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Ford Transit Overlanding Rig By John Pangilinan: SEMA Photos

The 2022 SEMA Show was chock full of cool builds, with a large number of Blue Oval models present to lull over as well. That includes more than one Ford Transit equipped with a vast array of aftermarket parts and accessories, such as the “Digital Nomad,” a very special overlanding rig designed and built by John Pangilinan that’s based on an all-wheel drive 2022 Ford Transit 350 XLT cargo van.

Designed to serve as a true “home away from home,” this special Ford Transit build is designed to accommodate a family of four, and is capable of providing a comfy temporary living space for the whole crew.

There are plenty of upgrades on the outside, including Ford Performance Tred Pro recovery boards by ARB, Rigid underbody rock lights, pod lights in the A-pillars and front bumper, a Warn VREvo 12-S winch, a Thule ladder, GFC platform rooftop tent, a Front Runner Outfitters SlimPro van roof rack, Pelican BX90 cargo case, a Van Compass skid plate and rocker guard, and custom vinyl graphics.

Equipped with the twin-turbocharged Ford 3.5L V6 EcoBoost powerplant and 10-speed automatic transmission, this Transit also features a Borla exhaust with black chrome tips, a Van Compass Stage 4 suspension, and Hellwig sway bays to improve its off-road capability.

Rolling stock consists of 16″ Black Rhino Arsenal wheels wrapped with Toyo Open Country all-terrain tires, too.

Inside, this custom van is simply loaded with amenities, including a portable air compressor, fridge and freezer, first aid and off-road recovery kits, an ARB slide-out kitchen, Recaro seats, a bed/couch combo, cabinets and storage boxes, a Kicker audio system, a portable air conditioner, and everything else one might need to spend some time out in the wilderness, albeit in total comfort – which is precisely why the Transit is becoming more and more popular among the overlanding crowd.

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  1. Brad Barefoot

    Ford … take a hint here. As bad as people need fuel efficient vehicles like the Maverick you show off crap like this that maybe 1/10th of one percent might buy … a change of leadership needs to happen. We don’t need another variation of a Bronco, Raptor, Maverick, etc … we need the core business to be addressed. And we don’t need another damn SUV … it’s time for you to bring back vehicles like the successful Fairmont in a 2-door, 4-door, and 4-door wagon that were practical, stylish, and affordable. For those who don’t know, the Fairmont Sedan & Wagon with the in-line 6 an automatic 3-speed got mid 20’s mpg around town, and mid 30’s on the interstate. They were easy to get in and out of and held their re-sale value. Come on Ford abandon this soccer mon suv stupidity and build what people want … and that Fairmont mechanical platform … well it was used for the great Thunderbird nameplate. Imagine a Thunderbird on the NASCAR racing series again.

    1. Karl

      Keep living in your head and the past! Ford like any other company must go where the market is headed, how many people share your views and desires? SUV’s/ Trucks are paying the bills and keeping on the lights currently, live with it!

    2. Tony

      This rig is excellent!

    3. Bob

      A Fairmont!? Dude are you fricken high!? LOL! What they need to do is put a Transit body on the Super Duty chassis.

  2. JeffinTheDesert

    I fondly remember the Fairmont. It was before engine power returned though.
    That van is just a dirt road duster, nothing more. Likely $120k+. Hellwig swaybars work for on-road not off.

  3. Dee

    Make a HYBRID all-wheel drive cargo van PLEASE!

  4. Joel

    The Transit needs a body addition that is better optimized for cargo/delivery/RV applications with nearly flat walls built relatively thin like a car hood. Flatten the sides and roof behind the cab, like a 3rd party box truck but steel one piece appearance. No higher than high roof and just slightly wider so parks in standard spaces. By not needing to accommodate passengers in the rear, all the space wasting structure is gone, delete the slider door, but provision for RV windows and door for upfitters. Provision threaded attachment points in floor, wall and ceiling. Upfitters/DIYer could easily insulate and build out the space.
    They could drop the current high roof models.
    The result would take over most RV, delivery and contractor applications.


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