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Ford Mustang Sales Outperformed By Dodge Challenger In 2022 Calendar Year

Ford Mustang sales saw The Blue Oval’s pony car slip to second place during the 2022 calendar year, trailing behind the Dodge Challenger but remaining solidly ahead of the Chevy Camaro.

During 2022, Ford Mustang sales decreased nine percent, with 47,566 units.

Comparatively, the Dodge Challenger saw its sales increase one percent, moving 55,060 units last year. Meanwhile, the Chevy Camaro (see running Chevy Camaro sales) remained at the bottom of the segment – despite a 13 percent increase overall, only 24,652 units of The Bow Tie’s muscle car were sold in 2022.

Sales Numbers - Two-Door Muscle Cars - 2022 - USA

DODGE CHALLENGER +1.37% 55,060 54,314 43% 42%
FORD MUSTANG -9.25% 47,566 52,414 37% 41%
CHEVROLET CAMARO +12.60% 24,652 21,893 19% 17%
TOTAL -1.04% 127,278 128,621

From a segment share standpoint, the Challenger accounted for a dominant 43 percent segment share last year, up one percentage point from 2021. The Mustang saw 37 percent segment share, down four percentage points year-over-year, while the Camaro gained two percentage points to claim 19 percent share in 2022.

The 2022 calendar year saw the two-door muscle car segment shrink one percent to 127,278 units, meaning that by comparison, Ford Mustang sales underperformed the segment average.

The Ford Authority Take

The 2022 calendar year was a tough one on the automotive industry as a whole, and the notable decrease in Ford Mustang sales are certainly a symptom of inescapable supplier constraints. Said supplier constraints include, but are certainly not limited to, the ongoing global microchip shortage, which has continually forced Ford to pick and choose where it allocates its materials for production. As a result, supply of new vehicles at the dealer level has been subpar, while demand remains high.

Ford has also been rather stingy when it comes to incentive or discount offers toward the purchase or lease of the Mustang, a symptom of the low-supply, high-demand situation. Comparatively, Dodge’s parent company, Stellantis, has been generous with its incentives toward the Challenger, meaning the Mustang’s rival is generally more affordable.

However, the end of the Challenger’s production is in sight, as Dodge is expected to axe the current ICE-powered model in 2024, after which it will be replaced by an electric Challenger. In a similar vein, the future of the Camaro is also up in the air, meaning that the Mustang’s competitive segment could change rapidly over the next few years.

Looking ahead, Ford Mustang sales may also be lackluster throughout the 2023 calendar year as well. The 2023 Ford Mustang is poised to quietly conclude the pony car’s sixth generation with a relatively limited production run without any major changes, aside from the deletion of the range-topping Mustang Shelby GT500.

2024 Ford Mustang

2024 Ford Mustang

The all-new 2024 Ford Mustang is poised to take the muscle car scene by storm, bringing about the new seventh generation with a slew of changes, updates and new features. We expect the lull in Ford Mustang sales to be remedied once the new pony car hits the market in sufficient quantities.

About The Numbers

  • All percent change figures compared to Ford Motor Company sales for 2021 calendar year, unless noted otherwise

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  1. Zviera

    Not surprising. Buyers of this class of cars want the perception of muscle, and don’t appreciate the handling aspect that Mustangs and Camaros provide.

  2. Mick1

    Challenger/Charger larger and more comfortable for us baby boomers.


    Well, I tried to buy a 2023 Mustang convertible. Ford’s website did not list a convertible as even being made. My dealer said they could find no
    way to order one, either. If customers can’t order one, and Ford’s own website doesn’t shown them as even being made, is it any wonder that sales
    Are down compared to others?

  4. Rogee

    Every dealer I contacted in 2022 wanted a premium of up to $5,000 over list for a new Mustang. My local dealer wanted a $100,000 premium on a new Cobra.
    Is it any wonder why these cats aren’t selling???

    1. Richard Kendall

      True. Add that to a fouled up website/ ordering system, and this is what you get.

  5. hot toddy

    enthusiasts for the Mustang Camaro and Challenger aren’t really consumer oriented. The majority are enthusiasts for the high end cars. The action has been in the preowned arena. Low mile Shelby GT 500s and 350s prices are asking above the window sticker price. Add that to the LOA (limit of availibility) dealer add on for 2022s and you have the perfect storm. The enthusiast class is well educated in this practice and knows it won’t last forever and is perfectly willing to wait it out.

  6. Drew Ford Retiree

    Mustang sales losing to Challenger is a reflection of highly differing strategies between the two OEMs. If the strategies were similar, the Mustang would outsell the Challenger because of the added market coverage of a convertible offering and because of the relatively newer styling.

    But Dodge’s strategy is to grow its owner base via more aggressive marketing and sales (advertising and incentives). Ford’s strategy is focused on profit margins at the sacrifice of sales.

    We are happy with our 2020 Mustang, but it is likely our last Ford product. We don’t want black wheels. We don’t want vinyl seats (ActiveX be damned). We don’t want dealer mark-ups. We don’t want the name diluted with a semi-crossover BEV. And we no longer have any faith in Ford’s quality.

  7. Mrx19

    Pretty amazing a 15 year old design still sells. Shows that performance will always be a marketable.

    1. Zviera

      Everything Stellantis sells is old, doesn’t matter, most buyers don’t care. Just throw some form of a Hemi in it and watch it sell.

  8. JDE

    I think Dodge just currently is kind of experiencing the old escalade/hummer phenomenon where it is trendy to own challengers and chargers. they are comfy, they can bench race better than most and the cars just result in smiles when you drive a big V8 version. Nevermind they often get out run by a lot of other cars these days.

  9. Rob Mcginley

    I think the Challenger is one ugly car.
    Problem with Ford is they keep softening the look of the Mustang
    Can’t remember what year it was but the Mustang was really bold looking.
    Next thing I knew it’s appearance was really soft looking. Not good for sales.


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