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Ford Power Stroke Lawsuit Filed Over Defective Fuel Pumps

Back in May 2020, a lawsuit was filed claiming that 2011 and up Ford Super Duty trucks equipped with the Ford 6.7L V8 Power Stroke diesel were built with defective fuel pumps – Bosch CP4 high-pressure fuel injection pumps, to be more specific, which reportedly weren’t capable of handling U.S. diesel fuel specifications. This past July, another Ford Power Stroke lawsuit was dismissed, though this case claimed that affected trucks were built with emissions defeat devices. Now, the Ford Power Stroke diesel is the center of yet another legal battle related – once again – to defective fuel pumps, according to Car Complaints.

This new lawsuit claims that 2011-2017 Ford Super Duty pickups equipped with the 6.7L Power Stroke engine that were leased or purchased in South Carolina are also equipped with the aforementioned Bosch CP4 fuel pumps. Ford allegedly tried to conceal that part’s known defects, which can cause metal shavings to contaminate the fuel system.

The lawsuit claims that due to an unstable design, metal-on-metal contact can occur from day one with these particular fuel pumps, which is what leads to the metal shavings. The plaintiffs in the case claim that any diesel fuel can cause this problem, but it also points to the fact that U.S. diesel fuel is incompatible with this particular pump, as it doesn’t provide sufficient lubrication.

Faulty fuel pumps can cause all sorts of issues with diesel engines, ranging from over-fueling to broken injector tips to more serious issues like melted pistons, damaged turbochargers, and even hydraulic lock, according to the lawsuit. The plaintiff in the case states that damages caused by these faulty pumps can cost upwards of $10,000 to repair, and that owners who take their trucks to Ford will simply get the exact same part as a replacement.

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  1. Travis

    These pumps are still an issue. Diesels should be made to run reliably for 300k+ miles. We shouldn’t have to worry about a $10-12k repair bill because a pump fails. Can’t believe Ford hasn’t at least designed a filter in the filter path to catch the metal particles when there is a failure. Do better Jim Farley.

  2. James L Shelton

    We had this issue . Has metal shavings in engine somewhere around or little over 7500$ we had to have repaired

    1. Anthonys towing

      They quoted me 28k

  3. Roger

    This problem is not just limited to Ford
    Gm used the same pump from 2011 thru 2016. Many failures and no help from GM

  4. Jeff Harris

    They’ve been having this problem way before then Last time it cost me $11000 at the dealer to fix it On a 6 point Four-power stroke Should have been recalls on all this but they don’t care

    1. James

      Yep I agree. My 6.4 has the same issue. I know ford knows because of the computer reprogram that rased the fuel pressure limit instead of replacing the pump. The only difference is no one with money to pay lawyers must have owned the 6.4s

  5. James Wilson

    We had the same problem in June of 2022. Left us stranded on the road in middle of Montana. Had to have the whole fuel system replaced, engine torn apart and gas tank dumped and rinsed at a tune of over $18,000! Thank God Ford honoured our warranty. But, ours is a 2018 350 Superduty dually.

    1. Craig Tischer

      We have the same problem. How did you get Ford to honor the warranty? We have a 2019 F-350 dually.

  6. Steve

    Have two fords with the 6.7 2022, 2021
    Installed the S&S disaster prevention kit on both that adds the filter to catch the metal shavings. Also prevent major damage.
    800. Each installed is peace of mind.

  7. Shane

    I how do I get in on this law suite, I’ve been without a truck for over four months, 37k to get fixed when Possible/available parts come in due to pump causing engine to blow.

  8. Michael

    Ford has had ongoing issues starting in 2003 with 6.0 head gaskets. They knew this was a problem but still keep producing a bad product to gain $ from the consumers. Every customer should have been refunded on these vehicles that had issues along with the 6.4 that were no better. Every customer should get refunded and compensated for these bad fuel pumps as well.

    1. Sean

      6.0 was an international engine. 6.7 is the first fomco diesel engine. And I love mine no problems 114k

      1. Jim

        Sean, Everyone here already knows what you just said including Mike. And no one is talking of Love for their truck. We’re talking about a serious issue that is the Bosch CP4 High Pressure Pump. It is a part that fails and causes or can cause major damage to the engine. Your truck has one. You’re welcome… Jeeesh.

