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Ford F-150 Lightning Foe Ram 1500 BEV To Get Range Extender

Ford has been exploring the idea of adding a portable battery pack or range extender of sorts to its EVs for years now, filing patents for a range extending generator back in 2020 and another for removable battery packs last February. Meanwhile, Stellantis – which previously shunned all-electric vehicles in general, pulled an about-face in July 2021, announcing a major EV initiative with an all-electric Ram 1500 BEV teased for the future – one that would admittedly borrow heavily from the already-launched Ford F-150 Lightning. The Ram 1500 BEV concept was just revealed at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and true to form, it will borrow FoMoCo’s idea for offering a range extender gas engine, according to Car & Driver.

The fact that this feature will be available in the forthcoming production version of the Ram 1500 BEV concept – which hasn’t been unveiled yet – was first revealed by Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. and later confirmed by Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares. The idea behind such a move is quite simple – give EV owners a little extra peace of mind in the event that they’re traveling and worried about running out of charge, at which point they could rely on the generator to get them to their destination.

The main purpose of such a feature, however, is for those that need to tow loads for longer distances. A gas-powered generator would allow them to keep their battery pack charged, which is a big deal given the current effects towing has on all-electric pickups of all kinds, including the F-150 Lightning.

Naturally, one could argue that such a feature simply makes the Ram 1500 BEV a plug-in hybrid of sorts – albeit with far more all-electric range – when the production version launches in 2024, as expected.

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  1. Dwayne D

    Just goes to show you thst battery technology is not here yet. And probably never will be as good as gas or diesel. The dirty side of battery tech is hidden. 65000 miles is the supposedly break even point whe bev are more green. Thats under perfect conditions meaning charg I ng with 100% renewable energy. Almost nobody has that.then if you battery needs replacing start the 65000 miles over. Bev are simply not any greener

    1. RWFA

      Except they are.

      You ignore recyclability, a gal of gas or qt of oil is not.

      More efficient generation is coming online and will continue to.

      Why think that everything must be optimized from start? If Rome had to be built in a day it wouldn’t have been.

      It took ICE a century to reach its dead end least dirty condition and a lot of ignoring its limitations for last 50 years that we didn’t move off Big Oil’s elixir already.

      Comparing dead end tech with already competitive tech with much optimization potential only serves to confound and delay.

  2. Mike says...

    The truck looks beautiful….. I just cannot see them driving around LA, New York or ANY other large city in numbers that will sustain their respective brands. Coupled with the fact you cannot park them easily except in the cow pasture out back. The size and weight of these new trucks is an emerging safety problem that will not end well for the industry that has no alternative products that appeal.

    1. RWFA

      Such strange scenarios you paint. I wonder if the safety problem is only in your head.

  3. Travis

    RAM CEO stated on the TFL podcast last month that their focus will not be on EVs, he said this truck is just a side project. He stated it is clear that Americans are not interested in EVs on a large scale and they are not profitable. His words were we will give Americans what they want, big ICE trucks.

    1. RWFA

      LoL. This will be what he says until 2024 and then he will flip to push BEV.

      When one is behind, one tries to rhetorically delay the leader by throwing FUD and then when one is ready one claims latest/greatest.

      You are performing that first part by aping the Ram dude’s comments.

      “Side project”? Lololol.

      1. Sam

        There is no “behind” when EVs ate financially breaking manufacturers because customers aren’t buying in large numbers. Do you even understand how a Free Market economy works??

        1. RWFA

          Oh hi K-Street “I am Sam, Sam I am, I work from an anti EV script that I don’t comprehend.”

          Not buying in large numbers?

          Show me a BEV OEM besides Tesla who is currently capacitized to produce BEV vehicles in “large numbers” and I’ll show you a calendar dated 2024.

          Do you even know how anything works?

        2. Timlh

          So many people wanted a Ford 150:ev, including myself, that they closed the books because they can’t make enough.

  4. Ryan Stensland

    A one and done vehicle is never going to make it for every ones purpose. END OF STORY ~

    And there is no way the product will be as great and Grand in even 10 years. That Narrative is far fetched like the ones pushing tid bit story liners for a read. Most things do take longer then is always said. Sure it can be done but in the past 3 years and the next 3 are so many delay’s our USA has never had to face.. So I can express with assured thought that we are taken back by 6 to 8 years over the countries delays already.. IT is LIFE… Gonna be another provision for all manufacturer’s to face or plants for chip’s.. Highly Doubt the big picture show is going to advance as much as dreamers want it now to be… Point said: Patience and it can be closer but not pushing out the tried and true anytime soon. LIFE Also Has Taught us that…

    1. RWFA

      What gobbledygook nonsense.

      Are you like an experimental AI chatbot that is one chip short of a complete circuit?

  5. Crum Research

    PHEV versatility and big battery to boot! Power panel with 240V outlet, too.


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