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Ford Mustang Mach-E Limo, Hearse Lineup Revealed For UK

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has proven to be a hit across the globe, eating up market share in the EV segment with each passing month. In fact, Fordwich – the smallest town in Britain – was quite literally taken over by the Mach-E not too long after its launch a couple of years ago, and now, UK buyers have more choices than most when it comes to the types of configurations they can get their Blue Oval EV crossover in, thanks to a company called Coleman Milne, which manufactures limousines and hearses.

Yes, this means that companies in the European region can now purchase a Ford Mustang Mach-E limo or hearse under the new Etive range, which is named after a river in the West Scottish Highlands. Coleman Milne claims that these new vehicles are the very first full-size, all-electric offerings of their kind, and both are set to launch in left and right-hand drive configurations in the UK and Europe in the first-half of 2023.

Both the Mach-E hearse and limo can be fully customizable based on customer request, each features a 75kWh battery providing up to 200 miles of range with charging speeds of up to 115kW, and both come with Coleman Milne’s three-year guarantee, a three-year Ford warranty, and an eight-year battery warranty. Otherwise, both vehicles are essentially the same as their stock counterparts, save for their additional length and the modified, taller roof present on the hearse.

“We have long championed the electric hearse at Coleman Milne and we’re proud to welcome the Etive hearse and limousine as the latest additions to our range,” said Graham Clow, National Sales Director at Coleman Milne. “The excellent, longstanding relationship that we have with Ford enabled us to model the range on its Mach-E platform. The Mach-E is the perfect base for a comfortable, quiet and respectful hearse and limousine, while also providing funeral directors with all the benefits and innovations found in today’s electric vehicles.”

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  1. Crabbymilton

    That’s not a bad idea if they had a version over here. Looks sharp too.

  2. JE

    Horrible. Really abominable.

  3. Crabbymilton

    People riding in a funeral or airport limo won’t care what propels it let alone what it looks like. If they put me in a BEV hearse some day, fine. I’ll be in Heaven anyway and won’t care.

  4. Steve

    Can it be called a limo if it is only 4.5 inches longer than a standard mach-E? Did I read that wrong?

  5. crabbymilton

    Probably an error. It looks longer than just 4.5″ in that picture.

  6. Kevin

    Who would want to be wheeled around in this when you could have a Lincoln hearse and limo. Again, more attention to Mustang and less for Lincoln. They could have at least grafted a Lincoln nose clip to give it some class.

    1. Lurch

      In the UK it was usually Rolls making the limos and Jaguar making the hearses. Not their tradition.

  7. crabbymilton

    Good question and point about a creative rebadge now that you mention it. I think the NAUTILUS is the preferred platform for such a conversion to compete with the XT5 and XT6. Seems like both CADILLAC and LINCOLN do downplay this and probably would tell the hearse or limo conversion company that they are on their own in regards to any warranty because of the modifications involved with that.

  8. Dave Mathers

    That limo looks like it could be a BIG winner on this side of the pond. The hearse, I’m not too sure.

    1. RWFA

      I agree on the limo.

      I’m surprised how well the proportions and sheet metal contours lend themselves to attractive lengthening.

  9. RWFA

    LoL when I die, I’m donating my corpse to the university’s body bequest program and the funeral expense savings to charity.

    After the medical students are done with their learning, and my bones go through the furnace, I’ll be coming home in style in a plastic tub, wrapped in a cardboard box, carried by a UPS truck.

    Truly, anybody who worries whether they are buried out of the back of a Lincoln or a Mustang needs to deeply re-examine their priorities.

  10. Lily

    I’ve always been driven in proper hearses when I’ve died. Hopefully, the next time I don’t end up in this one. Don’t you agree Herman and Grandpa?

    1. Marilyn

      Well, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in one of these Aunt Lily.

      1. Grandpa

        Let’s not let a silly thing like this ruin our day. Bad enough the sun is shining outside.

  11. crabbymilton

    If I die and you put me in one of those hearses, so help me I’ll never speak to you again.

  12. James Watson

    All of you people leaving comments about the new Ford Hurst and the new limo. Must not be forward fans.
    I myself and my family are die hard for friends. I think they look really nice sharp. And I think Ford is doing an awesome job. There’s nothing like haters. This website. Is basically 4 Ford Fans. Not Ford haters so realize that when you’re leaving comments
    My family’s own. Every generation of Ford. Now the grand kids and grand kids are also doing the same.

  13. James Watson

    I can’t believe Your guys is comments. Obviously you guys are not Ford fans. Your Ford haters.
    So why Do you leave any of your comments or remarks on this Ford fan website. This website is 4 Ford fans only. Not Ford haters

    1. Jackson

      We do it to annoy people like you. LOL

  14. crabbymilton

    This is public forum and if the webmaster wants to delete the so called hate posts, that is his perogative. Having said that, I was a FORD man for 30 years. FORD stopped building sedans so I could not buy a FORD product in 2021. I thought it was a mistake for them to discontinue sedans but alas, there are other builders out there so they deserve some blasting for that. Then they have let quality go down the toilet then making it worse by stonewalling it and jerking loyal customers around. They even managed to screw up their best selling F150 and can’t even fill orders for police cars because of any number of problems. Look, FORD vehicles are as nice as any other. But what good does that do when you can’t build them and build them right. I don’t really hate FORD. The E SERIES is the most popular class C and shuttle bus platform out there. The F650-750 seem to be everywhere but they just don’t build what I want so I take the generic approach since you limit yourself otherwise.


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