  9. Ben

    Dealer wants $17k to fix mine. 2020 with 32000 miles on it. Warranty rejected for contamination in the fuel lines. Still not sure on how a part of the fuel system can contaminate the rest of the fuel system and it’s not covered. Feel real sorry for the fleet guys who have had several trucks out. Seems like Dodge is the only people that have really looked to take care of their customers on this one. Sad.

  10. JB

    Is there a way to get on the claims lawsuit? Had to pay 17k and insurance wouldn’t cover it.

  11. Thomas Reek

    I would like to know how to join a class action lawsuit for the CP4 pump if anyone knows of one.

  12. Thomas R

    Maybe everyone on here should get together and see if we can start a class action lawsuit.

  13. Reply

    have just had our pump[ split in half going down the freeway metal shavings everywhere in the fuel system 109000 miles 13806$ for ford to repair insurance denied same problem on friends truck less than 2 weeks later 170000 miles pump split in half on freeway metal shavings everywhere in fuel system getting everything that touches fuel replaced by owner havent heard what his cost will be I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER FORD PRODUCT AFTER THIS AND THOUSANDS OF OTHERS IN THE SAME SITUATION THAT FORD REFUSES TO FIX THE ISSUE THAT IS A KNOWN DEFECT IN THEIR PUMPS…….

  15. Tara

    This CP4 just died / exploded on my truck last weekend. 2011 f250 super duty 103,000.
    This is BS. Ford should be held reliable. The shop (not dealer) wants $12,000. OOOCHHHH!
    I have had my truck at the dealership 4 times in the last few months due to it struggling to change gears. Transmission was fine but they did not diagnose this.

  16. Wade Wilson

    Same problem here, 378,000 miles fuel pump is dead. They want $12,500 to fix. How do I join the lawsuit.

  17. Randy

    I am diesel tech who has been working on this stuff since the 70’s. The problem with all these light duty diesels is they are built to a price point and that means there’s a lot marginal parts in them. I ended up running a fleet and the headaches caused by these light duty diesel wasn’t worth it. We phased out as many as we could, buying gassers instead. We still had some for our heavier work. I always told anyone looking for advice that you better save what ever money you thought your better fuel mileage was saving you because when that diesel breaks or needs service the costs can be huge.

  18. Robin Shea Adair

    How or where do we join the Lawsuit? My 2017 F-450 just had the same issue…cost me $11,000

  19. Michael Colburn

    Since 2007 when USEPA mandated ULSD the below question has never been answered

    The ASTM HFRR test is an abortion. A complete joke. Where does the HFRR test duplicate pressure like a modern-day diesel fuel system? Bosch CP4 pump failures prove the current ASTM lubricity test is a complete abomination

    I would like to ask you a question, in all your years of experience, has anyone ever defined for you the meaning of “Diesel Fuel Lubricity”? Beyond just the words? I have looked high and low and from here to there for even a technical definition by anybody and I have found nothing. Sulfur has no lubricating properties whatsoever.

    Or put another way. Outside of the ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel excuse. Do you know what causes diesel fuel to have poor lubricity? What is causal mechanism in the fuel that is causing the diesel fuel the poor lubricity problem?

  20. Phil

    I have a 2000 F250 with a 7.3 that I will run for ever

  21. jeffery lewis

    2020 350 6.5 pump failur 21000 .00 to fix total junk

  22. Gale Lawton

    My F250 Super Duty was diagnosed with this very problem 2 weeks ago. It sounded very fishy to me when the Ford Mechanic said, “…this happened often enough that ford now makes a kit for this problem”. Lol. I’m quoted $15.500 and my truck is sitting at the dealer because I don’t have that sort of cash.

  23. David Holloway

    I am waiting to get my f-250 super duty from the dealer $18,000+. How do I become part of the class action?

  24. Robert Williams

    I have had this same issue, bad pump, metal throuout system, 2015 F 250 40,000 miles, I paid $8,000 for repair and $400 for disaster prevention kit from S&S diesel installed at the same time. It’s supposed to keep metal out of the injector “in a future failure of the crappy Bosh pump”. S&S Diesel now sell a CP3 style replacement pump to fit our Super Duty trucks, if you like your truck like I do, I’m going to get one installed, and save myself the disaster of another failure
    I will continue to wait on a successful lawsuit remedy for all of the money I have had to spend.

