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Ford Maverick Discount Offers Non-Existent In January 2023

During January 2023, there are no Ford Maverick discount offers available toward the purchase or lease of the compact pickup. The Blue Oval likely made this decision based on high demand and low supply for the Maverick.

Ford Maverick Discount Offers

For context, below we have included the Ford Maverick discount offers (or lack thereof) throughout the 2022 calendar year, as well as the 2023 calendar year to date.


  • January – no incentives

The lack of any Ford Maverick discount or incentive this month is no surprise, considering how popular the compact pickup has proved to be thus far, and The Blue Oval’s inability to satisfy demand due to ongoing supply chain issues.

Sales Numbers - Compact Pickups - Q4 2022 - USA

MODEL Q4 22 / Q4 21 Q4 22 Q4 21 Q4 22 SHARE YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
FORD MAVERICK +76.98% 22,568 12,752 70% +460.94% 74,370 13,258
HYUNDAI SANTA CRUZ +37.28% 9,677 7,049 30% +263.27% 36,480 10,042
TOTAL +62.85% 32,245 19,801 +375.75% 110,850 23,300

Not only did the Maverick outsell the Hyundai Santa Cruz, its most direct rival, in the fourth quarter of 2022 by more than double, it also outsold its big brother, the Ford Ranger, by a large margin throughout the 2022 calendar year. Ford’s crosstown rival, General Motors, has certainly taken notice of the compact pickup’s appeal, as Ford Authority recently reported that GM is benchmarking the Maverick, likely for comparison against a future product.

Sales Numbers - Ford Maverick vs. Ford Ranger - 2022 - United States

MODEL YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
FORD MAVERICK +460.94% 74,370 13,258
FORD RANGER -39.84% 57,005 94,755
TOTAL +21.63% 131,375 108,013

The 2023 model year brought minor changes and updates to the Maverick. Perhaps the most notable addition was that of the Tremor Off-Road Package, which adds quite a few off-road-ready mechanical and equipment upgrades to the truck right off the showroom floor.

Ford Maverick Pricing

For reference, here are the 2023 Ford Maverick trim levels and their corresponding starting MSRPs, including the destination charge and acquisition fee (when applicable):

  • XL – $23,690
  • XLT – $25,950
  • Lariat – $29,450


  • See dealer for details.
  • Incentive for the United States of America, unless otherwise specified.
  • Some customers may not qualify for this offer.
  • Residency restrictions apply.
  • Offer not available with special finance, lease, and some other offers.

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information about the vehicles and their incentives in question, but errors and misprints can happen. In addition, the manufacturer can change incentive information at any time and without notice. Always consult with your dealer regarding color availability information before making purchase decisions. Ford Authority will not be held responsible for any misprints, typos or any other errors.

Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. Alan Lewis

    It’s great that the sales numbers are up for the 4th qtr. that information is shared readily by Ford. Not a word in months about my Maverick 2022 order from September 2021. I know there are others out there like Le me, still waiting.

    1. M.Moschetta

      Im in the same situation! I ordered October 11, 2021. Hybrid XLT Luxury. I rolled it over like I was directed to do by Ford. I have heard nothing!! I work @ Ford! I see people who ordered for first time in September of 2022 who have received their vehicle!! Thanks Ford!!

    2. James Peoples

      I ordered July 7th 2021 never heard from Ford or dealer received email from Ford in November 2022 said I’m one of the first inline for 2023 no emails lately!

    3. Mike

      Only communication luck I have had is calling Ford directly at 800-392-3673. When they ask why you are calling say WHERE’S MY MAVERICK? I have had two good updates from that-the emails are infrequent and irrelevant to my order! Ordered mine 11/21. It is supposedly in production with hopefully delivery to me in Texas by end of February…Fingers crossed. Good luck-Ford really has messed up big time on communication with this truck!

      1. Robert Even

        Mike, did they give you a VIN number yet?

        1. Mike

          Yes-O received a vin # for my 22 model early fall in an email from Ford. When I had to roll over to a 23 model, never heard from Ford direct-I received the new vin # from the dealership (I visited in person about every 3 months and met with new car sales manager). Since then have been mostly relying on calling the 1-800 number for updates. Ford is not good on the emails nor with communicating with their dealers~!

