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FordPass Rewards Points Online Redemption Begins Next Week

The FordPass rewards program has proven to be a big success over the past few years, and for good reason – chiefly, it presents Ford vehicle owners with several benefits. Users can earn points by purchasing vehicles or bringing them in for service or maintenance, which can then be redeemed for discounts on service, parts and accessories, and even vehicles, in addition to receiving invitations for special offers, promotions, and events. On top of that, FordPass Reward users bring their vehicles to Ford dealers for service twice as often as non-users, as Ford Authority previously reported, which is also great news for The Blue Oval. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that FordPass rewards points can be redeemed online starting next week, continuing the expansion of that particular program.

Starting on January 30th, 2023, users can redeem their FordPass rewards points at the automaker’s official accessories site, as well as Lincoln’s accessories web site. Doing so is rather easy, too, as owners must simply log into the site to both earn and redeem their points toward the purchase of all sorts of goodies for their Blue Oval models.

Previously, owners had to visit their local dealership to redeem these points toward the purchase of accessories, but this move gives them a more convenient alternative that also figures to drive more accessory sales moving forward. Additionally, those that choose to have their preferred Ford or Lincoln dealer install those parts and accessories can also do so when checking out, though FordPass points will only cover the cost of accessories and installation – not shipping, taxes, or other fees.

This is just another convenient option for FordPass users, who gained the ability to utilize the company’s pickup and delivery service following the completion of a pilot program back in 2021, in which 100,000 owners utilized that particular service for maintenance and repair visits.

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  1. Bob Dobson

    Maybe we could use the points to purchase microchips that were unavailable and resulted in options being deleted from the vehicles being ordered?

  2. John

    Ford Pass is one of the biggest rip off scams Ford ever came to with. The previous dealer based loyalty program was much better.

    I used my 6000 points and only got 30 bucks. Leave it to Ford to come to with a system that makes customers angrier when they use it.


    I love the pass points we get i have used them to get a lot of nice things FREE

  4. Joe

    Here we are, it’s Jan 30th 2023, and there’s no way to redeem fordpass points online. I waited to order based on this article’s false claims. Time to head to the dealer.

    1. Tom

      Same Here. Will try tommorow, see what happens.

  5. Todd

    Here it is 2 days after we’re supposedly able to use the points on Ford’s accessories website.
    I tried this morning and the only payment methods that I saw available were credit card.

    1. Lauri

      I called customer service twice, I was told the 6th, still nothing as of the 7th, today I was told they have no idea when the points will work online. Agent said give it a few more days. :/

  6. Capitals25

    Been trying every day since 1/30, multiple times a day, and no change. No mention of a delay or that it should be changing in the first place from any direct Ford source. Missed out on the 18% coupon the site had until 1/31. Hoping they have it working before the current 15% coupon expires.

  7. Brent

    I notice the article says “Now, sources familiar with the matter have told …” so has there been any official announcement of this or is it just rumor and hope?

  8. Linda

    I called Ford Chat on 1/31 (last day of the 18% off coupon and day after this was supposed to launch). Was told they were experiencing delays, which if anyone purchased a Bronco (I had a 2 year delay) knows this is typical. I was given a case # that I could use when this actually goes live and am supposed to be able to get the 18% off at that time. We shall see, but I’m not overly optimistic.

  9. Capitals25

    Feb 4th. Still nothing…

  10. ml culpepper

    Redemption works as of 2/8/2023 12 Noon. Very small type
    Shopping cart
    Product image Description Quantity Price
    Maverick 2022-2023 Modular Bedliner – No1
    Maverick 2022-2023 Modular Bedliner
    GET 15 (-$62.25)
    1 $415.00
    or use 70550 Points
    Scroll for more items
    Cost summary
    Description Price
    Subtotal $352.75
    Discount – $236.22$236.22 off total order price
    Delivery Free
    Estimated taxes $8.16
    Total USD $124.69
    or use 24938 Points

    1. Brent

      Yes, I just saw the same thing – a small print “or use points” reference under the item prices and cart total. In checkout, if you are logged in to your Ford account, there is also a checkbox to redeem points, with options to specify the points quantity for partial coverage or the full purchase amount.

  11. Capitals25

    Thank you both for the heads up. I had success today as well. Ford has actually done a good job of fully integrating it throughout the browsing and purchasing process. Definitely best to sign in as your shopping because it will display your available points at the top right while you’re browsing. The option that Brent mentioned above re: partial purchase coverage is great. You can choose to redeem only part of your points balance toward the total cost, or if you don’t have enough points to cover the whole cost, you can use all the points you have and pay the rest with another method. These are great features and something that a lot of points/rewards redemptions for other companies don’t allow. They also let you use a discount code in combination with points redemption, so that’s another plus. I appreciate that Ford has made this redemption option available. I finally used the balance of points I’ve had for years on accessories for both of my Ford vehicles. Never felt like dealing with the guys at the parts counter didn’t know how to do the points redemption. Now I was able to use them from the comfort of my home.

  12. wahoo

    Working great for accessories, now they need just make it work for merchandise.


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