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Ford Ranger Platinum Production Will Not Impact Other Trims

After facing tremendous demand for the next-generation Ford Ranger following its launch, The Blue Oval has since ramped up production of the brand new mid-size pickup in an attempt to meet that demand. Regardless, thanks to various supply chain issues and even biohazard problems, customers in places like Australia are facing wait times of up to a year to take delivery of certain trim levels and variants. Thus, it’s fair to wonder – will the introduction of the recently-revealed Ford Ranger Platinum have an impact on the automaker’s ability to built other trims and models? According to Drive, the answer to that particular question is no.

“The Ford Ranger Platinum was part of our plan from the beginning, meaning the supply of other Ranger and Everest models will not be impacted because Ranger Platinum production was always managed in addition to the existing supply of V6 diesels,” a Ford spokesperson explained in a statement. “Further to this, supply of V6 Ranger variants has strengthened and will continue to strengthen in 2023, along with the volume of vehicles fitted with Premium Packs as supply of these parts continues to increase. Customer wait times do vary depending on dealer, location and specifications, so we encourage customers to talk to their dealer about what’s available.”

This news comes in response to customer inquiries expressing concern that Ford Ranger Platinum production might extend existing delivery delays, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, thanks to the aforementioned ramp-up in production. In fact, certain configurations – such as the Rangers equipped with either the single-turbo 2.0L and twin-turbo 2.0L diesels – are in stock and ready for immediately delivery, while wait times for V6 diesel models are also reportedly improving.

As for the luxurious Ford Ranger Platinum, it’s slated to enter production in Thailand this coming April, with the very first Australian deliveries set to take place in May.

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  1. Frank Thomas

    Please start producing updated product in the USA…ordering a Ford product is horrible!

  2. Jacen

    Please bring back the Falcon Futura Sport coupe and sedan, even as an electric because they were tough as nails and great drivers. I had a fantastic 250cid V6. Go Blue…….

    1. RWFA

      Ed bought Luella a 1969 black vinyl over dark green metallic.

      Had the same hubcaps as the XR-7 but with a little Falcon gear motif center cap.

      Nice Futura Sport emblem with the gear emblem on the c-pillar.

      I’m not sure if I ever saw the interior but could it have been a dark green brocade material?

      This was an attractive little car with a crisp angular design language emblematic of the Gene Bordinat design era.

      I imagine this was pretty much from the end of Falcon production as the Maverick replaced the Falcon not long after.

      Luella drove that car at least through the mid 1980’s because it was her baby. Even then, it looked like new.

  3. Racer 76

    I have my New Ranger even though it was not what I would have ordered because of shut downs. Rather than focus on high end models, how about flooding the dealers with affordable Rangers and Mavericks. Give them the allocation and they’ll do the rest.

    1. RWFA

      Low end rangers are not the way to make money in a constrained market.

      Making money is essential for corporate survival, renewal and progress.

  4. Jeff Lilley

    Any word on Ranger hybrid?

  5. Robert Fligg

    Is there any chance the U.S. version of the Ranger will ever have a Diesel option? I love Diesel engines and the only reason I haven’t forsaken my F250 fir an F150 or Ranger is the lack of a Diesel offering.

  6. Loyd Salyer

    Had an XLT Ranger on order since 8/12/22 and the latest tentative build date was the week of 2/13/23 then 4-6 weeks delivery to the dealer. All that after not being able to order a Lariat trim. 7+ months was unacceptable so I cancelled the order. Always been a Ford truck guy but I actually purchased a GMC Canyon Denali instead.

    1. NakedDave1

      Yeah right!! You were going to purchase that junk no matter, and using the above excuses to justify buying JUNK!! Get out here traitor!!


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