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Ford Mustang Sales Continue To Trail Challenger, Lead Camaro In Q4 2022

Ford Mustang sales decreased in the United States, Brazil and Argentina while increasing in Canada during the fourth quarter of 2022.

Ford Mustang Sales - Q4 2022 - United States

In the United States, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 10,968 units in Q4 2022, a decrease of about 3 percent compared to 11,349 units sold in Q4 2021.

During the complete 2022 calendar year, Mustang sales decreased about 9 percent to 47,566 units.
MODEL Q4 2022 / Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Q4 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022 YTD 2021
MUSTANG -3.36% 10,968 11,349 -9.25% 47,566 52,414

Ford Mustang Sales - Q4 2022 - Canada

In Canada, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 561 units in Q4 2022, an increase of about 26 percent compared to 444 units sold in Q4 2021.

During the complete 2022 calendar year, Mustang sales decreased about 10 percent to 3,808 units.
MODEL Q4 2022 / Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Q4 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022 YTD 2021
MUSTANG +26.35% 561 444 -9.85% 3,808 4,224

Ford Mustang Sales - Q4 2022 - Mexico

In Mexico, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 154 units in Q4 2022, an increase of about 50 percent compared to 103 units sold in Q4 2021.

During the complete 2022 calendar year, Mustang sales increased about 18 percent to 718 units.
MODEL Q4 2022 / Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Q4 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022 YTD 2021
MUSTANG +49.51% 154 103 +18.29% 718 607

Ford Mustang Sales - Q4 2022 - Brazil

In Brazil, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 58 units in Q4 2022, a decrease of about 76 percent compared to 240 units sold in Q4 2021.

During the complete 2022 calendar year, Mustang sales decreased about 32 percent to 330 units.
MODEL Q4 2022 / Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Q4 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022 YTD 2021
MUSTANG -75.83% 58 240 -31.96% 330 485

Ford Mustang Sales - Q4 2022 - Argentina

In Argentina, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 5 units in Q4 2022, a decrease of about 80 percent compared to 25 units sold in Q4 2021.

During the complete 2022 calendar year, Mustang sales increased about 10 percent to 57 units.
MODEL Q4 2022 / Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Q4 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022 YTD 2021
MUSTANG -80.00% 5 25 +9.62% 57 52

Ford Mustang Sales - Q4 2022 - Colombia

In Colombia, Ford Mustang deliveries totaled 21 units in Q4 2022.

During the complete 2022 calendar year, Mustang sales totaled 61 units.
MODEL Q4 2022 / Q4 2021 Q4 2022 Q4 2021YTD 2022 / YTD 2021 YTD 2022 YTD 2021
MUSTANG * 21 * * 61 0

Competitive Sales Comparison (USA)

Ford Mustang sales decreased three percent to 10,968 units during the fourth quarter of 2022, placing second in its segment in terms of cumulative sales volume. The Doge Challenger maintained first place with a 27 percent increase to 12,966 units, followed by the Mustang in second and the Chevy Camaro in third, with a 20 percent increase to 5,475 units.

Sales Numbers - Two-Door Muscle Cars - Q4 2022 - USA

MODEL Q4 22 / Q4 21 Q4 22 Q4 21 Q4 22 SHARE Q4 21 SHARE YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
DODGE CHALLENGER +27.47% 12,966 10,172 44% 36% +1.37% 55,060 54,314
FORD MUSTANG -3.36% 10,968 11,349 37% 40% -9.25% 47,566 52,414
CHEVROLET CAMARO -19.59% 5,475 6,809 19% 24% +12.60% 24,652 21,893
TOTAL +3.81% 29,409 28,330 -1.04% 127,278 128,621

From a segment share standpoint, the Mustang accounted for 37 percent, down three percentage points year-over-year. The segment-leading Challenger saw 44 percent, up eight percentage points, while the Camaro saw its share shrink five percentage points to 19 percent. In other words, only the Challenger was able to increase its segment share.

The two-door muscle car segment expanded a modest four percent to 29,409 units, meaning that Ford Mustang sales underperformed the segment average.

For reference, we are providing sales results for the greater two-door mainstream sports car segment below.

