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Next-Gen Lincoln Nautilus Will Likely Remain In China

It’s been nearly three years since Ford Authority first reported that the Lincoln Nautilus and Ford Edge would no longer be produced at the Oakville Assembly plant in Canada following the 2023 model year, and quite a bit has happened in the time since then. While many believed that this would spell the end for both the Edge and Nautilus at that time, next-generation versions of both models have since leaked and appear destined for the Chinese market, though it’s unclear if either will be sold elsewhere. However, it seems very unlikely that the Lincoln Nautilus, in particular, will be sold in North America following the end of production for the current-gen model, for a number of reasons.

Next-generation Lincoln Nautilus

Sales Numbers - D-Segment Luxury Crossovers - Q4 2022 - USA

MODEL Q4 22 / Q4 21 Q4 22 Q4 21 Q4 22 SHARE Q4 21 SHARE YTD 22 / YTD 21 YTD 22 YTD 21
LEXUS RX -48.71% 15,742 30,695 14% 25% -16.72% 96,041 115,320
MERCEDES-BENZ GLC-CLASS -26.75% 10,016 13,674 9% 11% +26.50% 65,531 51,805
BMW X3 -32.79% 14,695 21,865 13% 18% -13.26% 65,799 75,858
AUDI Q5 +90.54% 19,780 10,381 18% 8% +4.33% 62,912 60,301
ACURA MDX +7.91% 13,211 12,243 12% 10% -22.70% 46,425 60,057
VOLVO XC60 +4.29% 10,428 9,999 9% 8% -12.99% 36,181 41,582
CADILLAC XT5 +139.40% 8,446 3,528 8% 3% -3.66% 27,340 28,380
GENESIS GV70 +6.83% 5,834 5,461 5% 4% +78.30% 19,141 10,735
LINCOLN NAUTILUS -38.76% 3,838 6,267 3% 5% -15.58% 20,635 24,443
INFINITI QX50 +16.02% 2,557 2,204 2% 2% -42.15% 11,105 19,195
ALFA ROMEO STELVIO -36.87% 1,601 2,536 1% 2% -26.44% 7,752 10,539
BMW X4 -15.52% 3,167 3,749 3% 3% -7.75% 9,797 10,620
INFINITI QX55 +7.97% 1,463 1,355 1% 1% +17.87% 5,106 4,332
TOTAL -10.63% 110,778 123,957 -7.68% 473,765 513,167

For starters, the Lincoln Nautilus is a small player in the D-segment luxury crossover space, as we can see from this most recent sales chart. The Nautilus ranks near the bottom of its segment in terms of sales, with Lincoln moving just 20,635 units in 2022 – a 15.58 percent decrease, year-over-year, and far behind the segment-leading Lexus RX, which sold 96,041 units last year. In Q4 alone, Nautilus sales plummeted by nearly 39 percent, giving it a four percent market share.

Additionally, Lincoln plans to go fully electric in the U.S. by 2027, launching four new EV models by 2026. One of those models will be the Lincoln Aviator EV, which – along with the fully-electric Ford Explorer – are slated to take the place of the Nautilus and Edge at the Oakville plant, and will be the only two models produced there moving forward, while the next-generation Aviator may be EV-only as well. As Ford Authority reported last month, once Nautilus production ends later this year, FoMoCo reportedly won’t produce an electric variant of the crossover, while there are also no plans for a next-generation ICE Aviator, either.

Perhaps the most telling sign that the Lincoln Nautilus may no longer be sold in the U.S., however, is the fact that in recent years, Ford has been keen to offer Chinese exclusive products in that country, which differ from their North American counterparts in terms of styling, tech, and other areas. And even though a handful of next-gen Nautilus prototypes have been spotted in the U.S. recently, that’s nothing new, as we’ve seen other China-only models being tested in America in the past.

Finally, the main rival for the Nautilus – the Cadillac XT5 – will also be sold exclusively in the Chinese market when the next-generation model debuts in 2024, as GM Authority recently reported. Thus, while it’s still unclear if the Nautilus will continue to be sold in the U.S. when the next-gen model launches, reading the tea leaves, it seems highly unlikely at this point.

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  1. KevinJ

    I don’t see Lincoln going back to over 100K in sales anytime soon. I’m sure you all agree. Ford is quietly killing “quiet luxury” Lincoln.

  2. Lincoln Fan Mark

    The goal of a totally electric product portfolio by ’27 is nonsense and likely will not be realized. I’m not against e-vehicles but suspect there have been big promises made by the CEO to the current administration in order to cash in on billions of tax dollars being promised by those who wrongly believe they are averting an existential crisis with the climate. Ford Motor Company is behind the curve with hybrids which are a logical next step in the process and is trying to play catch up at the expense of market share for its luxury brand.

  3. Matthew Carter

    Well, my wife and I are drivng our 6th MKX/Nautilus, and not everyone has kids and wants a third row, or an EV, so I guess I’ll buy out the lease this time and stop leasing new ones every 2 years. Lincoln and Ford continue to remove what people want from the menu. Can I please get the top engine in any trim level, and pick my interior color? It is like they went back to the old days when Henry said, “you can have any color you want as long as it is black.” I might have to sell my F stock.

  4. Roger

    If Aviator and Nautilus are out of the lineup than I as a buyer of Lincoln are gone. I am not a fan of Electric. I travel through the state and the places I stay do now have charging stations. I am sorry… are forcing Americans to choose something that is not ready as a viable choice.

  5. David

    Mercury was starved of product and look what happened. Next up is Lincoln to join Mercury, Edsel and Merkur. Stockholders should revolt and demand better for Lincoln. Cadillac has a high end flagship Celestiq to compete with Rolls. Where is the Lincoln entry??

  6. John Janson

    Too bad they are eliminating models when other carmakers are adding. Look at Kia and Hyundia numerous car offerings and not only can they handle the complexities, but they are doing it at a lower selling price to the customer. The Ford Truck people are in control and the car people are gone. Too Bad—


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