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New Ford Bronco Order Modification Offer Details Revealed

It’s no secret that demand for the sixth-generation Ford Bronco has far exceeded FoMoCo’s production capacity for the rugged SUV since its launch in 2020 for the 2021 model year. Entering the 2023 model year, Ford chose not to open order banks for new customers, instead opting to try and fill the outstanding orders it has first. At the same time, the automaker eliminated the term “price protection,” instead referring to that practice as the 2023 Bronco Model Year Transition Private Offer, and the amount that buyers receive varies based on when they placed an order for their vehicle. Now, sources familiar with the matter have told Ford Authority that order holders have received new options as it pertains to what’s officially called the “Bronco Order Modification Customer Private Offer.”

There is quite a bit of notable information contained in this new offer, starting with the fact that current Ford Bronco order holders have four options – amend their order, buy another Ford vehicle, take no action, or cancel their order, with different options for those that have a current order for a Wildtrak-trimmed Bronco versus any other trim.

Wildtrak customers that choose option one and convert their order to a Big Bend, Outer Banks, or Badlands trim will receive $2,500, while non-Wildtrak order holders get $2,500 if they remove all constrained commodities – a list that includes the molded-in color hardtop, Sasquatch Package, and Lux Package. Alternatively, those customers can also choose to switch their Bronco Wildtrak order to another Ford model and receive $2,500, while non-Wildtrak customers can opt to cancel their order and take delivery of an in-stock model – including a Bronco – and receive the same amount of money.

Those affected by these changes that choose to stand put assume the risk of their Ford Bronco Wildtrak not being built in the 2023 model year, and will also miss out on these offers. Finally, Wildtrak customers can choose to cancel their order altogether and simply walk away, which results in, well, nothing. As the automaker figures to continue to deal with supply chain issues for the foreseeable future, it seems as if at least some Bronco order will continue to face these sorts of challenges moving forward, too.

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  1. David

    The $2,500 price reduction would not even cover the interest for Ford holding on to my deposit for over 2 years. Do you think I will be able to go to a Ford dealer, negotiate my best price off of a new vehicle and then when I am in the finance office, then ask for an my additional $2,500 off the price? Do I need to purchase a new vehicle from my original dealer, or can I make my purchase from any Ford dealer and receive my $2,500 discount?

  2. GaryB

    They have to drop those 3 items from their build (and switch from Wildtrack if applicable) before January 21st to get the $2500 credit.
    Finally, ordering banks for 2023s are open to the public March 27th.
    (personally hoping that the new orders cannot add constrained items that people waiting 2+ years for were forced to abandon).

    1. Vic

      I’m hearing all kinds of dates when this needs to be done by, march 7th or sooner like you mentioned the 21st?

  3. Heather Hill

    My order number is 0122 since 7/2019. I have changed it 2x and now on a Raptor order that was to be built on 1/16/23 and it was pushed back again until 1/23/23 – just a few more days. This was an 18th Bday present for my youngest son – ordered early. He will be 20 in May…LOL! 🙏🤞 I am sure the wait will be worth it if it ever comes to fruition.

  4. Harry

    One way Ford could meet more of the demand for it’s products is to offer the Ford Everest in the US for those wanting a BOF SUV but not the full capability or style of the Bronco. Longer term the Everest could be built on the Ranger production line.

    1. Anonymous

      Ford is really missing the boat not selling the Everest in the US. They would easily sell every single one they could make. It should be sold in the US as a replacement for the outgoing Edge.

  5. Stuart

    I have had a Wildtrack on order for over 2 years now but have not been notified on any of this info on having to change again and was just at the dealer yesterday. They did not mention anything about it either. If they want this completed by 1/23/23 their going to need to get things going pretty quick to notify everyone.

  6. John

    I see on March 27th Ford is opening up orders for the 2023 Bronco, but no LUX package option. I would like to get the B & O Sound System w/10 speakers and sub woofer. I don’t need the Adaptive cruise and evasive steering and the other options. Can the B & O system be added as a separate option on the Outer Banks?
    Thank you

  7. Mabe

    Sad state of affairs at Ford Motor Company. 3 years in and they still can’t build the vehicle of your choice. Then then advertise to build your custom vehicle. Henry Ford would be showing some people at the top , their way out the door.

  8. Richard & Kelly Chapman

    We were so excited when we put our $100 deposit down 7/20. Now almost 3 years later and still no Bronco….Yet, I see them everywhere. On lots, in driveways, people driving. So disappointed. I don’t want to change my options again. I do think we should get our money back, WITH, interest. And we or our family will never, EVER, buy another Ford!

    1. Mike Mckee

      Wow! that is crazy!.. I’ve been feeling quite disappointed as well, but I didn’t place my order til 3/2021 (just under the “price protection” deadline)… I remember not seeing any Broncos on the road for a long time & then as I started to see more & more of them, hope sprung that my would be just around the corner, NOT! I ordered a Wildtrak, SAS, Lux, MIC, towing, paint protection (all the stuff apparently they can’t get.. ), but we’ve been working from home & decided we didn’t really need 2 cars for awhile so felt like I could wait it out for what I really wanted. Apparently that was some wishful thinking! It makes me frustrated even more as I just saw a Wildtrak a few days ago in a parking lot w/everthing I placed on my order & hope sprang again as I’m pushing the 2yr mark.. then I get this email this morning & now feeling very deflated. Pretty much seems like Ford is selectively choosing which client orders to complete (regardless of trim or add on features) & the rest of us… “tough cookies, we never really wanted your biz in the first place”. Do you mind posting which trim & option pkg you ordered?


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