  25. Anthonys towing

    I’m having this issue with ford now. I have a 2011 Cree cab 550 2wd with 6.7 it’s got an auto loader on the back. It’s a tow truck. Total weight about 12k lbs. I’ve owned the truck since 59,995 miles it’s got 124k on it now. I’ve had the oil changed at Ford every 7k miles not 10k 7k miles. I get rhe Ford diesel works package it takes them all day usually. I’ve taken it to Ford for transmission flush and some other maintenance issues I didn’t wanna do myself. I have changed the fuel filters every 10k miles like clock work. I never go over 55mph I never take it over 22-2400 rpm. The occasional carbon blow out but I baby this truck. Anything even starts ti go bad I replace it. I can’t afford to have it fail. Ever had to tow a tow truck. It sucks. So
    I called to take it to Ford. 3 weeks for the appt. The guy I made the appt with said the computer had a no t e under recall for a fuel system work around and reprogramming “do not tell customer unless customer complains of related mechanical breakdown”
    I’ve had it at Ford every couple months for years they said there were 7 open recalls and they would have fixed them except I didn’t leave it with them long enough. Hmm🤔 if they would have mentioned it I would have. I mean wtf. Anyway so the guy I talked too asked what it was doing i told him and told him i had 12 fuel codes and that’s how I found out about this cp4 stuff. He said oh yeah we know all about these we will get u fixes up. Sounded like they knew what was up. So 3 weeks for the appt

    During those 3 weeks I changed the oil the fuel filters checked them both and ran magnets thru the oil cut open filters couldn’t find one piece of metal. We had stethoscopes listening to the sound it was making and 2 mechanics one Ford tech and a performance diesel engine builder. He builds the diesels for all the big tow co.panies around here. And lots of private Jobs diesel hot rods one Ford master tech and rhey all told me the same thing. It’s a fuel knock. It’s the cp4

    Finally I get to Ford they check me in like they have no clue who I am. So infuriating.

    They have my truck 10 days and call me to say it’s got a rod knock there is metal all thru the oil. Hmm🤔🤔🤔 You mean the brand new oil i put in and never ran the engine on 🤔🤣😮👍🏼abyway they say engines bad $28,800 to fix half down to go any further.
    I said pls be 💯sure because I found no metal. She asked again they said yep.

    I go to pick it up it’s 500 bucks they can’t show me and metal and I was down for 4 months confused so sure it wasn’t a rod. 4 months and I’m not sure what to order even. I know in my heart its not a rod.

    So I buy a car during rhus time at Ford same one. My friend works there I tell her all tbus she tells the Manager cuz I’m gonna sue. They lied to me I can prove it and they charged me. And it’s a cp4 issue Ford knows all about this. How can they do this to Me. I want bloodat tbis point.

    She talks to the manager he calls me I think he’s gonna help me I tow my truck back in to Ford cancel my appt to have it fixed elsewhere. They have it 3 weeks and tell me it’s top priority. Ha! 3 weeks and they call wanting me to authorize more money mlre time I said he’ll no have the manager call me.

    He doesn’t she calls a week later I tell her he never called.

    She (Ford rep) puts him on the phone. We have a lomg convo. He’s supposed ti call me back with prices to go forward. They can’t get it to start. Um duh its got a fuel issue. U have no pressure it’s never gonna start. And this time same oil no metal 🤔🤭 ao he never calls back 3weeks go by and by now it’s been about 2 months. She calls me at 5:50pm om a Friday I missed the call. Didn’t notice the voicemail for a week on a Sunday. Called left a message waited Wednesday called back she was busy and would call me back but never did. It’s been 2weeks now they haven’t called back. Wtf. I’m looking for ab attorney. I have all my records. I’m the only driver. I have a clean record
    I’m calling them again tomo. Let them know about this article. Let them deny jt now. Honestly even if they fix my truck for free I’m prob still gonna sue this has been a disaster. I take it to Ford tk avoid things like this.

  26. Kim

    We need to please get more info on this issue. Ford was fully aware of this problem and they never sent out a letter or recall. Instead they want us to pay 18,000 for a problem they knew about and created. We have been loyal to Ford for years, where is their loyalty. Also, the dealership we had to tow our truck to, since it was the closest, gave a price of 18,000 to fix it. After looking for someone else to repair it and asking a friend at another ford dealership about this. Mullinax Ford then came back with a better price for the repair. That there was another concern. I am glad to see others are just as disappointed as we are. They should not be able to take advantage of the customers this way or any way and surely not get away with this.


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