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Ford Motor Company Mexico Sales Down 9 Percent In November 2022

Ford Motor Company Mexico sales decreased nine percent to 4,046 units in November 2022 compared to November 2021 results. Sales decreased at both FoMoCo the namesake Ford brand as well as at Lincoln.

Brand & Model Sales

Ford sales decreased 8.74 percent to 3,937 units:

Lincoln sales decreased 14.17 percent to 109 units:

In the first 11 months of the 2022 calendar year, Ford Motor Mexico sales increased six percent to 38,180 units.

Sales Results - November 2022 - Mexico - Ford

MODELNOV 2022 / NOV 2021NOVEMBER 2022NOVEMBER 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
BRONCO-61.21% 109281+419.59%1,512 291
BRONCO SPORT-89.52% 77735-12.73%3,305 3,787
E-TRANSIT* 35**297 *
ECOSPORT-100.00% 0257-85.87%281 1,988
EDGE+91.67% 4624+74.57%405 232
ESCAPE+33.93% 225168+117.93%2,881 1,322
EXPEDITION-61.64% 2873+71.54%669 390
EXPLORER-7.26% 115124+27.48%1,373 1,077
F-SERIES+21.73% 1,014833+24.55%10,030 8,053
FIGO-100.00% 0483-69.93%1,421 4,725
GT-100.00% 09+29.17%31 24
MAVERICK-75.00% 64256+426.79%2,065 392
MUSTANG+309.09% 4511+22.83%678 552
RANGER+16.45% 545468-19.95%5,687 7,104
TERRITORY* 977**1,486 *
TRANSIT-36.99% 373592-49.76%2,665 5,305
TRANSIT COURIER* 280**2,113 *
FORD TOTAL-8.74% 3,9374,314+4.87%36,957 35,242

Sales Results - November 2022 - Mexico - Lincoln

MODELNOV 2022 / NOV 2021NOVEMBER 2022NOVEMBER 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
AVIATOR-41.94% 1831+30.05%238 183
CORSAIR+105.00% 4120+69.27%369 218
NAUTILUS+33.33% 3224+106.83%333 161
NAVIGATOR-65.38% 1852+8.85%283 260
LINCOLN TOTAL-14.17% 109127+48.78%1,223 822

Sales Results - November 2022 - Mexico - FMC Totals

BRANDNOV 2022 / NOV 2021NOVEMBER 2022NOVEMBER 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022YTD 2021
FORD TOTAL-8.74% 3,9374,314+4.87%36,957 35,242
LINCOLN TOTAL-14.17% 109127+48.78%1,223 822
FMC MEXICO TOTAL-8.89% 4,0464,441+5.87%38,180 36,064

The Ford Authority Take

Ford Motor Company Mexico sales once again suffered a notable decrease during November, becoming the second consecutive month that the automaker has experienced a sales decline in the Latin country. Prior to that, FoMoCo saw five months of sales gains, followed by its first decline in October, when it sold 3,627 units.

The automaker’s contraction in November was caused by widespread declines for a dozen vehicles, including drastic drops in the locally-built Ford Bronco Sport, EcoSport, Transit, Maverick and Bronco SUV. In addition, the Lincoln Navigator and Aviator were also in the red.

By contrast, the Ford F-Series further cemented itself as the company’s best-selling model with a healthy double-digit gain both during the month of November as well as during the first 11 months of the 2022 calendar year. The full-size pickup line was closely followed by the all-new Ford Territory, which posted its best sales result since its recent launch in Mexico, enabling the crossover to become the brand’s second best-selling vehicle during the month.

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    Ford … again take a hint. You can’t pickup an suv your way to success … it’s just not going to happen. There’s a reason Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, & Nissan are doing well … they offer sedans an hatchback wagons … Gee what a concept … take a hint Ford, bring back the Fairmont in the 2-door, 4-door, an wagon is what is needed … not another stupid overvalue, overpriced, suv no one really wants … and before anyone says people are buying truck an suvs … when that is all that is available … what choice does anyone have but a dern truck or suv.

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    The good old days when you could have a choice of 2 or 4 doors, convertibles, wagons and sporty 2-seaters. Also, the niche models like personal luxury. Never again.


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