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Ford Motor Company Canada Sales Down 9 Percent In Q4 2022

Ford Motor Company Canada sales decreased nine percent to 55,055 units during the fourth quarter of 2022. Sales decreased at both FoMoCo brands – the namesake Ford brand as well as at Lincoln.

“Each year, Canadians put their trust in Ford more than any other automotive brand,” said President and CEO at Ford Canada, Bev Goodman. “The most important thing is that we put the customer first in all that we do. As we launch more vehicles that get better over time with Ford Power-Up software updates, innovative features designed with direct input from our customers, and services that make lives better and easier, we remain committed to continuing to earn the trust Canadians put in Ford,” he added.

Ford F-Series trucks posted strong sales in the fourth quarter, securing the popular pickup’s sales leadership in Canada. Ford’s fresh and extensive lineup of utilities saw sales increase by more than seven percent year-over-year, which – along with truck leadership – helped strengthen Ford’s position as the country’s best-selling brand.

FoMoCo Canada Sales Notes – Q4 2022

Sale types:

  • Total Ford Motor Company Canada sales during fourth quarter 2022 decreased nine percent to 55,055 units
    • Car sales totaled 563, up 8.48 percent
    • Truck and utility sales totaled 54,492 units, down 9.6 percent

Brand & Model Sales

Ford sales decreased 8.67 percent to 53,523 units:

Lincoln sales decreased 27.77 percent to 1,532 units:

During the complete 2022 calendar year, Ford Motor Company Canada sales decreased one percent to 240,730 units.

Sales Results - Q4 2022 - Canada - Ford

MODELQ4 2022 / Q4 2021Q4 2022Q4 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
BRONCO-30.34% 1,9082,739+138.61%10,167 4,261
BRONCO SPORT-56.07% 2,2635,151+7.79%11,958 11,094
E-SERIES+59.87% 1,303815+6.77%3,562 3,336
ECOSPORT+82.29% 1,081593+2.36%3,036 2,966
EDGE-33.65% 2,2893,450+11.69%13,213 11,830
ESCAPE-20.53% 4,0485,094-8.14%23,848 25,960
EXPEDITION-17.18% 805972-27.89%3,516 4,876
EXPLORER-27.50% 2,9404,055-3.80%15,766 16,388
F-SERIES+8.74% 30,42627,980-1.44%114,729 116,401
GT-33.00% 23-13.33%13 15
HEAVY TRUCKS* 214**405 0
MAVERICK-44.37% 8351,501+370.15%7,071 1,504
MUSTANG+26.35% 561444-9.85%3,808 4,224
MUSTANG MACH-E+34.91% 1,4841,100+38.97%6,048 4,352
RANGER-62.85% 7261,954-63.23%4,119 11,201
TRANSIT+13.39% 2,5412,241-25.43%10,685 14,328
TRANSIT CONNECT-78.16% 97444-48.50%1,170 2,272
FORD TOTAL-8.67% 53,52358,601-1.19%233,114 235,915

Sales Results - Q4 2022 - Canada - Lincoln

MODELQ4 2022 / Q4 2021Q4 2022Q4 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
AVIATOR-48.33% 357691-12.58%1,786 2,043
CORSAIR-19.54% 622773+0.08%2,505 2,503
NAUTILUS+8.97% 352323+33.85%2,175 1,625
NAVIGATOR-38.53% 201327-12.28%1,150 1,311
LINCOLN TOTAL-27.77% 1,5322,121+1.12%7,616 7,532

Sales Results - Q4 2022 - Canada - FMC Totals

BRANDQ4 2022 / Q4 2021Q4 2022Q4 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
FORD TOTAL-8.67% 53,52358,601-1.19%233,114 235,915
LINCOLN TOTAL-27.77% 1,5322,121+1.12%7,616 7,532
FMC CANADA TOTAL-9.33% 55,05560,722-1.12%240,730 243,447

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  1. Zviera

    Wow. I’m shocked, all I see is herds of RAM’s everywhere.

    1. RWFA

      Sure you do.

      1. Zviera

        Yah, I don’t get it. Thought the aluminum body would be a great selling point up here, but I don’t hear that mentioned much anymore.

  2. William J.jr. Offutt

    One of the Reason that Ford Sales are down are that there is NO LONGER a Ford Flex in the Lineup ! Look at Hyuandai , and see the Large assortment of Platforms that are Available The Palasade has grabbed the sales of the discontinued Ford Flex with a more modern designed with updated features! The sister company has the Kia Telleride ! Wow, did Ford screwed up !

  3. SamL

    Um, Add the totals for YTD 2021 Lincoln. They are off 50. Why does Ford not list discontinued sedans? That’s probably where the difference is: MKZ and Continental. I’m sure the YTD total for the Ford side is missing Fusion and Taurus.


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