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Ford Edge Once Again Among Best SUVs For Under $40k

The Ford Edge has earned its fair share of praise from Consumer Reports in recent years – most notably, making the organization’s list of the best SUVs for less than $40k in both 2021 and 2022. Now, that streak continues, as the Ford Edge has once again landed on Consumer Reports‘ list of the best SUVs for less than $40k for 2023, a result that’s based on a wide variety of information from both the company’s test data and owner surveys.

This list of the best SUVs for under $40k is ranked based on Consumer Reports‘ overall score, a metric that’s determined by combining its own test data, along with feedback from owner surveys and key safety information rolled into one. The list contains both two- and three-row models, as well as a list of available safety features for each vehicle.

In that regard, the Ford Edge made the cut with an overall score of 78, ranking it behind the first-place Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid at 88, the Honda CR-V (84), Subaru Outback (80), and Toyota Venza (80) in the two-row category. Consumer Reports praised the crossover for being roomy and capable, with smooth, quiet acceleration, a spacious and comfortable interior, and ample cargo space.

On the downside, CR found the Edge to have a bit of an uncomfortable driving position thanks to a footrest that’s too close to the driver. Otherwise, there aren’t too many bones to pick here, as the Edge boasts plenty of attractive standard equipment including a 12-inch touchscreen with Sync 4, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot warning, and rear cross-traffic alert. “The Edge can rival some luxury SUVs with its quiet cabin, steady ride, and agile handling,” Consumer Reports noted.

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  1. Terry Bowles

    So it’s got great reviews but Ford will discontinue after 2023 and will replace with a EV. Doesn’t make good sense to me. Guess I will have to find another manufacture to purchase a replace for my 2017 Edge Sport when time to trade. We love our Edge and sad it is on the chopping block.

    1. John

      Hyundai Santa Fe is rated higher, try that

    2. Lois Peacock

      Ford is making a big mistake, I won’t trade my 2020 Edge for an EV ever.

  2. Allen

    I guess our 18 edge will be last , U had a good thing going ford. Gess good things don’t last. Get it together Ford .

  3. Robert Philippi

    Jeep Cherokee is an excellent choice, I have a 2022 limited and it comes fully loaded price $41,000 to $43,000

  4. TruePatriot

    I will NOT purchase a stinkin electric vehicle. Anything that the government pushes at we the people is not in our best interest. Electric vehicles and Covid-19 vaccinations are 2 great examples. The vaccinations will end up killing many more people than the virus and the Electric cars are NOT GREEN. Millions of cubic yards of earth have to be dug up using diesel fuel to obtain the raw materials to make the batteries which are NOT RECYCLABLE. The batteries are charged using electricity from coal fired power plants. Propane, natural gas and hydrogen powered cars are the answer.

    1. Yoli S.

      I 100% agree with you!!!!!

    2. Denise

      True patriot for what country? Our country was built on the rules of law, justice, and freedom. The government the way it was run, before Obama- since the other party tried to shut down anything he tried to do, was ok before running with the actual citizens in mind. Now it runs on revenge, under the table money making, and lack of respect.

  5. Carissa

    So, what exactly is the difference between Edge and Lincoln’s Nautilus? Just the price tag?

  6. Gordon L

    We have a 2013 and love it, the ride is superb and gas mileage . Just routine maintenance. Not sure which way we will look when it comes time to look at newer.


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