Sales Numbers - Mainstream Two-Door Sports Cars - Q4 2022 - USA

MODEL Q4 22 / Q4 21 Q4 22 Q4 21 Q4 22 SHARE Q4 21 SHARE YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
DODGE CHALLENGER +27.47% 12,966 10,172 38% 33% +1.37% 55,060 54,314
FORD MUSTANG -3.36% 10,968 11,349 32% 37% -9.25% 47,566 52,414
CHEVROLET CAMARO -19.59% 5,475 6,809 16% 22% +12.60% 24,652 21,893
TOYOTA 86 +2,014.68% 2,305 109 7% 0% +941.32% 11,996 1,152
MAZDA MX-5 MIATA +70.39% 1,600 939 5% 3% -41.49% 6,171 10,547
SUBARU BRZ -42.74% 915 1,598 3% 5% +44.18% 3,345 2,320
NISSAN 370Z * 177 0 1% 0% +630.56% 263 36
FIAT 124 SPIDER -100.00% 0 20 0% 0% -97.48% 24 952
TOTAL +11.00% 34,406 30,996 +3.79% 149,077 143,628

The Ford Authority Take

The slip in Ford Mustang sales volume during Q4 2022 is not entirely surprising, considering that the pony car has fallen victim to decreased availability at the dealer level due to various supply chain constraints. These constraints bottlenecks include, but are certainly not limited to, the ongoing microchip shortage, started thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, it’s worth noting that Stellantis generally offers higher incentives on its Dodge Challenger, thereby making the Mustang rival more affordable. However, the current-generation Challenger is expected to end production in 2024, when its will be replaced by an electric Challenger.

Additionally, the 2023 model year is shaping up to be a relatively limited run, something that will likely hurt Ford Mustang sales. The 2023 Ford Mustang represents the final model year of the pony car’s sixth generation, bringing a very minor slew of changes and updates ahead of the launch of the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang. One of the most notable 2023 Mustang changes is the deletion of the Shelby GT500 range-topper.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Mustang sales in Q4 2021, except if noted
  • There were 78 selling days in Q4 2022 and 78 selling days in Q4 2021

More Information & Sales Reporting

Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.

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  1. RWFA

    I enjoyed the stats and analysis in this article but think it is missing important info that would help from both a contextual and analytical standpoint.

    What’s missing is the days supply history for the current and preceding year.

    If, for instance, sales decreased and days supply went up, that would show sales cooling for some reason.

    If sales decreased but supply went down, this would speak to production constraints amid healthy demand.

    Of course the gold standard would be unbuilt orders on Ford’s books. This combined with sales and supply would round out the picture as to how sales are doing. (Sadly, I’m unaware of Ford, or any OEM, publishing orders on hand with any degree of granularity.)

    FA: could you please publish a short companion article on Mustang’s days supply evolution for the past 2 years?

  2. Mark B

    Stellantis advertises its products. I at least occasionally see ads for their cars. I haven’t seen an ad for a Mustang in I can’t tell how long. I don’t know how this plays into sales overall, but it has to be a factor.

    One has to spend $$$ to make $$$.

    1. David Dickinson II

      Ford decided to severely ax traditional marketing several months ago. A curious decision. We’ll see how that works out for them.


    Well, I tried to buy a new Mustang convertible a few months ago, and the Ford website didn’t have a convertible listed. My dealer said they can’t order one. Any wonder why it is losing market share to Challenger?

    1. Mike

      There’s no convertible Challenger, so what’s your point?

      1. RWFA

        LoL. Thanks for that chuckle Mike!

        Does make me think that the commentrollariat here have to up their game.

        1. Richard Kendall

 and Mikey using the same computer?

      2. Richard Kendall

        Simple. Ford can’t get its website straight, leaves off one of the models, and even dealers can’t order them. Don’t know if that hit home yet, but it affects sales. Reading the article, I saw no mention of only counting non-convertibles. Curious where your reply got that idea.

    2. ChariceH

      1. You had to move the toggle switch from fastback to convertible on Ford’s website to see the convertible configuration.
      2. Your dealer lied to you. The order books on the 2023 Mustangs, including the convertibles, didn’t close until December 5th or 6th.
      3. I order a 2023 Ecoboost convertible in the Mischevious Purple color that is scheduled to be delivered at the end of this month.

