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Poll: Is Your Ford Bronco Seven-Speed Making Noises?

One of the more intriguing options present in the sixth-generation Ford Bronco when it launched for the 2021 model year is its proper seven-speed manual transmission – or rather, what is essentially a six-speed row-your-own gearbox with a crawler gear that’s perfect for off-roading. This is particularly notable because the manual transmission is largely going the way of the dinosaur these days, with few buyers opting for it and modern automatics proving to be a superior choice in many regards. However, the Ford Bronco seven-speed manual has thus far been a popular choice among consumers, though it seems as if some are having issues with that particular gearbox.

Some Ford Authority readers have reached out to say that they’ve experienced issues with the Bronco’s seven-speed manual, which sometimes exhibits a grinding noise when those owners are in the process of shifting gears. Sometimes, this happens when the vehicle is cold, and other times, when the vehicle is idling as well. Regardless, this doesn’t seem to be causing any other issues, at least as of now.

This isn’ the first time a problem with the fairly new sixth-gen Bronco has popped up, as a select few models equipped with the twin-turbocharged Ford 2.7L EcoBoost V6 made news recently for reportedly suffering total engine failure in some cases. As Ford Authority reported last June, those problems were caused by cheaper, sub-optimal valves that were acquired from a new supplier that didn’t properly validate those components, as well as a less than optimal oil pan design. Shortly thereafter, three affected owners filed petitions with the NHTSA, while 12 others lodged complaints related to that matter, after which the agency opened a formal investigation into the matter.

Now, manual transmission grinding appears to be another issue facing certain Bronco owners, so we’re curious to know – how many of our readers are experiencing this particular problem? If you own a manual Bronco, be sure and vote in the poll below to let us know if you have or haven’t heard any grinding noises coming from your transmission!

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  1. Reply
  2. Justin

    Mine makes the noise. Sounds terrible! 🙁

  3. JMoney

    I’m on my second transmission with the same noise. Ford issued a TSB to replace the syncros

  4. Scott

    Dropping it off next week for the 5th/6th syncro ring TSB

  5. GaryB

    wish they would stop going with the lowest-bid manufacturers for raw goods and purchased parts. At least for critical components like engines/transmissions/drivetrains etc. who cares if something was designed by the smartest engineers in the world if you are still going to be using inferior materials and the cheapest manufacturing plants to assemble them.

    1. JimL


    2. The Gentle Grizzly

      Chrysler learned a bitter lesson with the first of their computer controlled 4-speed automatic. It was an INCREDIBLE design, as stout as you could demand and then some.

      They cheaped out on the quality of a speed sensor that caused TONS of complete swaps because no one really knew how this thing worked. Combine that with the first year or so having “circlips” that fractured , grenading the whole thing.

      A rebuild with a good quality clip and speed sensor ($35) made it a 500,000 mile box.

      1. Chris D.

        Is this the Ultradrive that came out in ‘89? My mom had a Dynasty with it, though she didn’t keep it long enough to have any problems. Whatever the internal flaws, that transmission really put a hurting on the reliability of Chrysler vehicles being that it was used across their lineup.

  6. Bob

    Mine sounds like a cement mixer with bad bearings. The neighbor complains it wakes him up in the morning. It’s at Ford for the TSB fix now. Will see if it works.

  7. Julian Digby Bottin

    Say it with me…never buy the first model year of a car…heck…the longer you can wait the better. Best to buy a car at the end of it’s generation with all the issues ironed out. That’s why I am looking for a 2009 Mustang.

  8. Richard Jones

    That’s why you never buy the first generation of vehicles, the second or third generation of vehicles usually when they work out most of the bugs.

  9. David Dickinson II

    I heard the shifts sound like “shouldaaaaa, boughtaaaaa, jeeeeeep.”

  10. Sullied

    I’m in the interior of Alaska where it’s commonly -10F in the winter with some stints of -45F my transmission makes a slight whirring noise when it’s cold and in neutral. I do a lot of double clutching when down shifting to try to preserve the synchros when driving. When upshifting it’s usually around 3,000-4,000rpm and I let load come off the transmission before I shift.

    Other than the whirring on very cold days which I can only assume is the oil being too thick to properly lube anything is my culprit. My noise though is barely noticeable and with the radio on it’s as if it’s not there at all.

  11. Stillgungho

    Can’t say I’ve heard any sounds like these comments. I slipped one time and grinded the clutch for a split second but that was totally user error. I have a 21′ manual and haven’t had a single mechanical error (crossing fingers now though).

  12. Slick Willy

    Yep, took it in and they ordered every part for the TSB. Ford states it’s in the synchronizers for 5/6 but I’m not so sure. I guess they’ll find out.

  13. kevin hewett

    maybe the poll is closed as I could not submit. Yes My truck with 158 miles has started making the noise

  14. Buddy

    2022 Black Diamond 2Dr – Makes noise. Service appointment Jan 19/23 then will update

  15. RH

    2022 Black Diamond 2dr, 10K miles no noise


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