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Next-Gen Lincoln Nautilus Pics Reveal Crossover’s Interior

Ford Authority has spotted the next-generation Lincoln Nautilus on numerous occasions thus far, giving us a look at the heavily-camouflaged exterior of the forthcoming crossover. Additionally, uncovered photos of the luxurious model recently leaked on China’s Ministry of Industry and Information site, giving us our first look at the new Nautilus in the flesh. Now, we’re getting our very first look at the next-gen Lincoln Nautilus interior, courtesy of a user on the Blue Oval Forums.

In addition to a couple of front and rear shots showing off the exterior design of the new Nautilus and its heavy Lincoln Star concept influence, there are also two pictures showing off the interior of the updated crossover. As expected, the cabin looks much like the ones present in some other newer Chinese Lincoln products – most notably, the Zephyr sedan – with a coast-to-coast screen that spans the entire width of the dash.

Additionally, there’s also a more traditional horizontally-oriented infotainment screen present in the center, which resides above a row of buttons and a rotary knob. The steering wheel features a flatter top and bottom section than the traditional round type, with a new center design that looks like it could house some haptic buttons. Overall, it’s quite a monumental change over the current-gen Nautilus interior.

In recent months, Ford Authority has spotted more than one next-generation Lincoln Nautilus prototype testing, including one in Michigan, as well as another sporting Lincoln Continental-style door handles. The new Nautilus will feature a back-lit logo, as well as a hybrid powertrain, as Ford Authority previously reported. However, it’s currently unclear if the next-gen crossover will be sold exclusively in China, or in other markets after production of the current-gen model ends at the Oakville Assembly plant later this year.

H/T: Ford Authority reader Jose

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  1. Lincoln Fan Mark

    Let’s hope it reaches North America in ’24. If not, Lincoln can wave the white flag in total surrender to the Lexus RX 350.

    1. Edward

      Granted, I’ve not driven a Lexus RX. But, I did compare a ’22 NX450h+ to my ’22 Corsair Grand Touring. The Lexus is simply not a luxury vehicle. It is a sporty vehicle with a lot of bling and tech. Yes, it is well-made, but luxury it is not. Noisy, choppy ride, ill-designed controls. The Lincoln is far and away the more luxurious car.

      1. joe

        We have both a 22 Corsair and Nautilus and couldn’t be happier.

  2. Dustin

    When Lincolin brings back a 4 door sedan I will return to Lincolin, but until that happens I’ll stay with Genus.

    1. Fred


      1. Tstang05

        You know, a Genus …. You mean to say you’ve never seen a Geenus – It was in that movie. about the thing. With those people ! The SUV they were driving was a Genus. And those Genuses are pretty nice, luxurious too ! This guy is never buying another Lincoln !

  3. Mark

    If they could sell at least 1.5K/month in USA, Lincoln would be back over $100K annual sales for 2023. This does not include if Zephyr makes it across the pond, then the number is even more.

  4. Ed Trojan

    I don’t want a crossover. Period. After 30 yrs. & 8 Lincoln sedans I will be looking at other brands when I trade my 2020 Continental ,since Lincoln doesn’t want to build what I want. So much for customer loyalty.

    1. Steve W

      That’s why I switched to Mercedes S-Class. I had 9 Town Cars before that.

  5. Harry

    The more I see the NextGen Nauti, the more I like it. Love the sweeping instrument panel.

    1. SamG

      Wish the ’24 Aviator update would get this sweeping instrument panel. Very classy and different. Almost like a variation of the Concept C shown a few years ago.

  6. Gene

    Can’t get parts for a 9 or 10 year old MKX, a radio module isn’t available they say. Cost if you could get one was over $1000 dollars, so no radio.

    1. RWFA

      Get it at a Scrap yard.

  7. c

    I just want to see more 2024 Aviator pics.

  8. JimO

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ( I get annoying) but Ford is making a huge mistake if they discontinue 2 row suv’s in the U.S. First they discontinue sedans, not the plan to discontinue 2 row suvs’. I don’t get it.


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