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Ford Maverick Rival From GM May Be All Electric Pickup

The Ford Maverick has thus far proven to be a massive hit with buyers and critics alike, with demand for the compact pickup vastly exceeding supply thus far. Meanwhile, the Maverick doesn’t have much competition at the moment either, save for the Hyundai Santa Cruz, which would make it safe to assume that more automakers might want to jump back into this once-dead segment. However, as Ford Authority reported in July 2021, General Motors – The Blue Oval’s chief cross-town rival – has no plans to make a Ford Maverick rival, though earlier this month, it was discovered that GM was benchmarking the compact pickup. Now, it seems as if GM might make a Maverick rival after all – albeit an all-electric one, according to Automotive News.

GM is already actively exploring this idea, and recently shared the prospective pickup with the press at its EV design studio in Warren, Michigan. It’s reportedly smaller than both the Maverick and Santa Cruz, with just two doors, a low roofline, and a 4- to 4.5-foot bed, with a planned starting price of less than $30k. The pickup reportedly has a sportier, more futuristic design that’s intended to appeal to younger customers who enjoy recreational activities.

While there’s no name or potential timeline for when this new model might debut, GM brass is looking for input, regardless. “We’re creating these to get a reaction and then to try to modify it or move on. What does work? What doesn’t work? What’s expected?” said Michael Pevovar, director of Chevrolet affordable EV and crossover design. “Affordability is the key portion of this, and there’s lots of different ways to approach it.”

“The input may come back that it’s just too small, and that’s OK,” he said. “Maybe [it won’t be] right for what this architecture can provide, but does it have legs for different architecture where it might need to be a little bigger?”

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  1. RWFA

    The bigger part is what I had in mind before I read the article.

    Just because GM benchmarks a Maverick doesn’t mean it’s benchmarking for a Mav competitor, it could be, but it could just as well be benchmarking for any other segment.

  2. Mr. White

    An ev El Camino??? I’d be super interested

  3. jr

    I would like to see a two-door pickup, but 4 ft bed is too short.

  4. Mike says...

    If GM builds a better and more cost competitive small truck… Ford will need to scramble to maintain its already shrinking global market share. Ford’s lack of pricing controls at the retail level will further erode their future market position. If you are not leading…. then you are following, or worse standing still and getting left behind. Fixed pricing would clean much of this up and produce best in class companies going forward. An industry consolidation is way past due.

  5. P J Coll

    When is the all electric maverick coming out & when can I put in an order for one?


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