  4. Ford Owner

    If you add the Mustang Mach-E sales numbers, then it beats the Challenger , which loses its name and becomes a “Loser”.

    1. JDE

      Nobody really considers a Mach-E a Mustang, much less a competitor in the 2 door muscle arena. I suppose by your logic they could slip in Charger sales here to compete better.

      But just you wait, Stellantis is going to hand it all to Mustang next year.

      GM will likely finally axe the Camaro and make a 4 seater Corvette at some point, stealing the Mach-E thing where you use a revered name with specific parameters set forth by public opinion to draw attention to something that is not even close.

      But the last bastion of 2 door V8 2+2 Pony cars will be the one that essentially started it and I hate to say it but Dodge will pay a mighty price for quitting cold turkey.

      1. RWFA

        LoL. Mustang started out as a tatted up Falcon secretaries car, after being a V4 2 seat roadster, fat got thin, had a I6, V8, I4, V6, NA and turbo, was powerful, asthmatic, then powerful again, had coupe, ragtops, fastbacks, notchbacks, had bench seats and buckets, had a 4-door study make it to clay in the OG, and privateers bringing SWB, one off shooting brakes, low riders and monster truck chassis variants.

        Given the aftermarket, and lots of customization talent, the Mustang can be whatever the owner wants it to be, but more importantly, whatever Ford wants it to be as well.

        It’s hard for the snobs and puritanistic owners and fans to accept this but (as an OG Mustang owner myself I know that) if Ford hadn’t adapted the Mustang to the times, and just kept on with the same formula, at many different times over the last 60 years, Mustang would have faded away.

        1. JDE

          Except in all that time they never once made a production Mustang with more than 2 doors. they also have never been anything but rear wheel drive and and with one 1974 exception, have always had a v8 Option. Even the first year 64.5 had an optional 260 V8. The V4 show model is not production and would have likely failed miserably, but we will never know. Now Had they done a fully electric or even Hybrid GT with 2 doors and 2+ 2 seating, we would not even be having this back an forth.

          The reality is the Mustang (non Mach-E) in it’s current form stands on it’s own just fine. There was never a need and in fact not an intention to call the 4 door EV a Mustang, Farley pulled that out at the 11th hour, it was actually a pretty good advertising coup. it definitely gave them plenty of free press. But they really could have called it anything else and it would not have affected Mustang sales at all. though I do appreciate the EV sales allowing the V8 to stick around a few more years to cover MPG and emissions standards.

    2. John

      The Mach E is an electric version of a Honda CRV. It’s not a Mustang nor a pony car.

  5. Jim Elsasser

    The last few years its either been covid or lack of the chip. Mustangs sell in the Spring and Summer and yet the last 2 or 3 years, no inventory. On top of that is the styling of Mustang. To me its just too european looking. Challenger has that all American muscle car look. Ford got away from that after the 2014 model year.

    1. John

      I completely agree. I had a 1969 Mustang SportsRoof and a 2005 Mustang GT. The S550’s European looks turned me off. I will say, the GT350 and 500 look much more aggressive than the bland GT and the new S650 GT looks MUCH better than the S550 GT.

  6. Bruce Holberg

    Boy do I get sick of hearing the supply constraint excuse. Chevy beating Ford in mid sized pickups. Challenger beating Mustang. Seems as if GM and Stellantis have this thing figured out. As far as cutting deals on the Challenger, there’s no law against Ford discounting cars that are past their sell by date. Ford has chosen not to compete aggressively in the ICE world and the results show it.
    BTW, anyone else notice that there is no nameplate saying Ford or Mustang on the 2024? The horse on the grill and wheel centers are the only IDs. No pride.

    1. Richard Kendall

      Never noticed that. A lot of people are tired of the excuses, especially Maverick purchasers. Some waiting over a year, others being told their trucks will NEVER be built. Ford has been building cars for what, 1 or 2 years now? You would think they would have the system figured out, and have backup plans for getting parts. Henry is rolling over in his grave.

  7. George Walls

    I would like the pony logo to be on the right side of the convertible’s grill

    1. ChariceH

      You have to add the performance package to get the off-centered pony.


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