    4. Billy

      Yep, what is the deal Ford? I purposely ordered the base XL with the only add-ons being a trailer hitch receiver and full sized spare, two items I know will not be constrained, thinking when they began production, they would fill the orders they have parts for now, and I would get my Maverick…nothing but the every 45 day dear john letter.

  2. Anonymous

    “Ford Maverick INVENTORY Non-Existent in January 2023″…fixed the headline for you.

    My friend was contacted by Ford last week. His 2022 Maverick Hybrid order he placed in October 2021, which then several months later got updated to a 2023MY, has now been canceled by Ford. He was invited to enter a new order at a $9,000 price increase. Obviously he said no. Now he is shopping for another hybrid vehicle from a different manufacturer.

    1. mike s

      Put in his contact info, I’ve got a 22 maverick with less than 300 miles I’ll sell him for $35k.

  3. Herb

    I’m disappointed that Ford stop making cars in favor of all trucks considering buying a sedan the choices are limited I refuse to buy anything with the foreign nameplate that leaves me a Dodge Charger and they’re going to EV so that’s out or a Chevrolet and I don’t like doing that I wish Ford would bring back a sedan like the fusion

  4. Bruce Bender

    There are a few in stock at some dealers, 3 at this dealer if they are still available: O’meara Ford-Northglenn CO, this is where I purchased my 22’Ranger and for me it too was a out-of-State. 1st time I ever dealt with O’meara Ford-outstanding customer service.

  5. Dave Mathers

    Discount offers are used to sell slow moving or unpopular models. The Maverick doesn’t fit either category. How about just telling us when there are rebates/incentives instead of when there are none?

  6. Vic Mich

    Candice Owens introduced this pickup in June 2021
    And shortly after you could order the Maverick with no obligation to purchase,zero money down and you didn’t even have to go to a Ford dealer You were told on the Ford build site a representative from the dealer would call you to confirm you are over 18 years old and had a current drivers license and that’s it. How did everyone miss this? I ordered 2 One with a 2.0 motor and one with a 2.5 motor first one showed up on January 3 second one showed up on July 17 I traded in the first one and got $6000 more than I paid for it after driving it for seven months I rolled that into the 2nd purchase Ford retained the financing choices from June 20 21 0% for three years 0.9 for four years and 1.9 for five years one of the only times in the history of automobiles you could actually get a good deal. I used my Xplan, friends, and family discount and got a 22 carbonized gray Maverick hybrid with the lux package for under 30 grand. I’ve gone over 700 miles on one tank of gas that’s 13 1/2 gallons or 51 miles to the gallon. Mostly city driving.
    I now have 10,000 miles just completed. My second oil change in the truck is flawless. when I traded in the truck, the dealer let me keep the FX4 black wheels with wildpeak tires and swap them out for the ugly hybrid wheels and tires.Did not affect my speedometer
    If you snooze you lose.

  7. Rodger Kauffmann

    I have been waiting on my 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid since June 10, 2021 just after they introduced it. I received an email from Ford that my dealer would be contacting me, a few days later I received an email from dealer saying a Rep would be contacting me to set up my order priority, day and weeks went by and I emailed and called dealership asking who my Rep would be and a contact number, finally on September 10th I got the call 3 months later from Dealer Rep with Apologies saying Covet delayed and said he could not find my order in system so I had to reorder the same Maverick XLT deluxe pk and 360 Pilot and bedliner.beeline.. few days later I received my order number and priority …. months went by and in September 2022 I received a Vin # and was able to log on to to follow my build,it was scheduled for Oct. then moved to early Nov. then moved to mid Nov. Then nothing I contacted dealer they checked with Ford and was told I was Moved to 2023 model with no specific date for a Vin # I have checked every 2 weeks with Dealer Rep , they tell me that Ford is not currently building Maverick Hybrids , but I saw on a post Ford Maverick Hybrids are currently being built for commercial Customers and being delivered but Consumers are going to have to wait ??? What is it Ford, your Company was built on Consumers buying your product, shame on you for treating Your Consumers with disregard to our builds now waiting on a Ford Maverick Hybrid for over 18 months…Your Competitors are taking note and starting Hybrid builds to match your Maverick.

  8. Tracie

    I ordered my Ford Maverick in Sept 22 put a small deposit down and have not heard anything
    How can I find out about this?


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