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Next-Generation Ford E-Transit Should Arrive In 2026: Report

Since its launch, the Ford E-Transit has proven to be a popular entity in the EV van segment, where it has remained the number one seller for quite a few months now. The Blue Oval only expects demand for these electrified haulers to grow in the coming years, so it makes sense that the second-gen E-Transit is already in development. Now, the latest product roadmap from AutoForecast Solutions suggests that the next-generation Ford E-Transit is expected to enter production in 2026.

According to this new product roadmap, the next-gen E-Transit will enter production on February 23rd, 2026 and continue being built until December 21st, 2035. The new EV van – like all of FoMoCo’s second-gen all-electric vehicles – will also ride on dedicated underpinnings, in this case the same platform that it will share with the F-150 Lightning and other full-size trucks, vans, and utility models.

Interestingly, AutoForecast Solutions is reporting that the next-gen E-Transit will be built at the Ohio Assembly plant rather than the Kansas City Assembly plant where it’s currently produced. This could be the result of the automaker’s recent multi-billion dollar investment into its midwestern plants, which will result in the creation of 6,200 new U.S.-based manufacturing jobs, the conversion of 3,000 temporary positions into permanent ones, and around 74,000 new indirect jobs to boot.

In addition to this information pertaining to the next-gen Ford E-Transit, AutoForecast Solutions previously revealed that the second-gen Ford F-150 Lightning is due to arrive in 2025, the Ford Ranger EV in 2029, and the all-electric Ford Bronco in 2029, all of which aim to continue the automaker’s EV push that involves a whopping $50 billion dollar investment over the coming years.

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  1. RWFA

    In the mid 1990’s there was an aborted program proposal for a common platform pickup and van.

    IIRC it was called VPN-127 and was supposed to be FWD. I do recall the truck chassis engineers thinking it was an impractical combination, esp with FWD concerning them as to traction when towing.

    I don’t know which segments (Ranger, F-series, or smaller like Maverick, Aerostar, Econoline, Transit, Windstar, etc. ) it was supposed to address or what killed it.

    Now with electric drive, some of long ago concerns with axle loading, and CV joint loading and durability may be allayed by AWD.

    It will be very interesting to see how the different use cases will be addressed with a shared platform (despite so much becoming easier to package and develop due to BEV tech, I’m sure the lessons learned from the highly flexible Transit platform will be helpful.)

  2. Tom S Coburn

    Ford badly needs a hybrid van! Until batteries can be recharged in 10 minutes, and offer a 300 mi range they need a hybrid!!


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