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Ford Mustang Mach-E Prices Fluctuated Due To Commodity Costs

Ford Mustang Mach-E prices – much like all used and new vehicles, truthfully – have been on a bit of a roller coaster ride lately, rising multiple times along with the cost of the raw materials used in its construction. However, Ford Mustang Mach-E prices were suddenly and unexpectedly slashed across the board just yesterday, a move that happened mere days after Tesla did precisely the same thing with its chief rival, the Model Y. As Ford Model e chief customer officer Marin Gjaja recently explained to the Detroit Free Press, these fluctuations can be attributed to one thing – commodity costs.

“The industry is transitioning to EVs. And so we have to compete as hard as we can, move as quick as we can to develop EVs, to build EVs and then market and sell them to our customers,” Gjaja said. “Last year, we were struggling to scale production and we were facing commodity crunches, so ultimately we had to adjust our price up more than we wanted to, because we had to offset the cost.”

Ford ultimately decided to raise Mach-E prices for the 2023 model year – a move that the automaker blamed on “significant material cost increases and other factors” at the time. Those increases ranged from $3,000 for the Select RWD Standard Range up to up to $8,100 for the California Route 1 AWD Extended Range – a substantial jump by any measure.

Following its own series of price increases, Tesla dropped the price of its Model Y range earlier this month by around 20 percent or roughly $13,000, which came as a surprise to precisely everyone at that time. Regardless, Ford quickly followed suit, and so long as commodity costs improve moving forward, the Mach-E figures to get cheaper in the future as well – especially after Ford swaps its lithium-ion battery pack for a cheaper lithium iron-phosphate unit later this year.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    But, in the meantime, Ford was happy to gouge customers until Tesla called everyone’s bluff. For all the talk of dealers gouging customers, now we can see that Ford was doing it too. Gouge on top of gouge. No wonder average prices for new cars are $50k. Everyone is sticking it to the little guy.

  2. RWFA

    I was particularly shocked by the pictures of Farley using a cattle prod to convince folks to take these things off his hands.

    1. Mike says...

      Funny picture …. in the theatre of my mind.

  3. Kevin

    Exactly maybe “raw materials” doesn’t mean rare, or whatever bs they’re blaming it on. Actually I heard it was due to the conflict in Ukraine, SMH.

  4. Barbara Ganson

    Have only purchased may Mach-E three weeks ago, it is upsetting to learn that I was charged several thousand dollars over what I should be paying. As a teacher, this lack of consideration for consumers is not appreciated, as I work hard for my money, like many people. Ford should give us a rebate or do something for those consumers who overpaid for their vehicles.

  5. Mike says...

    Finally some competition on pricing that favors customers…. Never thought I would say thankyou to Musk but this is masterful. Of course he is seriously ticking off some of his faithful for doing so. The market will penalize greedy and unscrupulous dealers that liked to hide behind the tenets of market capitalism as they ignored ethical business practices. They likely hurt themselves and their product over the longer term. It is funny to think of Musk as a fluctuating commodity..


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