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NYC Orders More Ford E-Transit, F-150 Lightning EVs

Back in December of 2021, New York City officials announced that they would be investing $420 million to purchase electric vehicles and expand charging infrastructure in an effort to go all-electric by 2035. That transition began shortly thereafter when the city ordered 184 Ford Mustang Mach-E all-electric crossovers to take the place of ICE vehicles in its fleet. This past October, NYC announced that it had reached its goal of of transitioning 4,000 vehicles in the city fleet to EVs a full three years ahead of schedule, and also placed an order for 300 Ford E-Transit vans to boost that fleet. Now, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has announced that the city will use $10.1 million in federal grants to replace nearly 925 ICE vehicles with EVs and install 315 new EV chargers across the city.

“When New Yorkers see cars, trucks, and vans with the ‘NYC’ logo on the side, they can rest assured that those vehicles are contributing to a greener city,” Adams said. “We are already ahead of schedule in transitioning city vehicles away from fossil fuels, and this new grant will allow us to take nearly 1,000 fossil-fuel vehicles off our roads, helping us reduce carbon emissions, make our air cleaner, and save on fuel costs.”

Among the 1,000 EVs that NYC is ordering in this latest wave, 360 Ford E-Transit vans and 150 Ford F-150 Lightning pickups will be added to its fleet. In total, the city operates over 6,000 pickup trucks and vans, which represent 25 percent of its total on-road fleet. This first order of electric trucks and vans brings the agency closer to meeting its goal of fielding an all-electric light- and medium-duty fleet by 2035.

“New York City’s fleet has committed to going all-electric for most units by 2035,” said DCAS Deputy Commissioner for Fleet Management Keith Kerman. “We’ve already made progress on electrifying cars. Electrifying medium- and heavy-duty is the next big step, and this procurement of over 540 electric trucks is our most important yet. Thank you to our great partners at the U.S. Department of Transportation, DOT, and DSNY for helping make our electric dreams a reality.”

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  1. Jon Erich

    that’s great that the city is investing in EV, and going green, but isn’t it usually, they sell their vehicles at auctions and they end up back on the roads?

    1. Michael Bol

      They won’t be able to resell them if the battery needs replacement. Who is going to fork over an extra $10,000 on top of the action price?

      1. RWFA

        Why do you think the battery would need replacement? That’s far from a foregone conclusion.

    2. RWFA

      Sure, but by then they are far through their lifespan and will eventually be recycled.

      This is true no matter what powertrain a vehicle has.

      But by making the move now, the current generation of ice vehicles will eventually wash out of the fleet.

      And with each successive year fewer NYC ice vehicles will be sold at auction.

  2. RandallK

    The good news is that financials show that city/county orders aren’t enough to keep EVs afloat. As mentioned other manufacturers are recently abandoning their focus on EVs after seeing how no one is buying them on a large scale.

    1. RWFA

      Ok k-street FUDster 2, instead of building on FUDster 1’s nonsense, please tell us who these mystery OEM’s abandoning EV’s are.


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