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FordPass Performance App Update Coming Later This Year

Back when the sixth-generation Ford Bronco debuted years ago, one of its promised features was the new FordPass Performance app, which was supposed to offer owners a number of useful tools, including access to thousands of pre-loaded off-road maps. However, a considerable amount of time has gone by and we’re still waiting for the elusive FordPass Performance app to launch, and as of last spring, it remained a “work in progress,” according to the automaker. However, it seems as if we’re possibly getting closer to witnessing this particular application’s arrival, as Bronco Brand Manager Matt Winter recently revealed in an interview with Bronco Nation.

“There will be updates about the FordPass Performance app later in 2023 and I’ll be excited to share those with everyone later in the year,” Winter said.

When it does launch, the FordPass Performance app will guide owners over 2,000 plus trails in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, providing detailed telemetry data that is then displayed in an overlay of the trail footage that is captured on a smartphone at the press of a button. That video can then be exported and shared virtually anywhere the user chooses across the web. Every Bronco with the MID package will have access to the entire Bronco FordPass Performance experience, so long as they sign up for a free FordPass account.

Meanwhile, the FordPass and Lincoln Way apps have enjoyed tremendous growth in recent years, racking up millions of members and earning various accolades while also making numerous updates based on continuous customer feedback. Most recently, FordPass received high rankings in J.D. Power’s U.S. OEM EV App Benchmark Study and was one of the highest-performing applications on the market when compared to its rivals.

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  1. Bob Dobson

    This is too funny, FordPass currently only works 70% of the time anyways. Its one of the unfriendly, awkward, clunkiest pieces of software ever designed and written by an automotive manufacturer. Remember Ford is responsible for SYNC2/3/4 which has always been the worst multimedia software platform from any OEM. You know your software is poorly written when your company CEO gets so frustrated using it he punches the screen of his company vehicle. This will be another Ford SYNC disaster. Ford do yourself a favour hire some software people from U-Connect.

  2. Neil

    Maybe they should focus on their supply chain rather than things most people don’t give a $hit about…

  3. Mike

    Will it take out your APIM like all the other updates? Fix your garbage software Ford!


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