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Ram 1200 Prototype Spotted, Will Rival Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick was a smash hit among consumers from the day it debuted, and over a year later, the compact pickup remains in high demand and short supply. The Blue Oval has capitalized on this success by launching the Maverick in a number of South American countries including Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, while some of its competitors – including Toyota and General Motors, but not Volkswagen – are reportedly considering a proper rival for the compact pickup. Meanwhile, as Ford Authority reported back in February 2021, Stellantis canceled its plans to build a new mid-size pickup, though now, Ford Authority has spotted a smaller, Ford Maverick rival from that same automaker – the Ram 1200 – in prototype form.

Covered in some seriously heavy camouflage, this is the first time we’re getting a look at the Ram 1200 prototype, a new unibody pickup that’s reportedly intended for South America, according to sources. The Ram 1200 nameplate was previously used on a rebadged version of the Mitsubishi Triton in the Middle East, so this isn’t the first time that name has been batted around, however.

The Ram 1200 will reportedly ride on Stellantis’ “Small Wide” 4×4 architecture that underpins existing models like the Jeep Compass, Jeep Commander, and Fiat Toro, and is slated to be built at the Jeep plant located in Brazil. Wider and longer than the Toro, the 1200 will reportedly utilize an updated, turbocharged version of the 2.0L Tigershark I-4 and the turbocharged 2.2L Multijet II I-4, both of which will be mated to the ZF nine-speed automatic transmission.

As far as styling goes, it’s virtually impossible to derive many clues from this prototype, which is wearing some seriously heavy camo that includes a bed cap in the rear to disguise the fact that it is, in fact, a compact pickup. Regardless, the Ram 1200 is expected to launch later this year for the 2024 model year.

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  1. David Dickinson II

    Let the competition begin. It is a segment ripe for expansion. It is a shame Ford couldn’t capitalize on its first-mover advantage in the segment. The good little Maverick has been plagued by production issues. It looks like Ford will straighten it out just in time to get in a price war with the competition. Opportunity lost for Ford; opportunity gained by consumers.

    1. eRock9202

      Yes! I’m happy to see rumors of competitors. Part of me thinks this is why Ford hasn’t released an AWD hybrid yet (also why Hyundai hasn’t released any hybrid of the Santa Cruz yet). They probably didn’t want to show their hands just yet. PHEV and BEV variants are probably waiting in the production queue as well waiting for the right time to be released. I can’t wait for all these options, hopefully some price cuts and/or seasonal discounts will make a return as well.

    2. HasPic

      Selling 73K in an unprecedented supply chain nightmare is opportunity lost lol

      And I really hope a manufacturer undercuts Maverick in price while matching or exceeding its specs. Good luck with that, Dickless Debbie Downer Jr.

    3. RWFA

      Few can pick the external circumstances that they must operate within. All anybody, here Ford, can do is adapt and make the best of the situation.

  2. Metz

    So far by looks, the Maverick is winning by far and if the 1200 will just be a rebadged Strada the Maverick will still keep that spot in my book.

    1. MF

      According to rumors, this RAM model will share with the Fiat Toro/RAM 1000, only the front doors and the windshield glass.
      Everything else on the vehicle is apparently being developed in a completely unique way to better suit the American brand’s design philosophy.
      So much so that some images are already available on the internet of the model running with less camouflage and with definitive design components similar to those adopted by RAM.

  3. RWFA

    I wonder if the “Go Fast Tape” option will make it into production.

  4. Nate

    This isn’t really a new vehicle for Latin American markets. It’s just a new version of it.
    They have been selling the small Ram 1000 based on the Toro there for a while already.

    1. MF

      It depends on the viewpoint!
      Despite this model sharing the platform with the Fiat Toro/RAM 1000, Stellantis is developing this model to position it differently, but precisely between these aforementioned pickups and the traditional medium pickups.

  5. David S

    Unless built in the US, Canada or Mexico you wont see this one here in the US due to “The Chicken Tax”

  6. Bob

    About time. Hoping toyota and chevrolet jump in as well. An all EV version would be great too.

    1. Metz

      Chevrolet already has a compact truck called the Montana but it isn’t sold in the states.

  7. Lincoln

    I think American vehicle manufacture’s need to think smaller and simpler. There is a segment for smaller and simpler work vehicles – work trucks, vans, etc. Ford needs to look at the Daihatsu HiJet. The problem the US has is we are TOO accustomed to making everything big even now, and we must think & build smaller. With electric vehicles the lighter, smaller. and more streamlined your truck can be, the more efficent it will be.

  8. Steve

    Ford making a truck out of cardboard.? Big deal Gilligan made his out of bamboo and coconuts.

  9. JBs292

    Will it sell for $22k, get 42 mpg city (and easily top 46mpg with basic good driving), seat four comfortably and still fit a big old stack of 4×8 foot sheets of plywood? If not, it will be a sales flop like every other small truck that attempts to compete with the Maverick.

    There are good reasons why the hybrid Maverick is so wildly popular, and it sure isn’t “truck” people that are beating down the doors of Ford to buy this truck….it’s Civic, Fit, and Corolla owners. People who have zero interest in buying a vehicle that gets a lousy 24 mpg.

  10. John

    This would be a great vehicle for the US market, also read that Mitsubishi would love to get into this segment. Btw I ordered a Maverick last September and yet to hear anything about it.


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