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Lincoln Rival Mercedes To Build Global EV Charging Network

With legacy automakers working to catch up, one of the biggest advantages Tesla has in terms of selling EVs is its expansive Supercharger network, which already consists of 4,000 stations and more than 40,000 individual chargers. Meanwhile, automakers like Ford rely on third-party charging networks for now, with mixed results. However, others – including Rivian – plan on building out their own charging networks, and that list has now grown to include Lincoln rival Mercedes.

The new Mercedes EV charging network will eventually expand across the globe, but the very first locations will be built in North America, starting later this year. By 2027, the automaker plans to have more than 400 charging stations and 2,500 fast chargers installed in that particular region, which won’t just be limited to Mercedes vehicles – rather, EV owners of all types will be able to utilize the network, too, which will rely on renewable energy sources as much as possible.

By the end of the decade, Mercedes plans to have more than 10,000 chargers across Europe, China, and other “main markets,” with each location offering up anywhere from 4-12 chargers – a number that could grow to as many as 30 in the future. These hubs will be located along major highways, near densely-populated urban areas, and at participating dealers, using plug and charge technology that allows users to pay via credit card, smartphone apps, or via the vehicle with no additional steps – just like Tesla owners already enjoy. However, Mercedes owners will be prioritized when pre-booking a charger, which should be easy as the vehicle’s navigation system will automatically map out stops along a route.

With Lincoln planning to launch a host of all-electric vehicles in the coming years, the luxury brand is also offering dealers the option to get certified to sell EVs, though that requires a substantial investment, with much of the money going toward the installation of fast chargers at dealerships. However, for now at least, it seems as if The Blue Oval will rely on those forthcoming dealer-based chargers and third-party units in terms of offering customers charging stops rather than building out an entire network.

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  1. JE

    Lincoln rival? Lincoln has absolutely nothing to compete with Mercedes Benz. Lincoln has no sedan while Mercedes has many and Lincoln has no vehicle that can even get close to any of Mercedes Benz EV’s. A shame because some years ago, Lincoln was really a Mercedes Benz rival. Today Lincoln with its more than boring lineup of only boring SUV’s and crossovers isn’t even the shadow of what it was and is way way behind the brands against it pretends to compete.

  2. David Dickinson II

    IMHO, this is good news for EV network development. There are only two real global auto companies: Toyota and Mercedes. Toyota is much bigger and has a far greater reach, but Mercedes can be found around the world in every major city. If Mercedes pulls this off, it will go a long way toward globalizing electrification. Their plan to include non-Mercedes vehicles is very smart, and it is a sorely needed approach in an automotive world that is hyper-proprietary.

  3. Mike says...

    We will certainly need all these stations and many more it the industries EV dreams are ever met. As for the rival bit, Lincoln can only wish. Lincoln would do much better as a builder for other brands and get out of its own car business. Ford/Lincoln are not sufficiently differentiated to warrant the price creep that both have enjoyed as a result of the covid event. When the music stops due to inflationary pressures, Ford/Lincoln will be hit much harder than their competition due to their expensive, limited lineup in North America. Hope I am wrong…. the way forward is looking very foggy.

  4. RWFA

    Mike “hopes he is wrong” but by god is he ever mashing his short seller “Ford should become a contract manufacturer” narrative pedal through the floorboards.

  5. RWFA

    As for DB building its own charging network?

    When Stellantis’ Tavares says he can’t afford to build out a charging network on his own but is open to partnerships in doing so, one has to wonder how much investor capital the much smaller DB will burn off in this fit of teutonic hubris.


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