and the $2500 credit are far less than what it costs to make those upgrades yourself in the aftermarket. $8k to self-squatch. I dont even know how you would go about the tech features in lux but you can certainly upgrade the audio system for ~$1k. There are only two aftermarket Hardtops and that will run you over $7k.

  5. Mad dude

    The people who are getting jobbed by this complete miss management of a program need to call Ford and demand that they fulfill the order instead of giving out models with hard tops for dealers to keep the struggling their struggling business afloat. And at least lock them in on price protection. That’s the least these company could do for making us wait this long. Babies are made faster than this!! Maybe have stuff made here instead of relying on China for parts.

    1. RWFA

      Generally, it only takes two people, and no brains, to make a baby. Actually, a baby essentially assembles itself.

      Making a car is a little bit more complicated.

  6. Denis paquet

    Took 9 month to get my maverick and came with some issue with not being able to open the hood got it fix work once and still cant open the hood and have ghost issue exa: radio going off on his own…cold engine rev eratic…it pretty sad this will be the last ford for me..they came a long way from the tomato can as a vacuum but they still have a long way to go when it come to quality and zero defect

  7. Philip Davenport

    Whatever happened to “Quality Is Job #1”?

  8. Ryan Scally

    One of the people at ford customer service told me that ford plans on canceling all previous orders in March if you don’t modify it, but then i called again and the rep told me no decision has been made. Does anyone know what is actually going on?

  9. Chris

    I ordered my first Bronco 4dr black diamond with v6 auto and all options in January of 22 and got it in January 23. I have a Heritage order coming at some point. I’m very happy with the 4dr. No quality issues at all

  10. Doug

    If I didn’t get a notification from Ford does that mean it will be built?


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