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Ford Maverick Among Car And Driver’s 10Best For 2023

The Ford Maverick is only entering its second model year, but the compact pickup has already amassed an impressive collection of accolades that includes a Kelley Blue Book 2022 Best Resale Value Award, a Wards Auto 10 Best Interior & UX award, Green Car Journal‘s 2022 Green Truck of the Year, 2022 North American Truck of the Year,  a Vincentric 2022 Best Fleet Value in America Award, and a Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award for 2022. Now, the Ford Maverick continues to grow that list after making the cut on Car and Driver‘s 10Best list for 2023, joining the Ford Bronco in that regard.

“It’s an honor to see Maverick and Bronco receive this recognition,” said Jim Baumbick, vice president, Ford product development operations, cycle planning, and internal combustion engine programs. “Both vehicles are the result of intensely focusing on meeting customer needs and providing iconic vehicles they love to drive.”

To come up with its 10Best winners, Car and Driver rates each on a 100-point scale using the following criteria – whether or not it delivers on the vehicle’s intended purpose better than its competition, offers great value, and is entertaining to drive. In that regard, the Ford Maverick hit the mark for providing customers with a capable, compact, efficient, and affordable pickup.

“The Maverick makes a very strong case for a compact pickup,” Car and Driver noted. “The cab doesn’t require a big climb to get into. Loading its bed doesn’t mean lifting heavy cargo four feet off the ground. And the sightlines actually allow you to see what’s in front of you. Easy to own, easy to use, and easy to live with, the Maverick proves that when done right, a compact truck is the just-enough truck. It may lack the body-on-frame construction of its bigger siblings, but with up to 1,500 pounds of payload capacity, this isn’t a truck in name only. It may not tow a jetliner, but the 250-hp turbo 2.0-liter’s 4,000-pound max rating can handle real-life tasks such as a small snowmobile trailer or a pair of personal watercraft. At the same time, the standard front-wheel-drive-only hybrid powertrain tugs just 2,000 pounds but returns an eye-popping 42 mpg city, according to the EPA.”

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  1. Carroll Guidry

    Just wondering when my pickup maverick be ready ordered in Sept 2022
    I’m waiting for it

    1. Richard H.

      I ordered mine in October 2021 and still waiting. But, it was built Dec. 2022 and it is on its way!

      1. Larry McElvogue

        I ordered a Maverick XLT Hybrid on September 2021.I am still in a waiting game with Ford. I am hoping for something in the way of a reward for trying to stay loyal to a company that has been so????

      2. Jane

        Nice. I was October ’21 as well. My Hybrid XLT was built 1/10/23. Hoping it’s not too long to get it since I live in SoCal.

    2. Judy

      Hang in there Carroll….I got my 2022 Mav hybrid which took 15 months. WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!!

    3. Dynamo

      I agree. Still awaiting also. No way to run a business for repeat buyers.

  2. William

    It may take you a while. I ordered mine November 2021 and I’m still waiting.

  3. William

    You’re at the bottom of a long list.

  4. John Pfingstag

    Finally a return of practical and fun vehicles!

  5. Materialman

    Think back to the Mustang in 1964. Now consider how many Mavericks Ford would have sold by now had they been ready to meet demand like they were with the Mustang?

  6. Scott

    Waited until first year problems were identified and resolved for the MY22 Hybrid before submitting a MY23 Hybrid XLT order in September. If that one isn’t built/delivered this year then I’ll just wait for the Toyota equivalent…

  7. Gayla Steward-Reardon

    Ordered our hybrid XLT July 2022. Just found out from dealer it IS NOT in production. I’m baffled and Ford is introducing new models…. Plus Maverick gets high ratings and best seller….. don’t see how anyone comes to this conclusion when you can’t buy one unless you live in South America. Toyota hybrid truck could be an option but dealer told us that isn’t likely to happen until 2024/2025. Who knows … the my Maverick may still be in line for production…..

    1. Mike

      It won’t be in production for quite some time! Ordered mine 10/21. Just went into production this week…

  8. Bruce Bender

    Any issue’s with buying out-of-State, I bought my 22’Ranger from O’meara Ford-Northglenn CO, 1st time I ever dealt with O’meara Ford, excellent customer service 👍, and it too for me was a out-of-State purchase. I was just notified of their inventory today by email, they have 3 New Mavericks in stock, 2 are the EcoBoost and one 2.5L. Give this dealer a call 📞, maybe they have in stock what you are looking for.

  9. John N.

    For those who ordered their Maverick in 2021……your patience is amazing! I ordered my Maverick during the short ordering window in 2022 and I KNOW I’m at the bottom of a long list……..Prediction > 12/2023. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. Mike

      Last conversation with Ford Corp on their 1-800 number, she indicated that the production in Mexico has really hit a new stride and speed… Shipping also speeded up. Last time I checked a couple of weeks ago they said my production date was 1/18…then called yesterday and they said it showed it actually started 1/11… I am in Texas north of san Antonio. From plant in Mexico it goes via train to Houston, Dallas or San Antonio. My dealer said that Dallas and Houston are bottlenecks. He said that San Antonio, when they arrive and unload they are on trucks usually same or next day and in San Marcos within 48 hours. Am hopeful!

  10. Franco

    Same here, ordered August/September 2022, no show, Salesman estimates 1 year, just in time to order a 2024 Model. Instead of building Low Sale EVs for DC, Ford could be building Mavericks in USA and actually become profitable to the point of a $30 Stock Value versus their $11 Share.

  11. Richard Lamontagne

    Richard. Ordered my 23 mavervick xlt hybrid truck 9-15-22. Still not built. Ordered my 22 maverick 10-12-21 never got. Can t ford build them in Detroit?? Ford doesn t have a good track record with maverick. I live 50 miles from Orlando fl. Still can t get a truck for under 39,000 dollars. That s crazy for a maverick. Any chances of finding a velocity blue 23 xlt hybrid out there. Would appreicte some help from Florida dealer. Help Thanks. Richard


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