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Ford F-150 Lightning Sales Figures In California Revealed

Since its launch, the Ford F-150 Lightning has remained in high demand and short supply, though The Blue Oval continues to work to expand its production capacity. Regardless, the F-150 Lightning was still the best-selling EV pickup in 2022 across the entire U.S. In the EV-friendly state of California, the Ford F-150 Lightning also secured its fair share of the market as well, as the state recently revealed via its zero-emissions vehicle sales data for 2022.

New vehicle shoppers in California scooped up a grand total of 2,233 Ford F-150 Lightning pickups last year. That actually trailed the Rivian R1T, as that model wound up recording sales of 3,604 units in 2022, while the third pickup in the EV segment – the GMC Hummer EV – racked up just 111 sales in The Golden State throughout the course of the year. The Lightning has been helped by its participation in multiple pilot programs in California over the past year, including one at a variety of Sonoma County vineyards.

As Ford Authority reported earlier this week, the Ford Mustang Mach-E was actually the fifth best-selling EV overall in California last year, falling behind only the four-vehicle Tesla lineup in that regard. Meanwhile, Ford continues to eat into Tesla’s market share in the overall U.S. EV market, helping The Blue Oval close out 2022 as the second best-seller of those types of vehicles.

In spite of skyrocketing prices, EV sales in the U.S. in 2022 soared to new levels, as the launch of several new models and high consumer interest pushed sales volumes past 800,000 for the first time – an increase of 65 percent year-over-year, while total EV market share hit 5.8 percent, up from 3.2 percent in 2021.

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  1. SR

    Lol. Just over 2k….wow lol. The Super Duty is not worried. Pathetic.

    1. RWFA

      SD isn’t the competition. Folks that think it is might want to think again.

  2. Jedrek K

    This proves EV have no solid future. ICE F150 sales absolutely destroy this a sad statistic.

    1. Jenny

      LOL, sales are limited by production, not demand.

    2. RWFA

      Conclusion car-wreck of Jędrzej on K-street because nothing of the like is proven by this statistic except that you don’t know of what you talk. (And you seem to be a new member of the bad faith Big Oil comments team.)

  3. Sam

    So even if they make a couple thousand dollars on each one sold… that might cover the windshield washer fluid expenses on the assembly line. That is a very low number, it is literally a financial loss.

    1. RWFA

      Oh hi Sam I am, I stand in awe how you can literally write:

      “Even if they make a few thousand on each one … it’s literally a financial loss.”

      Takes a rare insight and keen intellect to come up with that.

      1. AdamS

        Because it cost them more than that in tooling, line maintenance, employee benefits, etc, etc. You evidently don’t have a clue about business expenses.

        1. RWFA

          No, apparently not a clue at all.

          Just adequate experience in increasing sales of existing products, investing in new portfolio technology, and, importantly, increasing margin in this hyper competitive global industry.

          But who needs to carry a clue if one’s business isn’t going into labyrinths?

          If they took your laundry list of costs and implied concerns, they would never have gotten off the dime.


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