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Ford Patent Filed For Automatic Window Control System

Ford Motor Company has filed a patent for an automatic window control system, Ford Authority has learned.

The patent was filed on June 23rd, 2020, published on January 3rd, 2023, and assigned serial number 11542743.

The Ford Authority Take

Ford has filed its fair share of window-related patents in recent months, including one for an automatic rear defroster, a summer venting window that could be utilized as a rear window screen on pickups, a vehicular switchable glass system, and an enhanced anti-fogging window system. Now, this newly filed Ford patent keeps that trend going by introducing an idea for an automatic window control system.

The premise behind this Ford patent is relatively simple – as the automaker points out, many enthusiasts like to drive around with their windows slightly cracked open, with each side being rolled down precisely the same distance. Reaching that point can take a little bit of experimentation and time, however, which is precisely what this system aims to rectify.

This particular system would be able to detect when there’s a discrepancy between the height of each side window, at which point it could move one or the other up or down to make each open the same exact amount. While it seems a bit unnecessary, Ford points out that trying to do something like this manually can lead to distracted driving. It’s also somewhat of a hassle, given the way modern power windows operate.

With one-touch up and down becoming more and more prevalent, those trying to get their windows rolled down partially – albeit at exactly the same height on both sides – often find this practice difficult. Luckily for them, it seems as if Ford is at least thinking of ways to make this standard practice a bit easier.

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  1. RWFA

    InB4 our resident dyspeptic dystopian cites this patent as further proof that the big government electric window overlords will run wild using this feature to save the environment by locking everybody in their cars until they pay their taxes.

    1. Mike says...

      You make some sense most of the time….. and then this?

      1. RWFA

        This refers to a previous patent article.

        Ps glad to know you are paying close attention! Happy New Year!

  2. David Dickinson II

    If Ford is looking for a practical window “idea” here is one that would be useful—an automatic vent that pops open when the interior temperature reaches a certain point. Add a simple solar-powered fan and it won’t take any additional power at all. There are three good reasons to do this:
    1. It makes the cabin much more comfortable in the summer when you get in the vehicle.
    2. THIS IS A BIG ONE. Since the cabin will be cooler, you won’t waste battery power in EVs cooling down a 170 degree cabin.
    3. It is an easy item to engineer.

    1. Arcee

      Great system until there is a pop-up thunderstorm on a hot, summer day. Then water gets in. Now you have to build in a redundant override that senses water on the glass and prevents the vent from opening or closes the vent if it is already open. Can a small solar panel on a car generate enough power to operate an interior temperature sensor, a servo to open and close a vent, a fan to circulate interior air, and a sensor to detect rain, and a computer chip with the code to monitor all of these elements?

      Automakers had solar panel operated interior fans as optional equipment decades ago. They were ultimately discontinued due to cost and reliability issues.

      1. David Dickinson II

        Ford would not have to look hard for a practical design. RVs already have these, but they are much larger than what is needed for an average vehicle. IMHO, a 2″ fan would be sufficient. Put it at the back of the roof near the top of the rear window. The solar panel works because if the sun isn’t shining, then there is no need for solar-heated air to be discharged. I think you could re-purpose the ubiquitous shark-fin antenna for this.

        1. RWFA

          Good idea DD2 and much of the hardware is there already.

          WRT rain drops, use the wiper sensor to close vent if rain is detected.

          Could also use all the telematics in these connected cars to close the vent if rain is predicted.

          Plus, all the best to you in 2023!

          1. David Dickinson II

            Someone has made a New Year’s resolution. Happy New Year to you too, Robert.

  3. Al Schwinkendorf

    I would like it if they would test express windows at the factory and adjust the regulators accordingly Nothing worse than paying over 80 grand for a truck and finding out the a window wont stay closed just opens back up in the rain. Probably Valeo

    1. RWFA

      Could express it to 90-95% closed and feather it to 100% closed.

      This would reduce the reverse rate due to tight, stiff or cold gaskets.


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