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Ford Maverick Outsells Ford Ranger In 2022 By Healthy Margin

Since its launch, the Ford Maverick has enjoyed a massive wave of interest from new vehicle shoppers, becoming a mainstay on Kelley Blue Book’s list of the most considered electrified vehicles on sale and ranking first on CarGuru’s list of the most-viewed new vehicles in 2022, while the compact pickup is also attracting most of its customers from the likes of Honda and Toyota. That popularity also led to an interesting trend – the Ford Maverick outsold its big brother, the Ford Ranger, through the first half of 2022. However, according to Ford’s latest sales report, that trend continued in the second half of the year, too.

Sales Numbers - Ford Maverick vs. Ford Ranger - 2022 - United States

MODEL YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
FORD MAVERICK +460.94% 74,370 13,258
FORD RANGER -39.84% 57,005 94,755
TOTAL +21.63% 131,375 108,013

The Blue Oval wound up selling 74,370 units of the Ford Maverick in 2022, versus 57,005 Rangers – a significant difference of 17,365 units. However, there are several reasons why this might have happened. For starters, the Ranger is a bit of a lame duck, as it’s set to be replaced in the U.S. this year with the all-new, next-generation 2024 model, while the Maverick was brand new for the 2022 model year, and this was its first full year on sale. Additionally, it’s quite possible that various supply chain issues prevented Ford from building as many Ranger pickups as it wanted to.

As if this tidbit of information wasn’t interesting enough, 2023 Ford Maverick orders in September alone – when order banks were open for just one week – were higher than the pickup’s 2022 sales total at 86,000 units. If Ford is indeed able to produce enough Mavericks to meet that demand over the coming year, the compact pickup is set up well to blow away its 2022 sales results. In the meantime, the launch of the all-new Ranger – already on sale in some international markets – should help boost its numbers in the coming months, too.

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  1. Robo

    I’m waiting on the new Ranger! Anyone know if they will have a Tremor version for the 2024 model?

    1. Samurai

      I saw a version call Wildtrak, could replace Tremor, but that could also just be an international moniker.

  2. Truck Stuff

    Amazing since no dealers around here have Rangers or Mavericks nor can they seem to get them…

  3. Tim

    Really if you limit production of one vehicle and increase another giving the consumer little to choose from which do you think will outsell the other? Give me a break another brainless article from fa.

  4. Barry Puckett

    The Ranger is in a difficult position because the Maverick is less expensive by a significant margin and a similarly equipped F-150 is only marginally more expensive. Both the Ranger and F-150 are very similar in gas mileage. Ford needs to drop the cost with popular option packages to relieve the low and top end pricing models to be competitive. Also, the Toyota Tacoma similarly equipped is less expensive and is a much better seller. No, I’m not a Tacoma fanboy…. I drive a 21 F-250 7.3l, complete with the 14mpg and hit most gas stations 😎

    1. Mark

      A hybrid Ranger might fix part of this. Rented a Ranger for a quick 4 hour (2 each way) trip. Could not believe how bad the mileage was with less than 150 pounds in the bed and two people. Mid 20s on hwy at 65. Horrible.

      1. eRock9202

        I second this. As some who wants an AWD hybrid Maverick, I’d totally go for a 4×4 hybrid Ranger. I know the report is that a PHEV will be available in 2024, but a regular HEV would also be great. I’m not automotive engineer, but I’d assume the weight of a HEV/PHEV Ranger would probably give it an MPG somewhere in the upper 20’s; maybe lower 30’s along the US coasts or in the plains. That would be better than the F-150 and be a realistic expectation.

        It has surprised me the Toyota and Honda haven’t made hybrid variants, especially Honda. I’ve heard positive things about the Ridgeline’s AWD system and think pairing that to a HEV/PHEV powertrain would make it a best seller. Then again, Honda treats the Ridgeline like how Ford treats the the Ranger, at least in the US.

    2. Barry Puckett

      My son has a 2022 F-150 3.5l, not hybrid, and he gets 22-24mpg combined mpg. I really like the Ranger style and they are very, very good trucks. Perfect size, adequate performance, however the milage target should be 28-30mpg combined. Concerning the Toyota Tacoma, they are also very, very good trucks, great styling. However, I rented one to round-trip Atlanta, GA to Detroit, MI and got 18-19mpg. I typically drive +5mph over the speed limit and set cruise control as much as possible. Not impressed with the mpg. Ride and handling were great. Keep in mind my 21 F-250 7.3l gets 14mpg, not much difference and 3X the truck over most small – mid-size trucks.

  5. Jed

    Either way, I’ absolutely very happy with my 2020 Ford Ranger Lariat, it has all the bells and whistles that I need in a truck, fully loaded. Reasonably priced. I cannot complain, okay great…Maverick is a new addition but not for me, too small. Glad Ford resurrected the Ranger because I almost purchased a Tacoma but made the right decision to buy the Ranger instead when it got redesigned. Just awesome, loving my truck! Fits my needs. Thank you Ford.

  6. Jj

    I’d buy either one, but they are never on lots.

  7. James Coughlin

    I have a 23 maverick on order but not getting excited until I get a call from the dealer that it’s in. I’m sure that will be a year away. I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Hoping the new Toyota truck comes to market soon too.

    I’m the meantime I’m still happily driving my 2010 Ford Escape 4 cylinder with 183k miles on it. I took great care of it since it was new. It will certainly last another 100k miles until its replacement comes in.

    Time will tell.

  8. David

    I been waiting for my order of a hybrid one also. Sad that it might take a year.
    Hope there be other small truck available to buy before then.

    1. Mike

      LOL! MIGHT take a year? I ordered my Maverick Lariat Hybrid 11/10/21 and still waiting-and I had NONE of the features said to “hinder” production. Thank God my 08 Ranger Sport carries on beautifully-bought it new and have 203K on it with NO probs over the years. I worry about how the Mav will last…if and when I ever get it!

  9. Gayla Steward-Reardon

    Don’t know how the Maverick can outsell the Ranger. Mavericks are a unicorn! A mythical item! If u do find one the dealers have added at least 6 to 10 thousand to the window sticker. I ordered one in June 2022…. Still waiting!!!!!!

  10. Steve

    Have any of you seen this Maverick in person? They are ugly. They are less expensive but THERE’S A REASON WHY… They are cheaply built. They should call this an econo-truck. Ever hear the term, value engineered? That’s what you have, a value engineered Ranger. And people are waiting for this? I don’t get it.

    1. RWFA

      Because it fills a need.

      Not everybody needs the capacity of a Ranger or F-series.

      Some folks want something like a car but with a really big trunk.

      This is the niche Mav addresses.

      As for appearance, taste is subjective.

  11. Joe E Layman

    Fairly satisfied with my 2010 Ranger Sport at 16.8 MPG. The ride and handling has been fine for my use. I live in West Viginia and we really don’t have straight smooth highways, as you “Flatlanders” do. I really doubt that I will be going Electric while living here. We have “Winter weather” here. I am looking forward to the delivery of my new Mavrick. Hoping it will last until I need to give up my driving habit, Or decide to move to a warmer climate.

    1. Steve

      Hey Joe,
      Watch some of the videos’ of a Maverick after one year on the road. I think you’ll change you mind on your choice. A lot of rust and corrosion, too much in my opinion. But hey you get what you pay for. I guess some people can afford to buy disposable trucks.


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