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Ford Bronco Reservation System May Be Ditched For 2024

When the sixth-generation 2021 Ford Bronco was revealed back in the summer of 2020, the automaker began taking reservations for the reborn SUV right at that same moment. Demand was a bit higher than expected, as most are well aware of by now, and the reservation site crashed before well over a hundred thousand eager customers dropped $100 to secure their place in line. However, years later, some of those customers are still waiting to take delivery of their new Ford Bronco, and it seems as if the reservation process may be going away altogether in 2024, too.

“For 2024, Bronco, as a brand, is maturing, so we’re not going to need the reservation system, and that process as we move forward into 2024,” Bronco Brand Manager, Matt Winter, told Bronco Nation in a recent interview. “We want to make sure that we’re starting the new year fresh and providing customers the best equipment, the best Broncos, and all the information that they have. We want to give everyone the opportunity who has been waiting for that chance to get their Bronco in 2023, and we believe that taking this incentive, making these changes that we’ve recommended is the best chance for doing that.”

As Ford Authority reported earlier this month, the new Bronco Order Modification Customer Private Offer aims to do just that – entice customers who have a Bronco order containing constrained items to either remove those items, switch to a different Blue Oval model, or cancel their order altogether and receive a $2,500 rebate. Currently, this pertains to Wildtrak order holders, as well as those who have spec’d their SUV with the molded-in color hardtop, Sasquatch Package, and Lux Package.

Customers that opt to not make these changes risk losing out on the private offer, and perhaps even getting their order canceled altogether. If the latter occurs, those customers would still be able to place a new order for a 2024 model, but won’t receive price protection or the private offer. For those that don’t have an existing order in the system and wish to place one for a 2023 Ford Bronco, order banks are set to open back up in late March, as Ford Authority reported earlier this week.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    Just have people write them down on a slip of paper and mail it in. If you can’t deliver, it doesn’t matter anyway.

  2. Anonymous

    Ford doesn’t want “reservations”, they want actual orders. Drop the reservation game and just tell people that if they really want one, go to the dealer and place an actual order. Not every reservation was converted to an actual committed order, making it hard for Ford to truly gauge how far behind [or not] they were in building Broncos.

    1. Joe Face

      The actual order process is worthless at Ford. In August of 2021 I put down a cash deposit on a 2021 Ranger to my build order specs as built thru Ford’s website. I was told to to expect a VIN by October. October came and went and nothing. By December I was starting to get irked. April 2022 came around and still nothing. So I went to a Toyota dealership and found a Tacoma Offroad Premium 4×4 on the showroom floor and bought it on the spot.

      Ford has become its own worse enemy….

  3. JDE

    LOL, so they cannot get the ordering system to be real time or based upon actual material contracts or inventory, so because of this failure, just do away with it. How will Farley get to his goal of taking out dealers if they cannot get it right?

    1. RWFA

      I don’t think the linkage you are trying to make actually exists.

      It’s also worth noting the issue exists within the antiquated sales and distribution system. Take dealers out of this process and you’ve removed one more step for things to be more costly, error prone, slow and customer irking.

  4. Ray

    Who Jim Farley
    His plan, is 2024 will be the EV bronco. He has been instructed by the higher powers to complete the conversion off all gas powered vehicles, to electric.
    Otherwise think about this, no 2023 street orders, so called restraint on SAS, and lux? Really
    Farley is doing everything to make the EV Bronco for 2024 as instructed
    But think about all of us that will be STUCK,with a gas powered vehicle, with 10 dollar a gallon gas price.
    How we seen to forget,and I will quote:
    Obama 2016
    And our Jim Farley. Is right is right on the cusp.

    1. RWFA

      “As instructed..!”

      Oh no, is it a mission from God, or just a task from George Soros?

      Ps this isn’t Facebook Ray.

  5. Bob Dobson

    Apparently the same team that was in charge of SYNC is now in charge of the ordering and reservation system. Where in any world does it say making the customer wait two years for their vehicle and then once its available tell the customer “oh by the way we had to change your order, we have to charge you more money but we dropped navigation, body colored hardtop, and a couple other safety features.”

    1. RWFA

      Yes because such a singular team doing these materially different tasks satisfies Occam’s Razor.

  6. Ronald

    Ford has found those models are costing Ford more than anticipated. Not willing to jack up the price & offend customers.

    1. RWFA

      That makes no sense either.

      Ford has raised prices several times over the past couple of years.

      It’s easy for you to make your claim but if you can prove it, you should report this to the SEC because there’s a reward in there for misrepresentation by a listed company.

  7. Jason

    I wanted either a Bronco or Lightning. But I want to be able to go to a dealership and buy one. I don’t own a Tesla because I don’t like the model of buy before you try. Ford duplicating it might be good for their business model but its driven me to look at other brands.

    1. RWFA

      K-street Jason spreading misleading FUD.

      Ford doesn’t plan what he suggests.

      Ford will have demonstrators at its dealers for customers to try out before they order.

  8. WV

    Ford procurement needs outsourcing. Rollout has been a disaster

    1. RWFA

      Can you hang a bit more factual meat on your comment so we can know what you’re getting at?

  9. CHM

    RWFA…..Do you absolutely feel obligated to comment on EVERYTHING and EVERYONES posts on here? Do you have a life beyond blogging? Or are you simply still on Fords payroll and defending their honor at every opportunity? People are entitled to their opinion, right or wrong, and your role shouldn’t be “accuracy enforcer”. Give it a rest why dont ya!!!

    1. Bob

      This guy’s a joke. I’ve never met any who knows nothing about so much. He’d be a great politician. He might be…
      Most people don’t engage him. As for me, I skip over his comments.
      I do like most other commentaries from real world people. It’s refreshing to know that I’m not alone in thinking that Ford is heading in the wrong direction run by a guy with an agenda that will not work for long run.
      Go ahead rwfa, give it your best shot. Another one I won’t read.

  10. Jd

    Ford has had orders in place for as long as two years for Broncos. Not to be confused with reservations. Ford is telling some of these order holders to pound sand. They’re saying change your order to something completely different, that you never wanted or we’ll most likely cancel your order and disavow any knowledge of your existence. Ford won’t even keep the customers place in line at the new higher price. They have mishandled the Bronco as badly as it could possibly have been handled. Still they keep promising 150,000 lightnings per year, which in the end will make the Edsel seem like a raging success.

  11. Blue BlueOval Lover

    Ford loves the Rubes who line up to be taken advantage of.


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