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Ford Focus Transmission Repairs Impacted By Chip Shortage

Mere months after the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, service departments around the globe began experiencing problems securing the parts needed to repair vehicles, leading to extended delays that still persist today. This doesn’t just include newer vehicles either, as 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012-2016 Focus models equipped with the problematic Powershift transmission – the subject of numerous lawsuits over the past several years – are also facing extended repair delays as a result of the chip shortage, according to Automotive News.

Numerous Focus and Fiesta owners have reported waiting months or even years to get those vehicles repaired because of these parts shortages, including Jordan Gray and his 2017 Focus, which broke down back in 2021. When Gray took his car to Tom Holzer Ford in Detroit, the dealer gave him two options – either wait 6-10 months for a new TCM chip, or purchase a brand new transmission altogether. Making matters worse, the warranty on the car had long expired, and the dealer didn’t have any loaner vehicles, and thus, Gray simply opted to let his sedan be voluntarily repossessed.

Lisa Kropp of Lapeer, Michigan faced the same sort of trouble with her Focus, which needed a new TCM, and wound up sitting on a wait list at nearby Milnes Ford for a whopping two years before she gave up and traded it in for another vehicle. Unfortunately, not only does this backup put customers in a precarious situation, but it’s also hampering dealers’ ability to operate, too.

“People have purchased their car with an expectation that if they have a problem, they’ll bring it in, and in the normal course of business, history will tell them that over a reasonable period of time, the cars will get fixed,” said George Glassman, owner and president at Glassman Automotive Group in Detroit. “So when we run into some of these supply chain issues, naturally, if we’re unable to get people into a car, that’s when the anxiety can heighten.”

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  1. Jose Velez

    Focus and Fiesta DCT is the worse gearbox Ford has installed in their cars (very close to the CVT). I had a Focus and the transmission failed over 5 times until the last one quit in front of the ford dealer.

    1. The Gentle Grizzly

      Did Ford or the dealer resolve the issue, or act like many Ford dealers and gaf you off?

  2. Mark B

    Thanks goodness I got the six speed in mine! Whew!

  3. Thomas Henry

    My F150 has been sitting in a Ford shop for 7 weeks now, waiting on a transmission “connector” that is listed on backorder. No one, including FoMoCo customer service can say when the part will be made.
    I’ve lost a vehicle with no information whatsoever.

    1. RWFA

      How old is your truck?

      Is it in warranty?

      If it is, and you live in a state with good consumer protection laws like California, 30 days is the lemon law trigger (there.)

      You might see if you have some coverage under law.

      If you don’t, try calling Ford directly and being a squeaky wheel.

  4. Mohamed Bebars

    My focus Tcm went out and I didn’t find it at the dealership. They said it’s 6 months back order. I just went to eBay and ordered one from china for $300 and got it delivered in 5 weeks. If you don’t know ford make their Tcm in china as well

    1. Sam

      My TCM just went out as well. Dealership said they have no idea when one will get in, probably next year. How is your car running now?



    1. Sam

      I had the same issue. You take it back and tell them it wasn’t done correctly and it’s still faulty. They will try and lie but you sit in the passengers seat as the mechanic drives it.

  6. Quentin

    My Tcm just went out in my 2015 Ford Focus as well. It’s sitting in a mechanic shop right now. It’s something they can’t repair because that part is on backorder and they don’t when it will be available. So now I’m stuck with a frustrated

  7. Michael McAuley

    My 2014 ford focus needs the TCM replaced. No one has it. Ford can’t tell me when I will be able to get it. What is going on? Are they even making the part anymore? I just bought this car for $9000 a few months ago and now it won’t run.

  8. Larry Boyce

    Has anyone had any experience driving with the “transmission” and “check engine” lights on?
    I had a mechanic tell me that as long as the car continues to shift then it’s ok to drive it. He just recommended not taking any long trips away from home in case it finally decides to stop shifting completely.

  9. Jane Serpico

    My 2014 Ford Focus has been sitting at the dealership for 10 weeks now waiting for a replacement transmission control module. They have no loaner cars available. The dealership has been very nice, it is not their fault and I understand that. What are people supposed to do for a car with no loaners available. This is very frustrating, fortunately my son was able to loan me a vehicle. What is Ford doing to increase production of this part?


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